JoggingEvery now and again I get a fitness head on and break out the running gear. On this one occasion I had been running the same circuit through a small section of woodland for about a month. Three to four times per week. I often saw a young lady along the same trail; sometimes running in opposite directions, and sometimes following her round, tightly clad bottom for a short distance.We exchanged smiles, and the odd, breathy ‘Morning.’ as we ran by each other.One particular morning I awoke, cock rigid (as is often the case) and pulled on my running shorts and tee-shirt and headed out to the woods. The woman was there, and this morning she was wearing a skimpy vest top which barely concealed her medium sized, bouncing tits, and a pair of white, figure hugging shorts. I could see the line of her thong through the thin, tight fabric, and as I ran along behind her my cock was pulsing and straining in my shorts.She canlı bahis turned off one way, and I darted into the bushes. I had to relieve the pressure, so I pulled up the leg of my shorts and started stroking my hard cock. The head was bulbous, purple and slick with pre-cum as I rubbed it, thinking of those beautiful buttocks, and what must lay between.My cock was seriously hard, when I heard a cough to one side. I turned, hand falling away from my rigid cock, to look straight into the cool green eyes of the jogger. I tried to pull my shorts back down, but it was just not going to happen.She grinned, looking me in the eye, then down to my engorged helmet. ‘Was that my fault?’ she asked.I blushed and mumbled something about white shorts and her hot arse.She bit her lower lip. ‘Well I got you into this mess,’ she said, ‘only fair I help you out.’ and with that she turned her back to me, bent over and bahis siteleri started rubbing her hands over he arse cheeks. The thin fabric creased between her legs, and I could see the sweat stains in her groin, and another spot of wetness starting to grow in between.I pulled my shorts down around my knees, and took a good hold of my shaft. Running the foreskin slowly back and forth as I looked at her buttocks. She looked over he shoulder, smiling at my rigid, shining cock. Then she pulled the shorts down, the thong going with them to reveal her soft, hairy peach.I gasped, and she giggled ‘Thanks.’ then slipped one leg out of her shorts and widened her stance. Still with her back to me she started to stroke her pussy, opening and closing the lips, and squelching a finger or two inside.I shuffled closer, the head of my engorged cock less than an inch from her hot, wet pussy. I could feel the heat on my bahis şirketleri cock as we both wanked ourselves off. I don’t know whether she moved back or I moved forward, bud suddenly my cock brushed along her wet slit, the shaft feeling the heat and wetness, the head tickled by her thick bush of pubic hair.I slid my shaft back and forth against her slit, then, moving back and grabbing her hips, I thrust forward. This time my cock found her gaping entrance and slid balls deep into her hot cunt.I stood for a second, savouring the undulating pussy on my shaft, then grabbed her hips hard and started shafting faster and faster. I could feel her hand running circles around her clit as I powered my cock in and out. I was panting hard, and she was moaning loudly.I felt my balls clenching, my cock spasming, and I rammed in deep on last time as my cum burst out, filling her hot cunt with my seed.She gasped, rubbing harder and bringing herself to a gushing climax too.We separated, gasping, pulling our clothes back into some semblance of order. My face was red, and so was hers.’Same time tomorrow?’ she said, and rushed off into the woodland.

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