Mary’s story Part 47


Mary’s story Part 47The next morning Mary woke up early and went for a shower. Her stitches were a bit red round the holes, and they were itching. Perhaps Dr Ruth would take some of them out later, she thought. Bob had promised to take her into town, but there was only really Beale’s that stocked what she was looking for. She wanted a really smart outfit for her lunch with Imogen, and she assumed that there would be some of the other women there. She needed to impress, and she hoped that she could be accepted as one of their class. If she could carry it off, she knew that Mike would be pleased socially, and she could explain what had happened to her, although she would have to change the timing of events a bit. She felt good at that thought.She put on a dress and holdups and combed her hair. Her makeup being permanent really saved time she realised, and she had time to eat some breakfast before Bob came to get her. The fact that she was not wearing bra and knickers escaped her, as she was now used to going out dressed like that.She was quite excited on the journey, and chatted on about how she was still not sure what to wear. Bob laughed at her and told her to ask for a personal shopper when she got to Beale’s. “I’ll come in with you if you like. They really helped when I took Mitsumi in to buy her western clothes.” “Yes, but it was all over town about Mitsumi being tattooed. The staff there are such gossips. I’d rather keep my tattoo a secret, at least for a bit longer, but I suppose that there is nowhere else to go.”Bob parked up and they both went into the ladies’ fashion department. Mary started to look at clothes, picking them off the rail and putting them back again. “May I help, Madam?” Mary turned to see a very attractive lady. She was very busty, and had a name badge which was pinned right at the front of her left breast, making it the first thing that you saw. “Mrs Rosie Clements, I’m here to help”, said the badge. “We do offer a personal shopper if you are looking for something special.” “Well, I am having lunch tomorrow with the Bishop’s wife.” “Very well, Madam, I’m sure that we will find something for you. If you would like to follow me, please.” Rosie kadıköy escort set off towards the fitting rooms. Just before she reached them, she stopped at a door to the side of the main fitting room and reached down into her cleavage, pulling out a long gold chain. Eventually a key appeared and she used this to open the door. “This room is for our special clients. If you would like to slip your things off, I will go and fetch your husband. I will measure you when I return.” Mary almost laughed at this. Bob my husband? Well she could hardly tell Rosie that she was mistaken, so she let it ride. Rosie was soon back with Bob.“I’m afraid that you will have to take your dress off, Madam, we need to be very accurate with our measurements.” Yes, get it off, Mary. Do as you are told.” She could kill Bob. “Hurry up, Mary, I’m sure that Rosie is busy.” Reluctantly Mary slid the zip down on the dress, letting it fall off her breasts. “I’m black myself.” said Rosie. Mary did not know what to say. It was obvious from Rosie’s accent and her dark skin that she was from the Caribbean somewhere, but she was calling herself black. “I know all about it, I am married to the Baptist minister. I would have loved to be red, but my nipples were already so black that they did not need to be tattooed.” Suddenly Mary realised what she meant. “I am not red because of Imogen; it is something else with me.” She let the dress fall to the floor, showing everything. “That butterfly looks amazing,” said Rosie, “but I have to ask what it means.”Mary blushed. “I am not really sure, things keep happening to me. This man takes me to appointments, and I am being worked on. I signed a form to give my consent, but I don’t know how I will finish up.” “I suppose our group of ladies are in a similar situation, it is our husbands that decide for us.” “Would you mind showing me what you have had done, Rosie.” “Well it is my responsibility to make you comfortable, Madam, so I will show you. Perhaps your husband will help me get undressed? I must take my badge off first.” With that Bob was on his feet, and quickly unzipped Rosie’s uniform, revealing that she was wearing a quarter üsküdar escort cup bra, with her breasts spilling out over the top. One nipple had a large ring, with the key chain attached. The other nipple had a hollow tube through it, similar to what Mary was wearing. Rosie saw Mary looking at the tube. “I wear the tube so that I can pin my badge through it. I like the way that it hangs off the end of my tit. It drives the manager wild.”Like Mary, Rosie was not wearing knickers, showing a cross hanging from her clitoris piercing. “What tattoo do you have on your back?” Rosie turned, revealing that there was white writing low down on her back. Mary recognised it, it was the 23rd Psalm. “The white works well with my skin colour don’t you think Mary?” Bob was sat down taking it all in. “This is all very nice, but we need to get you sorted out Mary. I have to be away by lunchtime.”Rosie quickly measured Mary. “I will send out to the shop floor for them to bring some outfits for you to try. There is no need for you to get dressed.” “Oh, that is what bothers me, Bob brought my Japanese house guest in here and it was all over the town that she is covered in tattoos.” “Yes, that was unfortunate, but the manager has sorted that. I don’t think that it will happen again. I will stay with you undressed like this. You need not worry; all the staff now know better than to talk about the customers.”Rosie picked up the internal phone and organised some outfits to be brought in. After a short delay the first selection arrived. Mary grabbed her dress when she realised that it was the gossipy woman who had brought them. “There is absolutely nothing to worry about, Madam.” Turning to Mrs Gossip, Rosie just said, “Reveal!” Mrs Gossip, whose name turned out to be Miss Amanda Kemp according to her name badge, was about 35, and had a good figure. She was wearing a chiffon scarf around her neck. Slowly she removed it, revealing that the blouse that she was wearing underneath was very low cut, and revealed most of her breasts. High on her chest was a very large black ink tattoo which went from shoulder to shoulder and came down to cover most of her cleavage. tuzla escort It was clearly based on the three wise monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, except that this was designed to read as see all, hear all and say now’t. “And the rest.” said Rosie, and Amanda stripped completely to reveal multiple nipple rings and outer labia which were pierced from top to bottom. She was crying. “What happened?” said Mary. “Well it was either this or losing my job. The Manager found out from his wife that there was gossip going around about your house-guest, and he traced it back to me. I only told my mother and I’m really sorry. He gave me 24 hours to get the tattoo and piercings done, or else. He should have tattooed my mother; it was her that told everyone. She just laughed when she saw me. She said that I always wanted her to let me get a tattoo when I left school, so what was I crying for. The worst thing is that I have to parade naked in front of the staff every morning, so they all know what will happen if they talk about customers any more. The Manager does let me cover it up in the shop with a scarf, but obviously I can’t keep it from my boyfriend for much longer, I have to keep saying that I can’t go out with him.” Mary wondered where the manager had got the idea for the tattoo, and how she would tell Mike about her own work when he came home. “Well, Amanda, like me what is done is done. You just have to learn to live with it. Where did you go to get it done?” Rosie spoke before Amanda could answer. “The store has a very discreet service for, shall I say, our better class of customers. For example, those who would not want to be seen going into a tattoo parlour. We obviously don’t advertise it, but we do pride ourselves on being able to offer anything our customer desires.” “And anything that they don’t desire, by the looks of it.” said Bob. “If you ever want to change your job, Amanda, just let me know. That tattoo would be ideal for a club that is opening up soon, and I am sure that we would pay you better than they do here. Of course, you would need to get another tattoo like Mary here, but only a small one on your pussy, nothing like the size of hers.” Bob handed Amanda a business card. Mary saw that it had a picture of a butterfly on it, as well as Bob’s details. She manged to see the words “Robert Jones, Managing Director, Butterfly Club”, and then realised that Bob knew a great deal more about the Butterfly club than she had imagined.

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