iCarly – iHave Sex #2


iCarly – iHave Sex #2iCarly – iHave Sex #2Freddie Benson awoke with a start. He kept his eyes closed, still trying to hold on to the final seconds of sle*p and his amazing dreams. The previous night, Freddie lost his virginity at age 15 and fucked his best friend, Carly Shay, and he was still having flashbacks of his unforgettable experience. Freddie was picturing Carly sucking on his erect cock, and he could even feel Carly’s warm lips bobbing up and down his hard shaft. In fact, Freddie felt like somebody actually was giving him a blowjob. Freddie opened up his eyes and saw Carly with her knees on the foot of Freddie’s bed, and her hands and mouth all over Freddie’s cock.”Good morning, sle*pyhead,” said Carly, when she noticed that Freddie had woken up.Carly Shay was also 15, and she was Freddie’s neighbour, best friend, and now girlfriend. Carly was a beautiful teenage girl, with long, shiny black hair and a pair of perfect, round, and still-growing breasts. She was about the same size as Freddie and was very slim. Carly had already qualified herself as a good fucker, after she gave Freddie immense pleasure the night before.”Oh, shit, Carly that feels so good,” uttered Freddie. “What are you doing here?””I thought this would be a good way to wake you up,” replied Carly.”Well, you thought right,” replied Freddie, trying to contain his joy.Carly resumed her blowjob, with similar enthusiasm to the previous night. Carly started by sticking the head in her mouth and she licked the tip multiple times, slurping up Freddie’s pre-cum. Carly started stroking Freddie’s dick with her right hand, while slowly bobbing up and down with her mouth, getting every part of the hard cock wet. Then, with a promiscuous look on her face, Carly spit a shot of saliva onto Freddie’s cock, and rubbed it all over the cock, making Freddie groan with pleasure. Carly returned her mouth to Freddie’s cock, giving a nice, slow blowjob, which she gradually sped up. Freddie groaned as he felt Carly’s warm mouth surrounding his erect cock, pumping it up and down, and giving him unbelievable pleasure. Carly continued this cycle for a few minutes, before coming up for air to tease Freddie.”Mmm, I missed this cock so much,” crooned Carly. “Last night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, and I got so horny. I just couldn’t stop rubbing my pussy””That’s so hot!” breathed Freddie. “Let me lick your pussy, Carly baby.”Carly swung her feet around so that her pussy was in Freddie’s face, and she was still in position to give Freddie a blowjob. Freddie pulled Carly’s tight blue jeans down to her knees, and pulled the thin fabric of Carly’s light green panties to the side, to expose her wet, pink pussy. Freddie dug into Carly’s familiar vagina, licking and slurping every part he could get to.Meanwhile, Carly pulled her yellow t-shirt just above her tits, and played with Freddie’s cock. Carly took Freddie’s cock and rubbed it against her bare breasts, while moaning from the pleasure Freddie was giving her. Carly swooped in on Freddie’s cock, giving a faster blowjob than she was giving before, with her hands and tongue all over the hard dick. At the same time, Freddie was licking Carly’s clit, and also exploring new areas in Carly’s pussy, which made her elicit a pleasurable moan.The two teens continued in their 69 position for a few minutes, pleasuring each other until they could each feel that they were about to cum.”Oh, shit, Carly,” breathed Freddie. “I’m really close.””I am too, baby,” replied Carly. “Cum all over my face, and I’ll do the same to you.”Freddie was the first, and his cum shot out of his erect cock, hitting Carly’s face a few times and the remainder dripped down the sides of his cock. Carly cleaned up her face and Freddie’s cock and sucked off all of the sperm, while she started cumming herself. Carly’s warm pussy juices emptied themselves onto Freddie’s waiting face, which he then licked and slurped up. Carly then got off from on top of Freddie, slid her jeans off of her legs, and laid face down on him, as they started making out, sharing each other’s cum and saliva. Carly and Freddie kissed and made out passionately, until Carly showed Freddie a familiar object in a small plastic bag: a condom.”Oh, yes!” exclaimed Freddie. “Those things are like magic.””Yeah, I grabbed another one from Spencer’s room,” replied Carly. “Now finish me off, quick!”Carly opened up the plastic bag and slipped the condom onto Freddie’s erect cock. Carly then slowly lowered