letter from hottie next door after are addvice

Double Penetration

letter from hottie next door after are addvicekNow What YOu said lOl omg I think I like it in my ass too 3 hours of forplay,sex, bj, and him making me very turned on oh and me telling him what he does that does and doesnt turn me on and him trying to tell me something I do that turns him off… Apparently he turns the lights off because before I was totaly confortable with my body with him I would turn them off. And everything I do turns him on. I felt completely confortable and I orgasmed without touching my clit… I actually orgasmed maybe a total of 9 times and thats not counting him making me orgasm one after another. Think the most right after another with no more than 1 min between them was 3 times in a row seemed like it never stopped orgasming but I knew when it was orgasming again because it would feel good the all of a sudden I felt like a strong ass vibrator touched it where it was so good it hurt. Ugh but YOu need to tell mGirl she should try anal. She just needs to try a,day that shes pushed hella hard and cant take a shit. It feels like there is another gspot in my ass that even the slightest touch feels like every gspot and spot that turns me on is being touched. It basically felt like my whole ass and pussy had one main gspot that when you only touched that to orgasm not only did my pussy feel good but my whole fucking body felt like I was having whole body mind soul heart, everything orgasm I know you have a wide, well what you say is wide, dick so you should get a little skinny toy, cause fingers didnt hurt. But get a toy and put alot of lube, not his and hers because on pussy hell lot of orgasms on ass just so when he rubbed it like usual so when he plays its all nice and lubed and he wont hurt me while rubbing it or opening my cheaks,,,sorry tmi but poit is his and hers is cold at first and later its hot on pussy hella great feeling on ass it burns like hell and your running for soap and water. Use regular lube put in very slow do not pull it out until you put all of it in if you go all in and all out alot feels like your ass rips. Better to go all in let her shake move the ass alittle… Just dont go fast till she is used to the feeling… Because at first just cause something is in your ass it feels like you need to shit. When his dick came out anadolu yakası escort I thought maybe so did poop but it didnt it just feels like it… Anyways you should see if mGirl would try oh yesh key thing when you are going in and out have her lay so she can open her cheeks a little it makes so much pain go away but once he started changing posisions asking what was better and once we tryed i dont know what its called we were spooning him behind me and he just moved to his knees still with him inside and that was when he hit something that made my head stop thinking, the pain go away, me being scared, everything all I could say is stop but he didnt we made a deal if we say stop NOW it means something is wrong and only stop means it feels good and I am just orgasming and my pussy wants you to stop because it hurts alittle but my body says go because,when a girl squirts it makes her feel 10 times more pleased… Anyways just basically wanted to tell you how great of gspot ass sex I had…. I didnt touch my clit once only with my toy while he was fucking my ass cause omg dick in ass made my clit so sencitive the,blanket touched it and it felt good, another thing thank you for the lub, suggestions, things that work for YOu two ( meaning you need forplay) oh and being honest saying what I do And dont like…. Thank YOu mGirl and lgUY for giving and telling me all the advice and suggestions.. Think I just needed to be very,horny and be confortable with him like YOu said. Also thank YOu for watching ek** he would be wide awake if he was here. I can fake noise well I never make a sound while I play by myself besides breathing so I thought well if,this lube actually works it wont be to bad fuck I was wrong. It was 100x better than any toy and MY HAND. and the hand knows how hard and,fast to go so its fucking crazy how good of sex we had…. He only cummed 2 times but after I sucked his dick he lasted like 2 hours I think I left your house 130 and got done alittle after 430.. Omg ok so now me and , mGirl need to be confortable haha,,, not much more,,, and I know that that would blow my mind because girl on girl is HOT and licking her pussy would make me soooo fucking wet and since I know she likes the tounge to touch her SOFT ataşehir escort and to go FAST I think I can please her and she could please me better than dGuy or my hand or the best