Jack, Queen & King the Beginning


Jack, Queen & King the BeginningSo, it all began in the Spring of 2017, I meet the Queen, we will call her Renea, on an adult freak site. You know those type where there are subs and doms and people that like being spanked, choked and pissed on. She was young, 19-year-old at the time, her profile pictures were of her in high school, a soccer player, hot, about 125 and amazing legs. We chatted often, then exchanged cell numbers and text messaged for a while. I started visiting her at her place of employment, a fast food restaurant at the time. I, at the time, was a 42-year-old, 24-year Army retiree, trying to figure out about life after retirement. I have a very high sex drive, been married twice, lived in Europe for 14 years and my first wife was European and we experienced some things I am sure I would not have if I would not have been over there. Eventually Rea and I spend about four weeks together, during the time we have sex daily, she is a sex fein, we have sex, watch porn, she gets tied up, I share my desire with her for the love of interracial sex. She had a co-worker that had the hots for her and her pussy was creaming for some BBC. I went out of town one weekend for four days, let them stay at my place and just asked for some video clips. She got that good black cock and feel in love with it. Hey I am game; the Superior Black Cock has that effect. I just had shared with her that she could fuck anything she wanted as long as we stayed together. I am game to watch, clean her up, just see her naked and me masturbate. She fell and I let her go, it was hard, she was small, sex and had a sex drive comparable to mine.Over the next year she called a few times needing financial help, a little cash here and new car battery there and I helped. I am a sap, I would see her at her new fast food restaurant and she was losing weight get back down to that 130ish weight she appeared after high school. Her manager outfit made her sexy clothed. We would chat occasionally, then out of the blue one day she tells me how excited life is, she is a self-admitted freak. Of course, canlı bahis I ask what has made her freakier than before, she lets it slip she finally tried anal and LOVES it. Not just that, but her new man is a BBC and his cock is huge. My cock is now twitching, I am like I offered to eat that ass, take it slow, lick, finger and work to fucking it. Not only that, but I am average Joe, six-inch cock and she is taking two coke cans in her young sweet ass.Of course, I suggest to her that we could do a three sum, I love being a submissive player in a group event. She hits back with her new man won’t share her, I am like I will be submissive, he will be shared not her, she says he is not like that. I let her know that most dominate men, specifically black men are OK with being in the dominate role as long as they are being pleased. So, I convince her to let me come over, we three start out talking, I share with him even though I am masculine and have facial hair and all, I am an equal opportunity pleaser. I share with him that I would like to help Rea please him, share his Massive BBC with her on our knees getting him hard, licking her ass and preparing it for his superior BBC. How I can rim his ass and suck and lick his Black seed holders while he is fucking her young small body. I would love to lick his nipples, sit and watch or clean them up after he covers her inside or out with his cum. My plan is to get in with the couple and then offer my submissive white ass to him as an offering when I think the time is right.I notice he is twitching in his seat and I smile at Rea, knowing his cock wants to be in charge and get pleased. I try to help him over the hump and say that he is a superior dominate black male and I am the submissive sissy white bitch that will be serving him however he wants, he will never have to touch me or do anything to me he does not want to, he is the King of this club and I am the Jack. He rubs his cock and tells Rea to get over to where he is sitting, and then orders me to drop to my knees between his legs. He tells me to rub his cock bahis siteleri through his pants and ask if I think I can please his cock, I look up to him and say, “Yes SIR, I can!” I unzip his pants and untie his shoes, as I am working his pants and underwear off, Rea joins me. His COCK is huge, the largest I have personally ever held or seen in person. I hold the growing monster in my hand and lean in and smell his balls and the base of his cock, it pulses in my hand and it is just amazing, I mean like a heavenly treat. Rea eyeballs me to lick his cock, I feel like hogging it and not letting her have any of it, but I have asked her to do this with me for over a year so I am in heaven having this beautiful young woman and amazing black cock all within inches of my face.Rea places her hands on my head and guides my mouth to the tip of his cock, and as two of my hands jerk the base slowly, my lips slip over the head and twirls around the head of his massive cock. My cock is immediately stiff and I so bad want to feel a load of his cum in my mouth, hopefully by the end of the night sharing it with Rea kissing her with his superior cum all over our faces. He leans back, spreads his legs and Rea slips a hand in on his cock, I go down and sniff his taint and lick his large balls while our hands jerk up and down his cock, this thing is a monster. Rae kisses his cock and I return back up to lick and suck on the head as we get him even stiffer. Rea and I kiss with his monster cock between our lips, even though just the tips of our lips meet around his cock and we both tongue tease his shaft. He pulls Rea up and undresses her naked and starts rubbing her ass. OH, hell yeah, I am going to be up close and personal to her taking this AMAZING black cock.As I continue to try to keep his cock stiff, sucking, licking and jerking this monster, he slides a finger down for me to moisten and then slips in her ass. Now this ass did not respond a year ago, this is a trained young ass, it relaxes and takes his wet finger as I suck him he fingers her and she starts all the noises she bahis şirketleri makes. I truly am the horniest I have ever been I am not sure if my ass could take his cock, but damn it I just want to strip naked and take his cock, no matter how bad it hurts or what happens afterwards, just to be the ultimate submissive to a huge BBC as his cum drips from my stretched ass would be such a dream cum true. He orders me to back off his cock and Rea straddles his thighs and as he lines up his massive cock with her relaxed asshole, he tells me to lick her ass and his cock as he slides it in. I am more than happy; my mouth is watering like I am eating the best steak dinner ever. I get them wet and she is balls deep down his 11-inch cock. I sit back in awe and watch her take this and to hear her excitement as she rides his monster cock. He plays with her large tits and I ask him if I can please lick his balls, the smell from his crotch is AMAZING, the sex and pheromone smells are just making every part of me die in ecstasy. The best part is his cock is making her creamy, but not crappy, I lightly massage and kiss and lick his balls. I reach up, with a wet finger, and find his nipple and rub it, I feel him tense, but then relax and I am just thinking, how in the hell is he lasting through all of this attention. Just about that time he becomes very audible and I am sensing his body is close to an orgasm, I beg him to cum on my face, in my mouth or on her back so I can enjoy his superior seed. He starts to cum in her ass and pulls out and it gets on her back and the rest runs down his cock. All the glistening of everyone’s sweat, juices and his seed all over the area in my face, I cup his balls and slowly grasp below the head and slightly squeeze his seed out of his cock head. Rea’s ass is gapped enough I can see what she had two days ago for lunch. Her small frame and sweat ass and that BBC cock stretched ass dripping cum. I lick her lower back while I reach around and find her clit, hard as a piece of rock salt. He lays out on the couch and is amazed. I back-up not to push my presence and ask how they liked it.We are planning to meet again, I am SO looking forward to seeing what I can do to make the two of them cum next time, hopefully tomorrow. I will wait a year to have more of this.

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