Learning about jacking off Part Eight Mrs. Wilson


Learning about jacking off Part Eight Mrs. WilsonI was in my room the next day. I looked down at Mrs. Wilson’s yard and watched her walking to her chaise lounge. She looked up to my window. I waved. She turned her head to the house, turned back to look at me, and gave me a small wave and a come here signal.I walked down and out the back door. When I got to the fence Mrs. Wilson asked about yesterday. I didn’t tell her about Gloria. “It was great. She was very happy when I left. Here’s your twenty dollars. Mrs. Wilson extended her hand, her fingernails freshly done in red, and took the twenty. She stuffed it into her bikini top then extracted a paper from there.She held out the folded paper and I looked at it then her curiously. “Dan, Ellen and I are going on vacation for two weeks to see family and to go to the ocean. I have this list of clients for you to see. As you will note, I have names, dates, phone numbers and good times to call.I read the note, looked up and said, “Eleven women! Nine of them are new!” I smiled broadly, my cock already getting hard thinking about it.” Mrs. Wilson patted my face gently and said, “I have to make sure my favorite stud has lots of practice while I’m gone. You’ll see I left October 30 and 31 open so you could go trick or treating…do you ever go to Beggar’s Night?” I said I preferred Beggar’s Night the night before Halloween because it was older k**s out going door to door.Mrs. Wilson told me to put her money in a jar she had put into the barbeque grill. She also told me to put the list of clients in the safest of places so my parents wouldn’t find it.”Now before Ellen sees us and wonders what’s going on you need to head back home. There won’t be any clients until Monday. I nodded my head and, clutching the list, walked off.When I got into the house I sat at the kitchen table and read the list to see the new names. There were Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Brady were several days apart from each other, a Monday fuck and a Wednesday fuck. Tuesday was a woman with just the name Marcia. I was to call her between 4:00 P.M. and 4:30 P.M. on Monday.I kept note of that. Thursday was Mrs. Miller. I was to call her the day before anytime after noon and before two. I noted that. The others I didn’t need to worry about right away since I already had four days to deal with soon.I put the slip of paper from Mrs. Wilson back in the box and saw the phone number from Gloria. I remembered what she had said about not making enough money with Mrs. Wilson. I thought about that a few minutes then called her number.The phone rang several times then I heard the receiver being picked up. “Hello. Who is calling please? This is Gloria Cooper speaking.” Smiling while thinking about my fist in her cunt, I said, “Hi Gloria. It’s Peter.” Her voice effusive now she spoke, “PETER!!! I’m so happy you have called! I hope you have thought about my proposal.” kadıköy escort I told her I had thought about it, but wanted to emphasize I was loyal to Mrs. Wilson and would only do stuff for her when I didn’t have clients already lined up. She appreciated that and said, “Such loyalty is to be commended Peter. Once I have had you take part in several events you might find you may want to start being too busy for Mrs. Wilson’s clients. Of course Barbara would be one of MY clients then.” I asked if she had any ideas right away. She jumped on that and said, “Welllll…I have checked with a few friends and described your abilities and your relatively uh brief history. They have all been intrigued with the idea of participating.” I asked what she meant by events. I could almost see the smile on her face as she told me about one that could happen soon if I wished.”Are you free on October 30th?” I said, “Not really, but tell me what you have in mind.” She told me then of an idea she had run by some of her friends about a Halloween themed party with maybe five women who would watch me perform with each of them. “Do you mean I would fuck all five women? I could probably do that…pretty sure I could…but it might make for a long night. I do have permission from my parents to be out that night for Beggar’s Night.” She said that was perfect! “Would you like for me to set this up Peter? You would make a minimum of $300 and with possible tips taking it beyond that.”I thought about it and asked where it would be held. She told me the event would be at a hotel. I would be there with her before the women arrived. “It’s a Halloween thing, so everybody will be wearing masks. If you like you and I can go shopping for a costume today. I have to get one myself. I could pick you up where I dropped you off yesterday…that is if you don’t have any clients for today. I will pay for your costume.”I thought that over then said, that sounds good. What time will you be there…where you dropped me off yesterday.” She asked if noon would be okay and we could get some lunch too. We agreed on that, so I went upstairs to take a shower and to find something to wear.Gloria picked me up in a little sports car. She was wearing a halter top and very short shorts. She looked great and my cock was hard almost immediately. She reached across and rubbed the tip of it through my pants and asked, “Do we need to take care of this before we go shopping Peter?” I thought about it and nodded my head saying, “Yeah, don’t want to scare the people at the costume store.” She turned her car to the right on the next street. We went down several blocks, then she turned into an alley. We drove slowly down the alley to a wide gate. She got out, opened the gate, then drove the car through. “Would you close the gate Peter?” I did so. She was already in her üsküdar escort house, leaving the back door open.I walked in. Gloria called me from another room and I