her pink pussy onto Freddie’s waiting cock, and shuddered with pleasure as she did it. Carly arched her back and leaned her hands onto Freddie’s chest while pushing her vagina up and down onto Freddie’s dick. Carly started off slowly and closed her eyes, taking in the pleasurable experience. She slowly lowered her pussy onto Freddie’s cock, and then pushed herself off, allowing for a slow, but passionate sex. Carly repeated these actions, gradually speeding up the fucking in the process. Carly fucked Freddie’s cock a little bit faster and harder, and Freddie joined in too, using f*rce to fuck Carly, rather than allowing her to fuck him. Carly leaned down and planted a soft kiss onto Freddie’s lips, while they were still fucking passionately. Freddie and Carly unlocked their lips, and Carly looked at Freddie’s face, with a look that was begging to be fucked harder.Freddie realized what to do, and picked Carly up from off his cock, kissed her a bit, and then he ordered her to bend over on all fours, and got behind her and started fucking her doggy style. Carly’s moans turned into shrieks as Freddie slammed his dick harder and harder getting it deeper and deeper into the depths of Carly’s pussy. Freddie slapped Carly’s ass a few times, pulled her hair, and called her a dirty bitch, all immensely boosting his ego. Carly loved being called a dirty bitch, and it just made her pussy even hotter than Freddie’s cock was making it. The ass slapping and hair pulling also made Carly feel dirtier and stimulated the experience for her.Pretty soon, as all good things must do, the experience came to an end. Freddie ordered Carly to get down on her knees on the floor, and Freddie got off of the bed and stood up in front of her. Freddie took off the condom and pumped his cock back and forth until his hot sperm showered over Carly’s waiting face. Freddie shot a couple of shots, which landed all over Carly’s face and tits, and even into her mouth. Carly wiped up all of the remaining cum with her hand, and then licked her hand, getting all of the cum into her mouth. Carly then swallowed the whole thing and opened her mouth wide to prove to Freddie that it was all gone. Carly grabbed Freddie’s cock and squeezed very hard, trying to get every last drop out of it, as if it was a nearly empty tube of toothpaste. Carly’s hard work was rewarded with a few more weak spurts of cum which she gladly licked up.Freddie and Carly were still breathing heavily and sweating, and they just sat there, staring at the beauty of their partner. In less than 24 hours, they had transformed from friends to lovers, from neighbours to objects of affection, from common teenagers to experienced sex partners. They had gone on a passionate journey, and after this encounter, they both knew that there was no turning back.Freddie was the first to break the silence, aside from their heavy breathing.”Wow! Great surprise!” exclaimed Freddie, referring to the mysterious hint Carly had given the previous night.”Oh, that wasn’t the surprise,” replied Carly, much to Freddie’s surprise. “That was just your alarm clock. The surprise is still yet to come. Be at my apartment at 2:00, and then you’ll get the real thing.””You’re amazing,” said Freddie.”I know,” replied Carly.They locked lips for a few more minutes until Carly broke away, put on her pants and panties, pulled her down her shirt, and headed for the door. avcilar escort She turned around and quickly pulled up her shirt, but almost immediately pulled it back down, giving Freddie a brief view of her amazing tits. She then blew Freddie a kiss and then she was gone.Freddie heard the apartment door close and looked at his watch. It was almost 10:15.‘Damn,’ thought Freddie. ‘What the hell am I gonna do for another 4 hours?’Freddie wearily got up to his feet, stripped off the rest of his clothes and jumped into the shower. Freddie felt the hot water wash away any troubles he had. Freddie’s mind started to wonder and as he thought about Carly and her beautiful tits, he started smiling and found his dick become rock hard again. Freddie considered masturbating right then and there, but he remembered the surprise later that day, and he decided to save his energy. Freddie decided that when he was finished with his shower, he would get dressed, eat breakfast, and watch some TV until 2:00 came.Meanwhile, Carly returned to her apartment. Spencer was still away on his art convention, so Carly had the whole apartment to herself until Sunday afternoon, and it was only Saturday