Humiliated and fucked


Humiliated and fuckedIt was a weekend that I was longing for ages. I am 26 years of age and have been in the city of Bangalore for almost a decade and being in India, you don’t get much opportunity to explore your gay side. In spite of that I have had my share of cocks. From the time I was 12 I have been sucking cocks on a regular basis. It was my neighbour who introduced me to the joys of sucking cock. He had quite a handsome cock, probably about 6 inches. Frequently I would be at his house servicing his member till he came all over my face and hands. He trained me for over two years and he trained me well. Because whomever I have sucked afterwards told me how good I was at it. But as I mentioned, you don’t become openly gay in a place like this. So my encounters were mostly limited to 5-6 of my classmates and two or three others from school. They used to ask me to come near the school play ground behind some bushes where I would blow them.What was most interesting was I never ever got a blow job, only gave them. And it didn’t feel wrong at all. Guess I knew I was meant to be a bottom. There was a reason to it too. I was always shy and physically not in good shape. I was always chubby and avoided any physical confrontation. And moreover I have a really TINY cock. I knew it the second I saw my neighbour’s cock. Mine was soft and measured about 2 inches. And when erect goes all the way to 3 inches. And it has not grown since I was 12 or 13. So I guess a guy with 3inch cock is meant to be a bottom. But my asset is my ass. It is round and chubby. Almost like a female’s.So after my schooling in my hometown, I moved to Bangalore. Staying alone I thought I would be able to explore more. I was right to an extent, but not as much as I had hoped for. Mostly the contacts came from online chat rooms. And almost all of them were one time things and limited to just oral sex. He would come up to my apartment, I will get down on my knees, suck on his cock for a long time, he will cum on me, and he will zip up and leave.Although I was thrilled to be used in this manner, I longed for more. I had my first anal experience when I was 18. About a year after I had moved to the city. One of my friends from school had dropped in to the city for a couple of days. I had blown him quite a few times when we were together in school. He stayed at my place for those two days and fucked me about 10 times up my chubby ass. I enjoyed it so much that I longed for a cock in my ass all the time.I met another top who claimed he was very dominant. This exited me more. I wanted to be dominated and abused. I liked to be someone’s bitch. He used me a few times over the next few weeks and I liked the experience. To be told what to do. To get slapped and spanked was a real turn on.After this I was on the look out for pure dominant tops to use me like a whore. Once day,feeling real horny (I hadn’t cum in 2 weeks) I posted a message on a popular networking site, with a real picture of mine, fully naked but without the face, asking for an abusive top to use me as his cum rag.I got quite a few responses and one of them caught my eye. All the others were the usual ‘hi’, ‘how are you’, kind of shit. This message just read: ‘show me your face, whore’. I was turned on instantly and my tiny cock twitched in my pants.I didn’t know what to do. I was still a closet gay (still am) and I knew few people in the city. So I just hit reply and asked about who he was and where he stayed, etc. He was online at that time, coz I immediately got his reply:‘Bitches should know their place, cunt. I will ask the questions. Is that clear?’ My dicklet was going bakırköy escort crazy. I hit reply: ‘yes sir’.‘Good boy’, came the immediate reply. ‘Now where is that picture?’After hesitating for a second or two I send the same pic I had posted online but with the face. I waited for 2 agonising minutes and then came his reply: ‘not bad slut, you will do’ and he asked for my phone number. Within 30 seconds of giving it, I got his call.‘Hello cunt’‘Yes sir’‘Do you live alone?’‘Yes sir’‘Good.’The he asked me to meet him later that day at a pub. In India there are no gay bars or adult stores where like minded people can meet and have fun. But this particular pub had the reputation of being a gay pub. Not that anything happened there actually.‘Wear tight T-shirt and jeans, no underwear’ he commanded.‘Yes sir’With that we ended the conversation. After I hung up, still with a tiny tent in my pants, I thought how little I knew about him. I had given him all the info about myself without a slightest idea as to who he was.I spent the next hour cleaning myself up few times. Found a tight T-shirt, which could barely cover my chubby body and put on a pair of black denim jeans. I reached the pub about 10 minutes before the agreed upon time. I went in to see only 3 other booths were occupied. I was a bit relieved. I went over to a corner booth farthest from any other and waited. I was in there for about 15 minutes when he walked in. I had no idea as to who this guy would be, but he came right over to my booth and slid in.My first reaction was shock. He was a k**. 