It was a usual Friday night…


It was a usual Friday night…It was a usual Friday night, and I was prepared for my usual ritual; watching a compilation of my favorite blowjobs and cumshots. I oiled myself up, and sat in my recliner, one hand on the remote and the other on my throbbing cock. I would usually watch certain ones over and over as I slowly stroked myself. Of course, I’d much prefer getting and giving a blowjob, but this was the closest I could come, having been dumped a few weeks prior by a guy I was seeing for a few months who said I was too sexual, and too flirtatious with other men he’d introduce me to. So for now, this was what I had, but I made the most of it; watching porn, fingering my asshole and slowly stroking my nice hard cock. About ten minutes in, my phone rang; it happened to be this director I had auditioned for recently who wanted me to partake in his private workshop. He asked if I could come over at that moment, which I thought was odd. And it wasn’t like I was prepared, all oiled up with my cock in my hand, as I failingly attempted to lower the moans of release from my tv. But I took his address down, and hung up. I thought of simply finishing what I started and just kadıköy escort cum onto my tv (I could sometimes shoot 3 feet), but something told me to resist, to go over to this guy’s apartment ready for anything. I didn’t necessarily think he’d come onto me, but I did remember him looking at my bulge throughout my audition. Plus, this “workshop” was not something I was auditioning for, but seemed to be an offer that could’ve been made-up. A lot of scenarios went through my head, but I think the best one was that it would be hot. In the past, I had had encounters with older men, jerking off for them, sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum. I even had a few experiences while I was still seeing my boyfriend, when I wasn’t getting enough from him. I always got off on those experiences and sought out similar opportunities when they would arise, so I wondered…if this turn out to be one.I got to this guy’s apartment, his name was Edgar, in his early 60’s probably, with a sort of feigned English accent. His apartment was pretty small but in the middle of his livingroom was a lone chair. üsküdar escort He told me how sexy I looked and asked me to sit. I did look pretty hot, if I may say. I was still oiled up from my jack-off session, wore short shorts and a denim jacket. I first asked if he’d like me to perform something for him, which he did, to my surprise. He told me to do the piece I performed at my audition. He said it lacked emotion and wanted to help me bring it out. I was surprised that he actually was asking me to perform, actually act. I was momentarily disappointed, especially as I had only had sex on my mind, and the sexual possibilities of this encounter only increased as I made my way there. I started performing my monologue, without much focus, and he started to come behind me. He began to rub my shoulders as I spoke, which turned me on to no end. “Keep performing!”, he said with adamance. I attempted to get through the next sentence, “You don’t know what love is!”, before he stuck his tongue in my ear. “Ahhhh….oh, my God, that feels….ahhhh”, I moaned. “Don’t stop”, he said. Apparently, this was turning him on as well. I struggled to tuzla escort remember the line, “You don’t….ahhhh….you don’t…” before he slowly rubbed my crotch. “Oh, my God… Let me jerk off for you…. Oh, God…” I moaned in unrestrained ecstacy, “Not yet”, he said seductively, “actors must focus”. “I…I…I can’t….” I moaned, his hand working his way down my tight shorts, slowly rubbing my pulsating hard cock. It was all happening so fast, I didn’t want to stop this feeling, but there was no way I could contain myself. “Keep acting”, he said. I made a last feeble effort “You….you…you don’t…”, before getting up, pulling out my cock and jerking it intensely… “You’re gonna’ watch me cum! I’m gonna’ fucking cum. Ah, you’re getting me so hot. So fucking hot. Oh, my God…” He watched, rubbing his cock, as I stroked myself intensely. I was so close, before I heard a key in his door… “Oh, no”, he shouted. “She wasn’t supposed to be home this early. You can’t…” But there was no way I could hold it, suddenly a wave of my sweet cum gushed out of my cock like a firehose all over his floor. Suddenly, the door opened, and this old woman entered, apoplectic at the sight of this young oiled actor jerking his cock, 6, 7, 8 times, amidst a huge puddle of my cum, which oozed almost to her feet. It was so fucking hot, but I knew I had to leave. As she started screaming at her husband “What the hell is this?!” I made a mad dash for the elevator, my cock still oozing… I’m stroking myself even now at the memory of this. Unbelievably sexy!

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