morning. Carly stripped off her clothing, walked up to her bathroom and admired herself in the mirror. She really appreciated how her breasts had really grown in the past few years and how she had matured well. She didn’t blame Freddie for practically drooling all over her in the past two or so years.Carly jumped into the shower and felt the hot water rush over her slender figure. She thought about Freddie and how much she loved him, and she asked herself why she waited so long to reveal her true feelings. Of course, she had the reason that Sam hated Freddie, but that was only part of the reason. She also liked the whole idea of playing hard-to-get, and knowing that Freddie wanted her, but wasn’t able to have her. She also didn’t think she was ready to be in a relationship just yet, but now she was 15, and plenty of k**s her age were going out. But none were having sex, she realized, except for us. Carly decided that when she finished her shower, she would get herself ready for the surprise and make a phone call to make sure that everything was prepared. Then she would probably eat something and wait for Freddie.To tell the truth, she could’ve had the surprise earlier, but she wanted them both to cool down a bit, and she also wanted Freddie’s appetite for her to be worked up even more.Finally, 2:00 arrived. Freddie walked into Carly’s apartment without even knocking, figuring that he had already seen Carly naked, so there’s nothing worse that he could possibly see if he barged in. Carly wasn’t in the living room, so Freddie called her name.”Coming!” shouted Carly.Carly appeared at the top of the stairs, wearing a tight blue t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. As Carly started walking down the steps, Freddie’s eyes kept on darting back and forth between Carly’s perfectly sized, teenage breasts, and her long, tan, and bare legs and feet.”Wow!” exclaimed Freddie. “You look amazing!””Thanks, Freddie,” replied Carly, as she reached the foot of the steps. “So do you.”Freddie walked up to Carly, wrapped his arms around her, and the two of them started to kiss passionately. Freddie took his right hand, and started fondling Carly’s left breast until a knock on the door interrupted them.”Oh!” said Carly. “That must be the surprise. Oh, but the surprise doesn’t exactly know that they are a surprise and what they’re supposed to do. So don’t say anything.””Okaaaay,” said Freddie, a bit confused.”Basically, just follow my lead,” said Carly, as she rushed towards the door after the “surprise” knocked a second time, a bit louder.Carly opened the door, and standing in the doorway was none other than Sam Puckett. Sam was Carly’s and Freddie’s good friend, and she and Carly co-hosted their web-show, iCarly, while Freddie was the cameraman.”What took you so long?” shouted Sam.”Oh, calm down!” replied Carly.Sam had a very interesting personality. She was a very attractive girl, but was not exactly into activities that were labelled as “girlish.” Sam was more like a tomboy, with particular interests in vi*lence, pranks, and meat.Sam was the kind of the girl that could beat you in the hot dog eating contest, and then go out to pizza to celebrate.She wasn’t really so cordial to Freddie, and the two of them constantly bickered and fought, but recently, Freddie and Sam were both teased about never kissing anybody, so they kissed each other to get it over with. They both promised not to tell anybody, but Freddie just found out the night before that Sam had actually told Carly.”So, how’s it going, k**dies?” asked Sam as she plopped herself down on the couch with a popsicle in hand.”Pretty good,” said Carly, sitting down next to Sam on the couch.”Not bad,” replied Freddie, as he took a seat on the comfy chair next to the couch.Freddie watched Sam suck on the popsicle, and as Sam’s lips and tongue were tasting all of the juices, Freddie found himself getting a boner. He imagined what it would be like for Sam to suck on his cock, and he had a feeling that he would find out soon. He now knew what Carly’s surprise was, and was excited to have a threesome with Sam.Sam was clad in a dark green unzipped hoodie, under which was a tight grey tank top, and Freddie noticed that Sam’s tits were slightly larger than Carly’s, and couldn’t wait to get his hands and tongue all over them. Sam had on a pair of skinny, navy blue jeans, and was wearing yellow flip flops.”So, what do you want to talk to me about?” asked Sam, as she stood up to throw out her popsicle stick. “It sounded pretty urgent