Lactation To My Brother


Lactation To My BrotherdeleteddeletedSo just 2 weeks back I bore the most beautiful twins, Sahil and Shanaya! A million thanks to God and my Hubby to bless me with this gift! I know you are all here for the sex story but you can understand I want to scream this happiness of mine to everyone I could reach.So now the incident. This happened just last week. As you all know, how relatives crowd at your place when a c***d is born. Here too this happened. A load of relatives visited me at the hospital while twice the number came to my home.Among those many relatives and friends was my younger brother, Kartik.Kartik was my real brother; he was 9 years younger to me. I had always looked over him before my marriage as a mother rather than a sister. We had an unbreakable bond in c***dhood. Kartik is fairer than me, 6’2 in height and by no means athletic but fit enough. I have one more thing to tell you as a surprise, I will say later.20th November marked the happiest day of my life when I became a mother. I returned home with my angels on 23rd November. To help me at home, Kartik came to stay with me and my husband. Kartik had some weird habits which he had developed since a few years. He would keep staring into the sky, stay up late till nights, skip dinner most of the time etc.I must confess that I experienced a bit of arousal every time I breastfed Sahil and Shanaya. My husband had taken a leave for a week and soon he too resumed office. Shanti, my maid, would come at 11 am and leave by 4pm. Kartik would remain at home all day.So finally on that day, 29th November, it was 10 am. I had just come out of the bath when Shanaya started crying.Within a minute Sahil too began to cry. I was just in a towel wrapped around my body. I immediately let go of my towel, took Shanya in my arms, sat on the bed and put her mouth over my left breast. Now the issue was that I can’t possibly lift Sahil with just one hand and he too was crying. I was wondering what to do, when Kartik barged inside the room.We both were shocked. I just covered my bottom with the bedsheet. I could not cover my breasts as Shanaya was feeding off them. Kartik came through the door to Sahil, all the time his eyes were on my breasts. He took Sahil in his arms and placed him on my lap. He then held my right breast and put Sahil’s mouth over it. I was embarrassed as hell. I just shut my eyes and asked him to leave the room, which he did.After breastfeeding my k**s, I just could not stop thinking pendik escort about Kartik’s touch on my breasts. I slapped myself twice for not being able to forget it. I put on my cream nursing bra with a black panty and a lose red nighty. I felt that I should talk this out with Kartik to avoid awkwardness. I went into the guest bedroom. Kartik was in the washroom. I sat on the bed waiting for him to come out.There was a click and the washroom door opened. Kartik came out with his dick in his right hand and a bunch of tissues in his left and he was wiping his dick with those tissues. I was sitting wide-eyed, too shocked to move. Kartik saw me and immediately rushed back to the washroom. “He is my younger brother. I raised him as my own son.” I said to myself because my stupid cunt had started getting wet with that sight.I put all my thoughts aside and started finishing the house chores. Soon Shanti came. In the kitchen, I went and hugged Shanti from behind. She smiled and said Kartik may catch us. I just went on to press her breasts. She turned around and we kissed each other’s lips. It was about 12:30pm when again my k**s started crying. I left Shanti and went to my bedroom, shutting the door properly.I opened my nighty zip and raised the patch of bra over the nipples. It was weird about Shanaya and Sahil. Both felt hungry at the same time. I somehow took both of them in my arms, sat on the bed and started feeding them. This was when I felt ashamed of myself. The breastfeeding immediately reminded me of Kartik’s dick and my k**s sucking my breasts actually gave me an orgasm! I felt like slapping myself again!I noticed a shadow outside my bedroom door. As if someone was standing there outside. “Shanti, is that you?” I called out. But no reply. “Kayu is that you?” (I called Kartik Kayu). Still no reply. Nor did that shadow move away from the door. As soon as the k**s were done the feeding, I put them in their paarna and rocked them to sleep. All this time my nipples were still out of my bra.Then when both my angels slept, in one sweep I zipped my nighty and opened the door. I wish I hadn’t done that.Kartik stood outside holding his dick as if he was masturbating by watching me through the keyhole. I slapped him. He pushed me inside the bedroom shut the door and locked it. Since Shanti was at home, I didn’t scream at him but whispered fiercely as to what was he doing.He sat me down gently on the bed and sat on the floor near my legs.He escort pendik apologized for whatever happened since morning. He then cupped my breasts with his hands. I