Mating With My Woman


Mating With My WomanI have to say that I am totally hooked on having my sweetie talking nasty to me during sex. Nothing makes me blow my load faster than to have her talking some nasty nothings in my ear while I am pumping. But yesterday was awesome, she was really horny and it showed. Just for fun, I video’ed it so that I could jack off on it later if it was good — and it was!Our sex is usually the same – not so much out of boring habit but more so that we’ve found the formula that works. I have created that I love everything about her, especially her scents and tastes, so there’s nothing I won’t sniff or lick, and I do a lot of both.It generally starts out with me lightly scratching her naked body, especially the back of her legs. Right now in the winter, she’s not shaving her legs and her hair everywhere is dark dark brown, soft, silky and straight. It felt amazing, and I could see the sweet hair poking out of her armpits, which she never shaves. I knew that I was arousing her and she would be releasing her mating scents soon.Eventually, she turned over and lifted her arms, exposing her gorgeous dark soft pit hair, a little moist from the arousal. She never wears deodorant so that her mating scent is always strong when it comes. It usually only releases when we are having sex, but sometimes while she’s ovulating it just occurs naturally – nature’s way of attracting the male to mount. Too bad more people don’t get all this, they don’t know what they are missing by shaving pits and covering them with disgusting chemicals, believe me.So her scent is too much for me and my dick starts erecting. As I bring my nose close to her right pit, I smell the familiar scent of woman-sex and know that she’s preparing to be mounted. I start licking the soft hair, taking all of her girl-sex into me, which of course arouses me further. The scent is strong and powerful as if to grip me mercilessly, and the taste is overwhelming. It’s all I can do to keep from humping her right there.As I move to the left armpit, viewing her tall slender body and small tits, I continue to be aroused even more. Again I go into her pit and as I sniff and lick it furiously, she’s purring – obviously knowing that she’s arousing me uncontrollably. After a few minutes of furious licking, I know that it’s time to start working on her pot of gold down there between her legs.As I went down, she pulled her slender legs back and apart, showing her very hairy dark cunt. Amazingly, it was still closed up, but I smelled her sex right away. It was pungent and inviting and as I settled in, I saw there was a tiny bit of moistness oozing out of her very warm vagina. I licked that up then started to lick on either side of the lips, as usual.As fethiye escort I did, her lips began to get red and engorge, then they started to slowly part open. As they began to part, her pussy smell began getting powerful and I could see the pink wet skin inside. A couple of brief licks and I knew that our sex was going to be hot – her cunt was already slippery with her lubricant. It’s a delicate balance between licking and sucking that juice out of her cunt and leaving enough for our mating.Pretty soon her lips were fully engorged – fat and dark and spread wide open, with girl-cum dripping out the bottom. I slid down and pressed my nose into her cunt hard so that my tongue would slide into her waiting asshole. She purred softly as my tongue flicked in and out of her sweet, dark butt-hole. I was just lubricating it for what was to follow and, of course, she knew that. OMG, her ass tasted so good and sweet and my face was completely drenched with the slimy girl-cum from her cunt.After a few minutes, I moved up up to her clitoris and started flicking back and forth with my tongue. She groaned loudly and started slowly pumping her hips. With her cunt dripping wet onto her ass, I gently inserted a finger into her butt hole and started pumping it. She cried a little from pleasure and her hip-bucking started to get more intense. Her smell and taste was powerful now and she forced my head hard into her pumping crotch.I just kept flicking my tongue as she groaned more until finally she released – bucking powerfully and grunting loudly. Her girl cum squirted and I lapped it right up, not missing the chance to have more of her inside of me. After about 20 seconds of hard release, she relaxed and I continued to lick up her cum. Now she was fully primed and ready for mating.I took off my undies, exposing my rock-hard cock to her. The head was purple and the balls were full and protruding and she knew what was going to happen next. Still in the bliss of the oral orgasm, she pulled her knees back and apart, and really exposed her glistening cunt, hairy armpits, and small titties with big nipples. I was ready to mount her like never before it seemed.To make matters worse (or better), she laid back and said “oh, hon – mount me now; I’m ready”. That’s all I needed. As I got my dick close to her hairy opening, she said “I’m going to put your penis in” and she grabbed my dick and guided it in. I slid right down inside of her all at once – she was so wet. She let out a soft purr and I started slow gentle thrusting so that her clitoris was still being stimulated.I love to count my pumps into her to see how fast she orgasms and today it was 6. Holy crap, only 6 pumps and she screamed a release. I lay quietly escort fethiye so that she could relax, then slowly did it again. She grabbed my naked ass and guided