House Guest


House GuestOne night a few years ago, my wife and I were getting ready to call it a night when the doorbell sounded. I went to find my wife’s best friend Shelley standing there with tear stained make up and suitcase in hand. I quickly brought her into the house and called my wife down since I was sure Shelley needed to talk to my wife more than she did me.They both quickly went downstairs to the family room leaving me behind. I went and opened a bottle of wine, found two wine glasses, took it to them and then went to bed myself to leave them alone.A few hours later my wife came to bed doing her best not to wake me however since I am a very light sleeper this was not possible. My wife said we have a house guest for a while and then went to sleep. In the morning she explained to me that Shelley had left her husband and was in need of a place to stay for a while to which I said I did not have problem with and she was welcome to stay as long as she wanted.Now my wife is a hot number, she is 5’10, short brown hair, 38C with very light colored and sensitive nipples. She also has an ass that drives we wild everytime I see her walking away from me or bending over in front of me. As a rule we generally have some pretty hot sex a couple of times a week, even after being together for 15 years.Shelley is about 5’4, blonde hair, steel blue eyes, slim build with tits that seem unnaturally large for her build, but having seen her in a bikini inj our hot tub a few times I thought they looked quite real to me however as much as I would have liked to I had never grabbed a feel.The days turned into weeks and Shelley was still staying in the guest bedroom downstairs, the only problen with that was that my big screen was downstairs and baseball season was starting. Shelley told me not to worry that she was a baseball fan too but if she wasn’t going to watch with me she was a sound sleeper and the tv wouldn’t bother her.One night with my wife at work, I was watching a Jays game, and Shelley had gone to bed. When the game was over I shut down the tv, and was turning out lights when I heard a strange sound. At first I didn’t know what it was then I realized it was moaning and the sound was coming from Shelley’s room. I turned out all the lights and crept closer to her bedroom door which was open just a crack. There I could clearly karşıyaka escort see Shelley laying naked on her bed, legs spread with her fingers stroking her pussy, I stood quietly watching not wanting to be caught. I continued to watch will she frantically stroked her clit until she arched her back and let out one last moan as she came. She lay there with her legs spread letting me she her pussy juices flow for a few minutues before she rolled over and turned out her light. I quietly went upstairs went to bed, stroked my coke while reliving what I had just seen and soon came myself.The next night another baseball game and repeat performance, however this time as I stood and watched Shelley play with her clit I unzipped and stood stroking my cock as I watched her play with herself, timing it so I came the same time as she did.The next night my wife was off so I did not anticipate another show from Shelley, however Carol did remind me of a trip that had been planned for sometime where her and her mother were going out of town, a trip that had actually been planned for sometime. That night my wife and I had some great sex, the only thing different was that she was unusually loud, normally she is very guiet cumming very quietly, this time she screamed when she came. I tried to hush her saying Shelley might here, she said she didn’t care. The next morning she was gone early for her road trip with her mother.My normal Saturday routine on nice days is to take my coffee out on the deck and enjoy the start of the weekend. I had almost finished my coffee when I heard the patio door slide open and out came Shelley wearing a bathrobe and carrying the coffee pot. She asked if I was ready for more and then leaned forward and began pouring. As she poured her bathrobe parted and out spilled her magnificent tits. The big brown nipples just inches from my face. She quickly put the pot down and closed her robe as if it had been an accident. She took the coffee pot inside and then returned to join me. She said that it sounded like Carol and I had had a good time last night to which I agreed and hoped that we hadn’t disturbed her too much. She said that she had actually enjoyed listening but that was kind of jealous that she wasn’t getting any. I told her to be patient her time would karşıyaka escort bayan come. It was my turn to get more coffee, I also got some snack to go with it. As I came out the patio door my bathrobe “accidently” parted and my now semi hard cock was out there for all the world to see, I put down the snacks and proceed to pour the coffee without making any effort to cover up. I then sat down leaving my robe open with cock out. Shelley looked at my 7 inch semi hard on and said no wonder she was screeming last night, with that she opened her robe and showed again her magnificent tits. As my cock began to get fully erect I took her by the hand and guided her back into the house and into the bedroom where my wife and I had fucked so hard the night before. I peeled her robe completely off and then laid her on the bed and got down between her legs and began feasting on her beautiful pussy, it tasted so good and the juices soon were flowing as I had seen them those two nights, the more I ate her the more her juices flowed. It was all I could do to drink her juices as they flowed. It seemed in just a short time she was cumming on my face and the juices flowed even heavier. I climbed up and slid my cock into her juicy pussy and slowly began fucking her her, each time I slid into her she pushed back meeting my every strock. In a few minutes I came deep inside her adding to her juices. We spent the rest of the day sucking and fucking in every position imagineable, only leaving to go out for dinner at a nice restaraunt. We had to behave in public, we saw a few people we knew appeared to think nothing of seeing us in public as they knew she was staying at our place and she and my wife were such good friends.We returned home and it wasn’t long before we were naked and in bed again. I was busy enjoying the feel of one of her nipples between my lips when my cell phone began to ring. I could tell by the distinct ringer that it was my wife and I knew I had to answer it. Shelley lay quietly beside me as we talked not wanting to raise any suspicions. My wife was very chatty, usually she would just be calling to say they had arrived safely and that was it, but that night she just rambled on and on.Shelley surprised the hell out of me by sliding down and taking my cock in her mouth. escort karşıyaka The more she sucked my cock the harder it became to concentrate on the conversatin with my wife. In no time she had me fully erect and continued to suck on me. In just a few minutes I could feel that familiar feeling in my balls as I got closer and closer to cumming. My balls tightened and I began to pump a load of cum into Shelley’s mouth. It was all I could do to remain focused on the convesation. My wife finally hung up and Shelley and I lay there laughing hysterically about what we had just done. We then enjoyed a very slow leasurely fuck before falling asleep in eachothers arms.Sunday was a repeat, we spent the entire day sucking and fucking eachother. Shelley even let me fuck her in the ass, something my wife has never let me do.When I came home from work on the Monday, my wife was already home having returned from her trip.Shelley and her were already into the wine, I secluded myself in front of my big screen and enjoyed a baseball game. Towards the end of the game Shelley came down, gave me a very warm kiss and said that she hope we could do it again real soon, then went to bed firmly closing her bedroom door. I went upstairs and crawled into bed and found my wife laying naked and waiting for me. She began kissing me and reached down slowly started stroking my cock getting it ready for her nice warm pussy. As she continued to stroke my cock she asked me how hard it had been to continue the conversation while receiving a nice blow job. I started to stammer that I didn’t know what she was talking about and she started to laugh. She told me to relax that she knew all about it and the whole weekend. In fact her and Shelley had set the whole thing up right from the start of her masturbating for me with the door open right up to tonights goodnight kiss. By this time I was rock hard and she climbed on top of me sliding her dripping pussy overy my hard cock. It was then I heard a noise looked and saw Shelley coming into our room completely naked and climbing into bed with us. She gave my wife a kiss and then straddled my face so I could feast on her dripping wet pussy.Shelley stayed with us for just over a year, she never used the guest bedroom again, it was always the three of us in our kingsize bed. We didn’t have sex every night but when we did damn it was good. I was given permission to fuck Shelley anytime I wanted with our without my wife and I know that at times my wife and Shelley enjoyed each others company.That was a few years ago but when ever Shelley comes to visit or we go to visit her, there is no guest room being used.

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