Isolated with Tommy’s step mom 3

Isolated with Tommy’s step mom 3With Lora thinking that she is more then likely pregnant I woke up to a wonderful blow job and once she knew I was fully awake she climbed on top and began sliding with tight little pussy down my shaft. I said ” Lora what about the condom?” In response she pushed down harder taking all of me inside her honey hole. I reached up taking both of her firm tits in my hands using my fingers to squeeze nipples. In a short time I knew she was getting very close to her orgasm so I slid my right hand down finding her love nub rubbing sending her over the top and into a huge orgasm.Once she come down from her high she said ” How did you become such a good lover this early in your life?” As she began to ride me harder and faster again.I said ” Lora if you wanted the truth, I was a virgin when we made love for the first time.” Lora give me a look like I was full of shit, as she started playing with my nipples as she rode me. Lora said ” Fuck me hard my little virgin boy, you know how I like it, now fuck me hard, make me cum. Oh god here I go again, fffuuuuucccCCCKKKKKKK MMMMMMEEEEEE!” Fuck her I did, giving it to her as hard and as deep as I could with her digging her finger nails into my chest. Once she caught her breathe I wrapped my arms around her placing her on her back with her knees over my shoulders. Lora looked deep into my eyes as I give her slow long strokes deep inside of her then all the way out to the tip, before going deep again. She put her hand uşak escort bayan between her thighs slowly rubbing her love nub as she tried to get me to go quicker. I reached around behind her grabbing her ass as I pushed one finger against her rear entrance. Her eyes opened wide as she said ” No one ever did me there, I’m not sure I want you to go there.”I pushed my finger in a little harder and began moving my finger in as I pulled out of her. I speeded up a little faster going a little deeper in her back side making her eyes roll back in her head as her orgasm neared. By the time I was fucking her hard and her orgasm hit her I had my finger in her ass up to the second knuckle still keeping pace with my fucking her honey hole. When her orgasm hit her, the screams from her almost scared me, and then she went totally limp. At first I was worried she had a stroke, or a heart attack, or something was wrong cause sure she was breathing but if not for her legs over my shoulders and me still giving tiny pushes, she wouldn’t have been moving at all. I finally stopped moving as I watched for any signs of life, when her eye lips fluttered and she took a huge breathe. She had scared me so bad I didn’t even realized that I had pulled myself out of her. Lora looked at me and said ” Did I pass out? I think maybe I did, cause that was the most intense thing I have ever felt in my life. I love you I really do.”Her statement made me feel almost dizzy and lite headed. She then lifted escort uşak her legs off of my shoulders pushing me down on my back taking me in her mouth. As I watched she lovely made love to my cock as she played with my balls. When I felt myself getting close I warned her that I was getting close and she did to me what I had done to her. She pushed her finger against my asshole and then part way inside as I began shooting off in her mouth with her swallowing as fast as she could.Once I finished coming about as hard as I did the first time we made love, I laid there trying to catch my breathe as Lora licked around my cock and balls to find the cum that she couldn’t swallow when I was coming. She then pushed my legs up licking my asshole with her sweet tongue of hers. I was shocked at first, but I can’t say it didn’t feel good at the same time. Lora let my legs down saying ” My husband did that to me once, and I enjoyed it but that’s as far as we never went. No one had ever pushed anything in my backside before you did, so I guess you got my cherry too. Maybe if I can relax enough, maybe just maybe, you can try me back there, I’m not sure I could take something that size in my ass, but I am willing to try one of these days if you want to that is.”Lora has a large tub and as we laid back in a nice hot bubble bathe her phone rang. She looked at me saying ” Let it go to the machine.” As I held her in my arms her answering machine went beep and Tommy’s voice come on saying ” Mom uşak escort where are you? Why didn’t you pick up? Is anything wrong, he didn’t hurt you, did he mom? MOM WHERE ARE YOU?” You could hear him starting to panic.Lora jumped up splashing water all over the floor grabbing the phone answering it with ” Tommy I’m ok, I was just taking a bath that’s all, so what’s so important that your calling me like this?”Tommy said ” Well Nick a friend of mine was walking by our house and said he heard a woman screaming like she was being murdered or killed, or something like that! Are you sure your ok? Cause I will come home if you need me too, you know that don’t you?” Ya I thought to myself, Tommy who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag was going to what, come here and kick the shit out of me for fucking the shit out of his step mother. Like that was going to happen.Lora said ” Ho that [ giving a little laugh looking at me holding a finger up as a signal not to come near ] Well honey that was that T.V., my housemate though it would be a funny way of waking me up. Ya it worked alright, I didn’t know the volume went that high, so I’m fine but how are you doing honey? Oh you don’t have to worry about me I’m in very good hands, and we have been good company for each other, but have you been doing what you were told, I mean, I don’t want to hear you were not behaving yourself cause this is hard I know, but that doesn’t mean you can act up you know that right? Well ok I love you too, and I will see you as soon as that 14 days are up. Bye for now.” As she hung the phone up saying ” Was I that loud that people could hear me on the fucking street? Next time put something over my mouth will ya? Now lets get back to our bath.”

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