my thrusting and this time it was 9 pumps to another screaming orgasm. She was still hot, so I let her relax and started again and got her off at 7 long slow pumps. Sensing that she was getting spent – it really taxes her abdominals – I asked if she wanted one more and she nodded yes. So again with the slow, rubbing thrusts and 10 pumps later she screamed her last release for the day. 5 orgasms, one from my tongue and 4 from my cock. Usually it’s 3!Now it was my turn. I started pumping into her forcefully – my cock going straight in. I knew that I would soon be pulsing out my hot sticky sperm deep inside of her waiting cunt. I like to take my time and enjoy watching her and having her talk dirty to me. And oh boy was she on her game today.Later as I watched the video, I saw the intensity of my pumping into her. As I pulled up in the air, my ass cheeks spread open and my asshole was clearly visible. Thrusting down into her, my asshole closed and butt cheeks tightened as I thrust forward to get all of my slickened cock deep into her delicious cunt. After a minute, she started doing her things to make me cum. It was awesome – she knows so many tricks.First, I pulled myself up off her and braced on my forearms as I kept up my rhythmic humping. My asshole was opening and closing with speed now. She looked at me and moaned then threw back her head, stuck out her tongue and began waggling it. She kept doing that and saying “Ooo, I’m sucking your cock, baby – lalalala” as she waggled her tongue like it was on my cock. “Oh, yes, I’m sucking your big fat cock head – lalalalala. Shoot your sperm on my tongue.” Ughhh, that was amazing!Then she started yelling at me. “Shoot your dick, baby. Shoot your big hard dick into my cunt.” All the time licking the air and waggling her tongue at me. “I want your sperm inside me. I want to feel that hot sticky sperm shooting out your dick. Lalalalala.” Then she synchronized with my thrusting and started saying “We’re mating, baby. we’re mating. You’re taking my cunt with your hard cock.” Over and over again, “we’re mating” she screamed. OMG, it was almost too much.Then she started repeating “Pump your dick in my cunt. Pump your dick in my cunt. Pump your dick, pump your dick, pump your dick in my cunt.” The rhythmic incantation with my thrusting was really bringing me close to release, then she started commanding me “Ejaculate your testicles into my vagina. Ejaculate your testicles. Release your hot ejaculate into my vagina.” Switching to the more formal terms sometimes drives me wild and she knows fethiye escort bayan it. “Release your semen deep into my vulva. Sperm me, baby – ejaculate your penis. Come on, mate me – be the man and take my cunt like you should.”Then she did what she always does when she wants me to cum. She says “I’m going to fondle your balls, baby” and she reached down with her right hand and started scratching under my balls. “Mate me, baby. Ejaculate your sperm deep inside me.” OMG, having my balls tickled while jacking or mating is indescribable. As she was tickling my heavy balls, she lifted her left arm, exposing the gorgeous hair and releasing the built-up sex scent. “Smell my pit and shoot sperm, sweetie”. And her pit smelled like heaven.It was just too much. With her waggling her tongue, lightly scratching under my balls, and pitting me with her sex scent, she just started commanding me. “Ejaculate your sperm into my vagina. Mate me. Ejaculate your sperm now. I am going to spread wide open to receive your sperm.” Then she spread her legs wide, pulled her feet up into the air and pulled them way far back to give me total deep access to her cunt. I let out a hard, loud groan as I felt the sperm forcefully releasing out of my balls, “Ohhh, I feel your hot sperm shooting into me. You mated me, baby. Your ejaculate is so warm, you’re filling my pussy with it. Oh, you mated me. You took my cunt and mated me. I am so full of your hot ejaculate.” All that while continuing to waggle her tongue, scratch my balls, and pit me with her sex scent.It was about 11 pulses of sperm into her receptive vagina with her legs pulled all the way back and open with feet in the air. I could feel the slipperiness of her pussy mixed with my sperm leaking out of the bottom of her cunt onto her asshole. All during the ejaculation, she just kept moaning and sobbing saying “you mated me; you put your hot sperm inside my vagina. Oh, it’s so much, it’s leaking out of my cunt now.” And indeed it was. I lay there for a minute, allowing my sperm to get deep inside of her cunt. Then I pulled my flaccid cock out of her tight little cunt and it made a nice “pop” as her lips snapped shut.Our mating was complete. There was my spent sweetie, armpits all wet and scented, cunt hair matted with girl-cum and sperm, oozing out of the bottom of her cunt onto her puckered asshole. She was purring as the warmth of my sperm inside of her began to dissipate. She gave me a long hard kiss and gently pumped my flaccid cock. “Oh I love it when your penis goes soft and squishy” she said, fondling the cock head with some interest. “Did you enjoy mating me?” – right, that’s an obvious question, but I proceeded to tell her all the things that I loved. She told me she loved feeling my sticky sperm in her vagina. “It will stay sticky all day and remind me of our mating this morning” she said.After a few minutes, it was off to the shower, both sexually satisfied… for a few hours anyway.

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