18 he told me later. And thin. He was probably half my size. His first word were: ‘Ready to be abused, bitch?’‘Y..yes sir’, I stammered back.It felt weird calling this k** sir. When we spoke I had a mental image of a huge, tough guy. But somehow being abused by a scrawny k** made it more exciting. It lowered my self respect even more. Now I was right there at the bottom rung.He talked, over beer, about him and his preference. He said he was particularly turned on abusing fat guys like me. Made him feel real superior. I sat there opposite to him picturing myself on my knees in front of this k**. As it turned out, I didn’t have to wait long to find out.After a couple of beers I was feeling good. The pub was quite dark and not crowded. There were 3-4 waiters and two tables were occupied. He said he would like to check me out. Asked me to walk away form the table about ten steps, bend over and walk right back. I looked around and saw that no one was paying any attention towards where we were. I got up, walked about 10 feet. I bend down pretending to be lacing up my shoes. Stayed down for about 15-20 seconds. My jeans were riding down and my ass crack was quite visible. I got up and walked back to our table.He seemed pleased with my obedience. He smiled at me and said I will make a good slut.As a thank you, he asked me to get under the table and kiss his crotch. This took me by shock. I had never done anything like this in public. And he wasn’t going to back down. Maybe it was the beer, but I went ahead with it any ways. Fortunately no one could see what I was up to, neither did they seem interested. I was on my knees between his legs. He patted me on my hair, like he would do to a dog. And pressed my head against his crotch.I took in his wonderful smell. I was lost in it between his legs. He then did something totally unexpected. He placed is legs on my shoulder and locked my head between his thighs. He looked scrawny alright, but he was quite strong. I was in a pub, on my knees with my face buried in a k**’s privates.If beşiktaş escort I felt that was humiliating, what happened next was just unimaginable. He called over the waiter, whose jaws dropped to his chest. He got us more beer and I was sure told his buddies about the site, coz within minutes the others ‘casually’ passed near our table. It was by far the most humiliating experience of my life, yet!He (now my master) held me in that position for a good 5 minutes. He let up after that and made me sit next to him. He slid his hand over my man-boobs and fondled it and played with my nipples till they were hard. I was so conscious of all this, I stared down at the table and gulped down the beer.That was probably not a good idea. Pretty soon my bladder was full. I asked my master if he would excuse me to go to the toilet. He had a very wicked smile and I knew he had something up his sleeve. He took my empty beer mug, held it between my legs and asked me to use it as the urinal.The night was becoming more and more humiliating. I looked at him and then the mug. If I refused, I knew I will end up peeing in my pants. I looked around, saw no one was paying attention to us. He pulled down my zip and pulled out my tiny cock. It was at its maximum length of 3 inches.Although he had seen the pics, the sight of my pin prick for real amused him a lot. I quickly emptied my bladder, which filled the beer mug two-thirds. He topped it up with beer and asked me to drink up. Reluctantly I did so. It was the first time I was tasting urine. And definitely was not the last.After he was done with his beer he said he had to use the restroom. He ordered me to follow him in. We went in and saw that it was empty. There were few urinals and a single stall. He pulled me into it and closed the lid of the closet. He ordered me to strip. In that small stall I struggled a bit and eventually managed to get naked. He checked me out thoroughly, including my tiny cock and my balls. Actually one ball. Both of them are sort of fused and looks like one ball, about an inch in diameter, hanging below my dicklet.‘Have you ever used this useless piece of shit on anyone?’ he asked.‘No sir’‘Of course not. It’s a useless piece of shit, cunt.’‘Yes sir. Sorry for having such a small cock sir’‘Cock, you call that a cock u whore. I will show you what a real cock looks like’With that he pulled down his pants to reveal his cock. I have seen my share of dicks, but this was a work of art. I was easily 9 inches long and quite thick. Straight as an arrow and clean shaven. Against his thin frame, it looked even bigger than the 9 inches.He pushed me on to the seat of the toilet and positioned himself in front of my face. I couldn’t wait to service this cock. I started licking the head of this huge cock. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me away and slapped me hard across my cheeks.‘Slut, you should ask for permission to suck my cock’‘Sorry sir, can I please suck your cock sir’‘Tell me how badly you need it whore’‘Sir I would worship your cock sir, I want to lick it and suck it till you feed me you tasty cum sir’‘Good bitch, now get to work slut’And sure I did. I licked his cock for a long time. From his huge balls all the way to the lips of his cock head. Then I slid his dick head into my mouth and used my tough below the head of the cock. He moaned in pleasure. Then I slid my mouth over the shaft and took about 6 inches in. I realised it would be quite a task to take it all the way in.He slid his cock in and out of my mouth few times. He then picked up his tempo and started face fucking me. I struggled at beylikdüzü escort the start then I settled with the rhythm. He got about 7 inches into my mouth. After about 10 minutes of the intense face fucking, I felt his cock stiffen and felt the first stream of his hot sticky cum on my throat. He shot 3 more thick ropes of cum down my throat and pulled his cock out and shot two more wads of cum on my face.As we got out of the stall, he asked me not to wipe the cum off of my face. I was to walk out of the pub with cum over my face. I quickly rushed to the exit as my master settled the question of the money. We went out and it was past midnight. The streets were quite deserted. We got on my bike and asked me to drive us back to my place. The night was quite chilly and I was wearing a thin T-shirt. My nipples were rock hard. My master slid his hand inside my shirt and was fondling them. The spots of cum on my face were feeling colder as the breeze hit my face.We got to out apartment complex and got onto the elevator. Inside, he asked me to strip naked. By now I was way beyond any concept of shame or self respect. Beer and sexual excitement had taken full control. I managed to get into my apartment without being spotted by my neighbours. The fact that it was past midnight helped. I let him walk into the apartment and I followed him in and closed the door behind me. I stood there waiting for my next order. We settled down on the sofa and motioned me to go up to him.‘Get down on your knees, slut, I have another drink for you.’Eagerly I knelt in between his legs and asked his permission to suck on his beautiful cock. He nodded yes. I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and he raised his butt so that I can slide the pants off. Staring at me was his 9 inch cock all excited and ready for more of my mouth.I slid his cock into my eager mouth. He placed his hands behind my back and pushed my head deeper into his cock. I took 7 inches of it and I gagged. He pulled me off his cock by my hair and slapped me hard twice.‘You are going to learn how to take a real cock down your throat, whore’I nodded and looked down. With one thrust he shoved almost 6 inches down my throat.He slammed again and I gagged. He pulled out his cock and did it again.Slam… 7 inches in.Again… little more inHe did it again few more times, but his cock was still not fully down my throat. He pulled back and started slapping me again. Five, six slaps back to back, till my face was sore.He then grabbed me by my hair and pulled me onto the sofa. He pushed my legs over the backrest and my head was hanging down upside down. He positioned his cock over my inverted mouth and started face fucking me again. In this position it was easier to take more of his cock. And within few strokes all of his 9 inches were inside me.I gagged a bit, but managed to take it all in. his cock was covered with my saliva. After 10 minutes of this intense face fucking, he pulled up and made me kneel on the sofa, with my ass in the air. He moved behind me and spanked my round ass a few times.Then I felt his fingers probing me. One, two and then three. He spat on my asshole, my manpussy as he called it, and slid his cock in. the dick head penetrated my asshole quite easily with all the saliva providing lubrication for his cock. He pushed it down my ass.He got more than half in. He pulled out his cock and slid in again, then again. He then rammed it into my ass so hard it went almost all the way in and I let out a huge scream. I was afraid in had woken up the entire city.He kept ramming me and at the same time spanking my ass. He fucked me in this position for 15-20 minutes. Eventually he was ready to cum. I felt his cock stiffen inside my ass and felt the warm cum inside me. He took out his cock and ordered me to clean it up, which I eagerly did.He then went to sleep on my bed. I slept by his foot. Like a good slut, waiting for more of his tasty cock and tick cum.

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