followed her voice. She was kneeling on the floor with her halter top dropped down in front of her. “I think if I suck you off Peter that will be better than having you fuck me. We’d both have to take a shower after that because we wouldn’t want the smell of cunt on either of us.”I agreed that was a good idea. I stripped quickly and walked naked to where she knelt waiting. She ran her hands up my legs then put one hand on my balls, cupping them. She licked her lips, smiling up at me. She opened her mouth and took my cock inside. “Ever have your face fucked Gloria?” She made a tiny “no” shake of her head. “Would you like to try that?” Her eyebrows lifted up and she winked at me. I straddled her knees, placed my hands on her head and said, “This is a free one for you slut. My cock is going to go all the way down your throat. Someday it will be much bigger and I would want to do that to you then too.” She nervously made a small nod. I started sliding my cock slowly down her throat to see what her gag reflex was like. She was able to take the length I had rather easily, so I started fucking her face hard and fast. I was working to get the cum out of my balls and down her throat as fast as possible.She was making small “og, og, og” sounds that were like music to my horny brain. There was a massive amount of saliva running down her chin, flowing onto her knees. My balls slapped against her chin and I was almost there. That was when I started moving much faster. I hugged her head hard against my groin as my cum started spurting down into her throat.” When I thought I was done I pulled out and discovered there was just a bit more. I squeezed and stroked my cock and shot a jet of white semen across her face. She breathed hard for several moments. When she got up Gloria walked over to a mirror to look at her face. She whirled around to me smiling broadly. “I can think of several of my friends who would like for you to this to them. Have you ever tasted your cum Peter?”That was quite a jump from cumming on a woman’s face to licking it off. I made a face and said, “Eww…NO!” She nodded her head then said, “What if I told you there are women who would give you a nice tip if you would cum on her face then lick it off?” I asked what she meant by “nice tip.” She thought about it and said, “Well we could have a going rate for that then Peter. Let’s say $50. What do you think of that?” I thought it over. “I guess I could try that out. What if there’s lots of cum. You only have one shot on your face Gloria. I shot much more than that into your mouth.” She smiled and said, “You certainly DID.””Well, we could say you will lick off one shot for $50 and then offer tuzla escort the chance to other women to lick off the rest.” I thought about it, walked over to her and put my hands on the sides of her face, avoiding the cum streak. She looked into my eyes as my eyes were considering trying this out. Finally I decided to do a small taste. There was a little comma of it on her chin. I opened my mouth to take it in and she stopped me. “You would only use your tongue. You would want to show the woman your cum on your tongue.” I thought about it. Holding my breath, what I did when I had to eat beets, and licked the comma from her chin. I left my tongue outside my mouth, tip down toward my chin. She said, “Look in the mirror Peter.” I looked and saw the cream in the center of my tongue. I was still unconvinced. Gloria suggested I swallow it. I closed my mouth and that was when I really tasted my cum. It was kind of icky to think about, but not really bad tasting. I swallowed it. “Gloria clapped her hands and said, “Now lick off the rest of it Peter.” She watched in the mirror as my tongue moved along the long white streak that stretched from just in front of her left down in a swirl down her left cheek. I held my tongue out so we could both see it. “That is very hot Peter. You would only find a few women who would want something like that…but the few who did would pay you well for it. If you could ever work up the nerve to lick an entire load off a woman’s face the sky would be the limit. We might even work up a bidding war where women compete to be the one who gets to kiss you while you have the cum in your mouth or on your tongue. That way you might not actually need to swallow all the cum. Let’s see now how that might work.She told me to pull my tongue back into my mouth but not to swallow the cum. She moved over to me and started kissing me. After several long seconds her tongue moved into my mouth and started moving on top of my tongue. When she had it all off, she signaled me to lie back on her couch. She pointed to her mouth then pointed at mine. She moved her finger back and forth and I figured out she wanted to let my cum drop from her mouth to mine. I thought what the hell and opened my mouth. A large glob of my cum mixed with her saliva dropped toward my mouth and mostly hit it square on. Some got on my upper lip.”Now you do THAT to me Peter. She lay back and I moved my head close to her…then decided to try something. I stood up with Gloria on her back and her mouth open below me. I let the glob slowly ooze from my mouth. Most of it hit her face, which made us both laugh. She wiped it off with her hand, then licked her palm clean. She swallowed it and said, “That’s a good start Peter.” Let’s get our faces washed. I have some mouthwash which is a pretty good idea. We cleaned up faces and mouths and she took me to buy the costume. I chose a Robin, Boy Wonder costume because I enjoyed the Batman television show so much. It really looked good on me too. I just had to wear something over my eyes so my mouth would be free to kiss the women at the party and maybe to do some cunt eating. I was really looking forward to Beggar’s Night.

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