toy on earth. I think I stopped my period just gonna see if I get any spotting tonight. So when mGirl is ready I am way beyond ready.. Im pretty sure my period has stopped. I wanna see her pussy for real close up and in person… I understamd why shes a fire crotch its because you better be ready to feel the heat from how hot she gets… Omg ok I am wet yet again and I think thats why i have been so horny not because of d because of thinking of mGirl perfect pussy… Im ready to learn to please a woman. I need,to teach dGuy thats the only thing im missing out on. MGirl please teach me soon….. I dont know I kinda like the wait a little tho because the more pics, vids, I see and the more you tell me the curiosity keeps making me hornier and hornier and I cant wait the best things come to those who wait. I think that if I wait and the longer I wait the hornier we,will get and it will,be more exciting on that day and feel alot better…. Only thing is it might last 2 min for me because your wife is the ONLY woman I felt this way about! Strictly experiment and fun other girls first thought after seeing that they are hot is time to see if they are bi and wanna be my gf. But friendship comes before everything. So hopefully her sexy, milf, perfect body, fire hot pussy, underwear wet like she just spilt a gallon of water ONLY on her pussy, beautiful smile,eyes, ugh lets just,say,the,perfect friend is,ready soon becaused I am so ready to ONLY experiment and have a fun time with,, because maybe it will spice up our sexual lifes,,, NOTHING IS GOING TO COME BEFORE OR BETWEEN ME, AND yoU TWO I WONT LET IT BECAUSE I HAVE NO ELSE WHO WILL LISTEN TO ME AND TELL ME LIKE IT IS.. I think you guys helped our relationship big time and not only sex wise… Made me realize y it was breaking and we are fixing it… THANK yoU MY #1 bestie mGirl #2 lGuy #3 is sorry to say,not tied with mGirl anymore because,the damn husband is now number 1- infinity and she cant ever just hang out she can only drop the k**s,off and pick them up or on some friday we can talk for 30 min till he gets ümraniye escort home.. Hey my two besties need to become love doctors and fix sGirl and cGuy relationship cause cGuy is like dGuy controlling and if he,doesnt get his way the whole house in unhappy… Ugh we all need still sGirl so we can teach her how to stop cGuy from keeping tabs and basically being like dGuy … yoU guys up for a challeng. I need the old s back before my birthday so she is herself when u all meet who my #1 wss nd maybe just maybe tie with mGirl or become 1 1/2… Ugh I wish I could soend the night till 7 Im so tired but feeling that gspot in my vagina and he said I can have more in the morning and now thinking of the hotty nextdoor ohh that down right gorgeous woman thats only maybe 50 feet away,but I cant have her just yet. Makes me so horny maybe I can play,with my gspot and think of my secret teacher human toy and make my gspot feel beyond,what d made it fell but i dont know I dont want to think about you I want the real damn thing….. MGirl tell me when you aer ready. Say,those,words and ill strip no questions asked I need to learn to eat pussy,good so I can just think about knowing how to lick pussy and being able to know I can please a girl would make me drip with my pussy juice. I think I should be lesbian and buy a strapon or a double dildo if I want a dick because pussy,turns me on more i dont know why I have one.lol ok good night thank you for EVERYTHING if you are awake at 8 let me know so I can bring ek** home if he is bugging you or inturupting anything, btw if you are up im bored as you can tell and one of you should text me and also I wasnt tinking about shit and left the laptop. If you guys are sleeping you are fucking crazy that was some strong ass shit I cant even force myself to come near sleep. Some or this is for mGirl so read her this message and some is to you like what you should try to get her to try…. Just tell her your honestly intrested if you are and then let it go cause girls are ready when we are ready. DGuy finally got to really try when he didnt ask for a while and let me say how it went it when to stop, go, everything I was the one in controll and he listened cuz we comunicated like the two of you said we needed to… Omg thank you so much for showing me how to fix and make it work you guys truly are the best I cant thank you nearly as much as you need and deserve me to thank you. Ok boredum =talking alot. Time to shut the hell up and wait 20 min to feel for the second time what mGirl felt for 5 years.Ugh now I think…. And I m freaking jelouse big time…

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