on the phone.””Yes, it’s very important,” answered Carly, as she waited for Sam to sit back down. “You see, last night, Freddie and I made love.””Wait, you what?” asked Sam, not sure if she heard her best friend correctly.”Freddie and I. We had sex last night,” repeated Carly.”Are you talking about this Freddie?” asked Sam, pointing to Freddie.”Yes,” answered Freddie this time. “Carly and I are in love, and we had sex last night and this morning, too.””Well, I know that you love Carly, but you Carly, do you really love this guy?” asked Sam, astonished. “I mean, he’s so, you know, Freddyish.””Well, I love him, and he’s my boyfriend now,” answered Carly. “And I called you because I want you to join us.””You want me to have sex with you guys?” asked Sam, dumbfounded.”Yes,” answered Carly. “Freddie was incredible and I don’t want to keep him all to myself. You’re our friend, and you deserve to fuck him, too.””I don’t know,” started Sam.”If it makes you feel any better, I’m not going to be leaving you alone with him,” said Carly. “I’ll be having sex at the same time. We’re gonna have a threesome!””I don’t know,” repeated Sam, secretly hoping to lose her virginity. “I mean, if you guys are now dating, I don’t want to intrude or anything.””No, you won’t be intruding at all,” said Carly. “Will she, Freddie?””No, of course not,” answered Freddie, eager to get some of Sam’s pussy.”Come on, I know you’ll like it, “said Carly.”Ok, fine,” said Sam. “I’ll do it.””Great!” exclaimed Carly, as she motioned for Freddie to come closer.Freddie eagerly accepted the invitation, and sat down on the other side of Sam. Sam turned towards Freddie, and for the second time, the two of them started kissing. Their lips softly pressed against each other’s lips, and they continued kissing until Carly put a hand on Sam’s shoulder, and pulled her away from Freddie.Then, without warning, Carly planted a kiss on Sam’s lips, and the two of them starting making out passionately, as if long-suppressed feelings were emerging with an explosion. Freddie couldn’t believe his eyes, when he saw his two best friends locking lips and caressing each other’s tongues, even though they şirinevler escort were both girls.Carly then moved her mouth down to Sam’s neck, and started planting kisses everywhere she could find room. Sam threw her head back and started moaning softly, giving Freddie an even larger erection than he already had.Freddie decided to stop watching from the side-line and chose to join in the fun.Freddie put his hands on Sam’s shoulders and slipped off her sweatshirt, which she let drop to the couch. Freddie then pushed Sam’s hair to the side and started kissing her on the back of the neck, and found his hands wandering to Sam’s tits, which were still contained by her tank top. Freddie started squeezing Sam’s succulent breasts from behind as Sam started kissing Carly’s neck with ardour, causing Carly to moan sensitively.Carly and Sam continued kissing until Sam broke free, turned towards Freddie, and slowly slipped off her top, revealing a white cotton bra, showing a generous amount of cleavage. Sam then put her hands behind her back, unclasped her bra, and pulled it off, uncovering her beautiful, round, and slightly large breasts.Carly and Freddie marvelled at their friend’s gorgeous tits, and they each grabbed one and started fondling and sucking on them. Carly and Freddie each flicked their tongues over Sam’s nipples and kissed the rest of her tits, giving immense pleasure to Sam. Sam loved the feeling of her two best friends sucking on her tits, and she took the moment in, trying to get all of the pleasure she could get.Suddenly, Carly stopped sucking on Sam’s right breast and removed her t-shirt, showing a lacy red bra, behind which was a teenage pair of tits, waiting to be revealed.Carly pointed at Freddie and ordered him to pull his pants down, to which he gladly obeyed. Freddie stood up and removed his pants, as Carly unbuttoned and removed her shorts, revealing her cute red panties. Sam quickly followed, sliding off her jeans, showing her white panties. The two half-naked teenage girls got on their knees in front of Freddie’s erect cock.”Just follow my lead,” said Carly, reassuringly, to Sam.Without another word, Carly stuck out her tongue and started to lick Freddie’s cock, starting from the base and ending at the head. She repeated her licking several times, until she put her lips around the hard cock and started to blow Freddy for the second time that day. Carly moved her lips back and