slapped him again. He was not angry or irritated. “Di, I saw you fondling your pussy while the k**s were feeding. I don’t think that orgasm was bought due to breastfeeding or by remembering Jiju’s tool, right?” I was ashamed as hell and moved my head away.He stood up and removed his pant and jockey in one go. His dick touched my cheeks. I was still in 2 minds about what was about to happen but my pussy eventually clouded my mind’s thinking. I grabbed his dick. It was not fully black, was around 5¨ without an erection. I took it in my mouth aaaahhhmm. I was swept off by the awesome feeling of his dick growing big inside my mouth. I took it out to see it had swollen up to 7¨ long and around 3¨ of girth. Almost same as Hemant’s.Kartik started pressing my breasts. I guess he had a breast fetish! I removed my nighty and panty. He removed his tee. Now he was nude while I was in my bra. He laid me down on the bed and licked my tummy. As soon as his tongue touched my navel, I leaped up in the air and babbled out loud moans oooohhh asaassmm Kayyuuu aaaaa Sahil stirred a bit due to the noise. I asked Kartik to move to his room as the k**s may wake up due to the noise.We crept out of the bedroom just like we were at that moment. Kartik was nude and I was in the bra. Shanti was still in the kitchen, we quietly tip-toed to Kartik’s room and shut the door. He finally removed my bra. I was nude in front of my k** brother! That feeling and the feeling of being nude for the first time in front of a man other than my husband gave me tingles down in my crotch.Kartik carried me to the bed, spread my legs and directly entered his tongue inside my cunt. Aaahhh ooommuum I could just moan. I grabbed his hair. Aaahhh kayu deeper deeper suckkkk aaahhh ooohhh hmmm. Kartik entered two fingers inside my asshole. I was on cloud 9999! He moved his tongue in a circle which gave me an instant hard orgasm! I ejaculated in his mouth.I pulled him up and sucked his lips, tasting my own cum. He went onto my breasts. His favorite play toy! He started sucking my nipples. Milk came out. “Di, this is the sweetest milk I have ever tasted!” I hit him playfully on his cheeks.He continued sucking. “Stop Kayu. Shanu and Sahil won’t have anything to drink if you suck out all the milk!”.He obliged and sucked the rest of my pendik escort bayan breast leaving out the nipples. He was working his tongue like a magician!While doing so, his dick was touching my pussy walls. I could no longer control and jerked my pussy forward in an attempt to get his dick inside me. Obviously, it didn’t go in. Kartik laughed. “Hehehehe Di, I didnt know you are so desperate for me!” I slapped his arms, “Kayu pls dont tease. Put it inside plss”. “Put inside what? Pls be clear” he said. “Your dick my kayu. Put your dick inside your sister’s cunt!” He was happy hearing this from his sister!He kissed me. I kissed him back. He was lying over me. I opened my legs and spread my pussy with my fingers. He made the 1st push. Aaaaahh mmhmm kayyuuu it was not very painful as only 3¨ had gone in but the feeling of my k** brother entering my pussy made me moan loudly.He gave another push hmmaaa and whole his dick was inside me now. I sat up a little and licked his chest.Surprisingly our rhythm matched perfectly and we were soon both enjoying at the peak! He started with slow pushes but soon turned an a****l. The bed was making noises now.Ooohhhmm aaaaaaa uuooiiiii aaaaaa hhmm sssaahbhhmnnmKartik again took hold of my breasts and pinched my nipple lightly. I winced in pain as a drop of milk came out. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he violently kept fucking me! He was the 1st to cum. As soon as he shot his sperms inside my vagina, my pressure built up and I too had a shattering orgasm. My eyeballs rolled up, my mouth went dry, my nipples were erect as hell and my pussy was overflowing with my and Kayu’s cum. He lay over me and kissed my lips.There was a knock on the door. “Kartik bhau, lunch tayaar hai. Aapne Varsha taai ko kahi dekha hai?” Shanti called out. Kartik was about to answer when I shut him up. I got out of bed and went and opened the door. Shanti saw me nude and smiled but when she saw Kartik nude on the bed, she was shocked beyond belief and ran to the kitchen. As for Kartik, he was staring into my eyes with a weird expression asking for answers.I smiled and asked him to hurry up for lunch. He wore his tee and shorts. I went to my bedroom to get my nighty, but only Shanti and Kayu were at home. I decided not to put on any clothes. I kissed my sleeping angels and went to the dining table naked. What happened further, some other time…That’s it from me for this part. I hope all the readers enjoyed my incident. This is a real incident and it’s up to you to believe it or not. And now the surprise. The surprise is that my k** brother Kartik is the famous Indian sex stories (ISS) author SaDoshi. I too had no idea about this until I told him

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