I found my Nephews Fleshlight, and used it on him


I found my Nephews Fleshlight, and used it on himI went around to visit my sister, who was recently divorced, as we planned to go out for a night on town, supposedly to celebrate her freedom, guess what, she picked a guy up and disappeared, leaving me with some creep, who I eventually dumped, and went back to her house, to spend the night.I got back late, in fact it was early morning, so I sat down on the settee and turned-on the TV, and with a large glass of wine I was confronted by a full blown Porn movie, I guessed my nephew was watching porn, but what really confirmed it, was the ‘Fleshlight’, behind the cushion, I had put my head on, as I stretched out full on the settee, I left the Porn on as I was in the mood to watch it.I studied this male sex toy, inserting two fingers into the molded vaginal fronting, it was slippery, as it had been oiled, my naughty nephew, must have been using it, and I lifted it to my nose to smell, thats how he caught me, my nose inside the Fleshlight, smelling a mixture oil and vanilla essence, he must have been watching me, as just before that, my two fingers were doing what comes naturally to women.’Is it any good’, I asked him, sitting up, as he rounded the settee and say beside me.’I dont know’, he replied, ‘You disturbed me’, he continued noting my eyes were looking down between his legs, as he spoke.I laughed and shouted, ‘Caught, sorry I could canlı bahis not help but look to see’, I blurted out like a naughty girl caught looking where she shouldn’t.’Where’s Mom?’ He asked, noting her absence, ‘Busy, I guess’, I answered coyly, hoping he would get my meaning, ‘And your sisters’, to which he replied, ‘Same as Mum, I guess’, yes he got my meaning, all the women of this house were fucking and the only man was left with his toy.’So were you going to fuck this’, I asked him straight out, I was curious, and I wanted to see him do it.As I held it in one hand I pushed two fingers into the tight opening and made an in and out motion, a huge broad smile on my face, to which thankfully, he relaxed and laughed along with me.’Do you want me to do it for you’, I asked him, a little more edge and serious note to my voice, ‘I mean who is to know, we are alone’, I added, never ashamed of letting a small thing such as family interfere with my sex life.’Fuck sure Auntie Mariel’, he replied, ‘Good get naked and lie here’ I patted the sofa as an indication to him, got up and started taking my clothes off.As I stripped he lay down, muscular and well endowed, ‘Leave your stockings and brassiere on’, he blurted out, ‘But take your tits out, I want to see them bounce as we fuck’.I was fishing one out when I said, ‘I am not fucking you honey’, picking up the Fleshlight, ‘You’re cumming bahis siteleri in here’, and at that lifted my leg over him and settled down onto his thighs, sliding up a little closer to his erection, and laying the Fleshlight down at his side, I think I shall get you in the mood first.Easing myself on top of him I reached down and placed him between my thighs, pushing my body down a little so his hard-on was hard against my pussy, ‘Hold my bum baby’, I whispered into his ear and then I pushed the tip of my tongue in, swishing it around with my saliva, as my bum started to go up and down on his shaft.I closed my eyes as I started to orgasm, my nephew lay prostate under me as I went through the full repertoire of having an orgasm on top of him.As my last spasms subsided I relaxed and smiled into his face, ‘I guess this is your first woman having an orgasm on top of you’, I asked him before fully kissing his mouth.I slipped off of him and knelt on the floor, in line with his cock, ‘I dont think you will need oil baby’, I said taking his cock in hand, rigid but really wet from my pussy secretions.He never replied, instead opting to look at the ceiling, as I slipped the Fleshlight over his cock and pull it down over the full length of his swollen cock.’Come here’, I ordered him, indicating he come closer to the edge of the couch, and as he did so, I took his hand and guided it into güvenilir bahis my left breast, ‘Play with it, and tug on my nipple’, I was bringing my mouth onto his balls, and started licking as I wanked the Fleshlight, which was proving to be jerky, as it was a very tight fit.’I think you need more oil’, I was pulling it back up and tracing my tongue around his shaft, and when it plopped off his cock head I slid him into my mouth and sucked him as hard as I could, coating him with as much saliva as I could spit.The Fleshlight was sliding like a well lubricated piston, saliva being added intermittently as my mouth left his balls to apply a dollop onto his shaft and it would be sucked in as it drew upwards and re-coat his cock as it came down.He bucked and convulsed, crying out, ‘Oh auntie Mariel, I am cumming’, and at that I pulled on his testicle in my mouth, and I increased the frequency of the wank, watching as he came into the plastic cunt, ‘Cum baby, shoot’, I repeated as his testicle plopped out of my mouth and he shot into the toy.I slowly pulled up on the Fleshlight, my nose following the familiar semen smell, as it oozed out and ran down his flaccid cock. He watched mesmerized as I lapped it up and it disappeared down my throat, ‘Your sisters should be doing this for you’ I remarked, ‘Your mother and I did it for your uncles’, but he was not listening, as I was now sucking his full member, I can get him hard again, I thought, he has youth on his side, and I need to fuck him, smiling as my thoughts were bearing fruit, he was stirring again and I was alreading lifting my leg to mount him.

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