forth on the hard dick while using her hand to steady the base of the cock. Freddie moaned with pleasure as his girlfriend sucked on his hard shaft.Carly then removed Freddie’s cock from her mouth and guided it towards Sam. Sam put the cock in her hand and gripped it a little bit, trying to get used to the feeling of a dick in her hand. Then, a bit hesitantly, Sam stuck out her tongue and proceeded to lick Freddie’s cock, like Carly had done. Sam then slowly put her mouth around the dick and closed her lips upon it. Sam started sucking it similar to the way Carly did, moving her lips back and forth down the cock, while using her hand to pump it.As she got more used to it, Sam got more comfortable with the feeling of giving a blowjob and started using her tongue to lick Freddie’s cock as she was sucking it. This did not go unnoticed by Freddie, who closed his eyes, taking in the feeling of Sam licking his cock.As Sam continued to suck Freddie’s cock with more speed and passion, Carly started stroking Sam’s long blonde hair and caressing her beautiful, bare body. Sam then took Freddie’s dick out of her mouth, giving to Carly who spat on the cock and started rubbing it back and forth. Carly then starting sucking on the cock again, using more tongue, as Sam got behind Carly and started to undo Carly’s bra.When the bra came off, Carly stopped her blowjob to turn to Sam, showing a girl her tits for the first time. Sam marvelled at the sight of Carly’s beautiful, round tits, and she started to fondle them slowly, enjoying the feeling of touching another girl’s breasts for the first time. Sam then got a bit bold as she bent down and ran her tongue over Carly’s tits, licking her nipples and causing her to moan softly.As Sam pleasured her, Carly used a free hand to stroke Freddie’s cock, giving him a slow hand job.After she was done sucking on Carly’s tits, Sam resumed where she left off, giving Freddie a slow blowjob. Sam was feeling more confident and started to suck with much more ease and skill, moving Freddie closer to an orgasm. Carly started to lick and suck on Freddie’s balls as Sam was giving Freddie head. Then Carly moved up to the base of the cock, and started licking it along with Sam, and they would sometimes accidentally lick each other’s tongues. Pretty soon, Freddie realized he didn’t have long before he’d cum.”Oh shit, girls,” exclaimed Freddie. “I’m gonna cum.””Good,” said Carly. “Cum in my mouth. I’ll give it to Sam”Carly kneeled before Freddie, and Sam sat a bit to the side, as Freddie started stroking his own cock, going faster and faster until he reached orgasm and his cum started squirting out. Freddie shot several cum shots into Carly’s anxious mouth, who smiled as they each splashed onto her tongue.Carly then moved over to Sam and slowly dripped the cum out of her mouth into Sam’s open mouth. The cum tasted very strange to Sam, but she knew that she liked it, and swallowed it all. Carly and Sam then started to kiss passionately, exchanging any leftover cum. They then turned to Freddie’s cock and both started licking Freddie’s cock, cleaning up all of the cum from there and squeezing out all of the remaining sperm. The girls then continued to make out, caressing each other’s tits and slender bodies.Finally, Carly and Sam broke free and looked up at Freddie.”Sam needs to get fucked,” said Carly. “Now.”Sam looked nervous, but complied. She got on the couch, laid down on her back, and let Freddie take off her panties, revealing her tight, wet pussy. Carly had never seen another girl’s pussy before and watched closely as Freddie stuck one finger in Sam’s pussy and bent down and started to lick. Sam was feeling sensations she had never felt before and she loved it, moaning sensuously and passionately. Sam had only had her own fingers and her ‘toy’ in her pussy before, and had never had anybody’s tongue caressing it.Freddie loved the taste of Sam’s pussy almost as much as he loved the taste of Carly’s, and he loved the sound of Sam’s sighs of pleasure. Freddie felt his cock getting harder and harder.Pretty soon, Freddie couldn’t wait any longer, and needed to have his cock in a pussy.”All right, time to get fucked!” said Freddie to Sam.Freddie sat down on the couch, his dick pointing straight up, and Freddie motioned for Sam to come and sit on his lap. Carly handed Freddie a condom, which he quickly started to slide over his cock, but Sam swatted it away and told them she wanted to go bareback, as she got in position crouching over Freddie’s lap, with her back to Freddie. Then, with a nervous look on her face, Sam slowly lowered herself onto Freddie’s waiting dick.Sam started to lower herself all the way down onto Freddie’s cock, until she realized that Freddie had come into contact with her hymen, she had never gone further than that with her own fingers and her ‘toy’ before. After she gave Freddie a nod of approval, she winced as she felt her cherry being popped by Freddie’s dick.When Sam was ready to go, she slowly started to move her body up and down, while at the same time, Freddie slowly started thrusting his cock up and down. The sensation of having sex was like nothing Sam had ever felt, and she closed her eyes and moaned.As Sam and Freddie got more comfortable, they sped up their fucking, doing it a little bit harder and faster, but still keeping it at a very passionate pace. Freddie loved having Sam ride his cock, and he grabbed her taksim escort hips and started to thrust a bit harder into her wet, pink pussy. Sam felt her pussy getting tighter and tighter around Freddie’s cock, but she kept on fucking Freddie, loving every second of it.Carly was getting extremely horny, seeing her two best friends fucking, and she took off her panties and sat down right next to Freddie. Carly starting rubbing her pussy, and also sucked on Sam’s succulent tits and started to kiss her. Carly then broke away and bent down to start licking Freddie’s cock and Sam’s pussy, with her free hand still rubbing her own pussy.”Yeah? You like that Sam?” teased Carly, seductively. “You like having Freddie’s big cock in your pussy? You like being fucked by Freddie?”Sam nodded, with her long blonde hair and her beautiful breasts bouncing around and her moans getting louder and higher pitched. Pretty soon, Sam realized that she was going to cum, and she warned Freddie and Carly. Then, Sam’s body shook and she felt her pussy getting warm as her juices dripped down onto Freddie’s cock.Sam got off of Freddie’s cock, and she and Carly licked all of the warm juices off of Freddie’s cock, and then the two girls started to kiss again, exchanging what was in their mouths.Carly knew it was now her turn to get fucked, and she bent over the couch, her pussy sticking out in the air. Freddie stood up and grabbed Carly’s hips and he, after Carly told him that she also wanted him to go bareback, pushed his cock into Carly’s waiting vagina.Carly loved to have her boyfriend’s cock in her once again, and she started to moan. Freddie’s body rocked back and forth, as his cock thrust in and out of Carly’s tight pussy, and he slapped her ass, too.”Mmmm. I love having your big cock in my tight, wet pussy,” crooned Carly. “It feels so fucking good. Yeah, slap my fucking ass!”Sam felt a bit out of place since she knew that Freddie and Carly were officially going out, and she didn’t want to ruin anything. Sam sat off to the side and started to rub her pussy, but Carly noticed and said, “Sam, get over here so I could lick your pussy.”Sam got into position, lying down on the couch, with her pussy in reach of Carly’s mouth. As Carly was getting fucked doggy style by Freddie, Carly reached out and started to eat out Sam, licking her pussy passionately. Carly had never licked a girl’s pussy before, but she just did what felt right, and what she knew would have felt good if she were being eaten out. Carly gently caressed Sam’s clit with her tongue, stopping every few seconds to lick around the perimeter of her pussy. Carly started licking Sam’s clit a bit faster, and Carly took one of her hands and stuck her index and middle finger into Sam’s pussy. Sam started moaning again, loving the feeling of her best friend eating her out and fingering her. Carly loved the sight of Sam’s tight, pink pussy, with a bit of yellow pubic hair right above it, and she also loved the taste of the pussy.Freddie couldn’t believe that Carly was eating Sam out, and felt himself getting closer to orgasm as he fucked Carly from behind and watched her lick Sam. However, Freddie had a great idea for another position and wanted to try it before he would cum, so he calmed himself down a bit. He slowed down his fucking, and unplugged his cock from Carly’s wet pussy. Carly still continued to lick Sam’s pussy for a few seconds, until she turned around and the two of them grinned at Freddie.”Alright, let’s do one more,” said Freddie. “In the kitchen.””Ooh, sexy,” giggled Carly.Freddie told Sam to lie down on her back on the kitchen table, with her legs hanging over the edge. Then he told Carly to get up on the table and crouch right above Sam’s face, so her pussy is right by Sam’s face. Freddie took his cock and put it in Sam’s pussy, and told Carly to lean down so they can kiss. Carly complied, and the two of them were soon making out, as Freddie was also fucking Sam’s pussy.Their tongues explored each other’s mouths like they had done many times before. Carly put her arms around Freddie’s neck and started to kiss him more passionately, as Freddie fondled her breasts.Meanwhile, Sam started to eat out Carly. Sam had certainly never licked another girl’s pussy before, but, like Carly, she did what she would have wanted to be done to her. Sam stuck out her tongue, and started to lick Carly’s pussy, which was hovering directly above her head. Sam started by licking around the outside in circles, and then started to gently lick the clit, knowing how sensitive it is. Sam knew she was doing something right, as she heard Carly moaning softly as she was kissing Freddie. Sam started then started to suck on Carly’s pussy, tasting her best friend, and feeling the pussy getting wetter and wetter. Sam explored the inside and outside of Carly’s pussy with her tongue, while gripping Carly’s ass with her hands. As Sam licked and sucked more vigorously, Carly’s moans got higher pitched and sexier.While Sam was busy eating out Carly, she was also being fucked in her pussy by Freddie, who was busy making out with Carly. Freddie was pushing his cock in and out of Sam’s pink pussy, shoving it back and forth, hearing Sam’s cries as she was eating out Carly. Freddie was sweating like crazy, but he didn’t care, cuz he was fucking the two most beautiful girls he had even seen in his life.Just seeing them naked and hearing them moaning was enough to push him over the top. He knew that he was about to cum, and all of the events of the day, the wake-up fuck, the blowjobs, the several positions with Carly and Sam, were all leading up to this climax.”Oh my god,” breathed Freddie. “I’m gonna cum soon.””Mmm. Me too,” sighed Sam.”I’m getting there,” gasped Carly. “Let’s all try to cum at the same time.”Pretty soon, the three teens were all about to reach their climax. In a huge fit of moaning and shrieking, they all started to cum. Freddie came inside Sam’s pussy, as Sam came all over Freddie’s cock, and Carly came into Sam’s mouth. Everybody remained in their positions for a few seconds, or maybe it was a few days, catching their breaths and taking in what had just happened.Eventually, Freddie removed his cock from Sam’s pussy, and Carly and Sam got off of the table and knelt before Freddie. They first licked off all of Sam’s warm juices, and Freddie’s cum, from his cock. Carly and Sam then shared the contents of their mouths with each other, exchanging saliva and cum, and then both swallowed and started to grin.”So, how was it?” asked Carly to Sam.”Oh, my god, it was just…” responded Sam, unable to find words. “It was just incredible.””You were incredible, Freddie,” said Carly to Freddie.”Thanks,” replied Freddie. “So were you girls.”Carly and Sam began to caress each other tits, running their hands across each other’s smooth, sleek bodies.”Freddie, I think Sam and I need some time alone,” said Carly to Freddie.”Yeah, we need to ‘discuss’ some alone girly things,” winked Sam.”Alright,” shrugged Freddie.Freddie quickly got dressed, as Sam and Carly resumed their kissing and caressing.”Alright, I’m gonna go,” said Freddie.”Yeah, yeah, just go already,” snapped Sam.Freddie walked out of the apartment, and walked across the hall to his apartment. He went into his bedroom and closed the door. Freddie didn’t feel bad that Carly and Sam were kinda acting like bitches. After all, he did get to fuck, and receive blowjobs from, his two sexy best friends.Freddie opened up his laptop and logged into his iCarly server account.In iCarly, the teens sometimes switch to a camera view that shows the downstairs of the Shays apartment, often in order to show viewers a specific project that Spencer is working on. Freddie, as technical producer of iCarly, had access to all of these features and camera views. And at that exact moment, Carly and Sam were pleasuring each other in clear view of the downstairs camera.Freddie accessed the recording and started to watch. Freddie smiled.“What’s Mel doing tomorrow?” he heard Carly ask Sam.“Why? You wanna fuck her too?”“Yes.”“Good… Me too,” Sam said as another orgasm swept over her.The perfect end to a perfect day.

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