Mercy at the Coliseum


Mercy at the ColiseumI had always been told that prison cells were places where no one would want to end up, that they were incredibly unsanitary, littered with muck, mold and encrusted excrement that had slowly become one with the straw floor. The straw would be damp and you could feel bugs skittering between your toes, the only relief being to flick them off with your paws, but that could only last for as long as you kept your hind paws from slipping back into the insect abundant canopy bed. What they didn’t tell me, though, was that I would find myself in one, wanted for three counts of murder, before I even reached the age of twenty-five.Sure, there’s a grand story behind how I didn’t do it and I was innocent, but let’s face it, the courts didn’t care to listen to my side of it, so I doubt you will either. To be as concise as possible, I’ll just state that money can buy a lot of headway in the corrupt house of the law and I didn’t have much coin to keep myself from burning. The sentencing had been yesterday, the trial a week beforehand, and when I was informed that I had the choice of either death by bleeding out as each of my fingers and toes were cut off or to fight for my freedom and honor through duels in the Coliseum, I figured a quick death would be far less gruesome and miserable.I was then transferred to the Stonewall prison yard, the holding place for all slaves and prisoners doomed to die in front of thousands at the paws and blades of swift warriors. Here, my name would be announced before all in attendance before I would pick the weapon that would be my undoing. The rules were simple: the challenger, either being a slave, prisoner or brave and stupid nobody, chose the weapon they would fight with. Their opponent would equip themselves with the same and then mock them for a few minutes to the crowd’s delight before crushing their skull, breaking their bones, severing their spine, decapitating them…the list goes on. Suffice to say, they had many options of disposal in front of them.My first, and more than likely, my only fight, would happen tomorrow morning, just minutes after the first rays of the rising sun graced the sandy surface that would be my ultimate grave. I hissed as some bug bit one of my toes, shaking my foot in irritation. They liked to call this area of the prison, “the dead that hath breath” for we all knew we were going to die very soon. We were left with no light and only the most meager portions of food to sustain ourselves on. When my eyes had passed over the maggot ridden, rock hard bread and moldy cheese, my stomach revolted and I quickly threw it into a corner, refusing to eat such trash.Slender and lithe, I could have been a great warrior, but I had never practiced with anything but my bare paws, finding blades or shields to slow my speed down severely. I was graceful in combat and rather well trained in martial arts, but when I was told I would have to select a weapon from the table, I knew I was likely to have no chance. My fur hadn’t been left unkempt long enough, nor my nutrition yet terrible enough to take my coat’s shine away. Even in the darkness, I knew exactly where my two white stripes parted at my forehead, sliding down my back and then over a long, bushy tail that I held in my hands to help keep me warm. More creamy white spots dotted my lower arms and legs, signaling my heritage as a spotted and striped hybrid skunk.Deep blue eyes would have danced back at me, with joyful play before these last few weeks, but for now, I knew their forgotten sparkle would be lost in the pitiful present of my jacked up life. Shuddering in the night cold, I couldn’t keep from chattering my teeth together as the temperature in here continued to drop, reaching numbing levels while I sunk my hind paws further into the straw and kept my hands covered by the tail. At least I’d likely only need to go through one night like this.The stars would be twinkling in all their night sky glory and normally, I would have been happy to spend a few hours just gazing up at the heavens, admiring the beauty. Instead, my ceiling was pitch black and I could just barely touch it with my fingertips if I stretched out to my full height. Hours passed by as I huddled further into myself, doing all I could to keep warm. Finally, with a sense of relief, I heard the creaking sound of the main hallway door being opened, followed by the bellowing and unwelcome laughs of several guards. My time had come.They spoke no words to me, but rather handed me a few strips of cooked meat and a bowl of fruit, both of which I took eagerly. Fortunately for me, they weren’t in any rush and so I took my time in consuming the tasty breakfast, letting the flavor of the steak marinate in my mouth before swallowing and moving onto the fruit. Once it was all done, they motioned for me to step to the back of the cell while they opened it. I obliged and soon had my paws tied behind my back and a rope leash knotted around my neck.Naked and vulnerable, I was led up a winding staircase, the movement helping to send tingles of fresh blood and warmth into my cold legs. When they opened the door at the top, I hissed and clenched my eyes shut, the light inside intensely shocking my eyes. They led me forward anyway, though it wasn’t far before they stopped and then I was lifted up onto a chair with my legs then spread out, exposing my privates to the guard now standing in front of me.“Did you know who that mysterious, hooded figure was that followed us down to your cell last night?”“No, sir.”“That was Lord Raspotine, your opponent for this morning, and he actually proposed a sort of different challenge than is normal, one that would save you from death if you accepted it.”“What is it?”“He told us not to tell you the terms unless you accepted it. Do you wish to live past this day, skunk?”I nodded, numbed with shock.“Then, do you accept?”“Yes, I do.”With that, he knelt down and brought his paw forward, making me yelp in panic when his large paw grasped my genitals, my pupils dilating with fear as horrific thoughts crossed my mind.“Calm yourself, mephit. It is not my job to hurt you, but you accepted the terms of the challenge, and so I must carry out the preparations. Now, stop fighting me and save your energy for him.”Still scared shitless, I did as he said and watched as he pulled out a small, gold ring. Taking a soft hold of my testicles, he popped each of them through the hole before grabbing the tip of my sheath and slipping it through as well. I chittered a little as the ring rather tightly hugged my package, reminding me of better times when I had explored myself in similarly intimate ways. A soft churr then escaped my lips as he brought a finger forward to stroke at my still sleeping skunkhood. It felt nice and my spire approved enough to begin swelling, the red tip peeking out.His paw moved from my sheath to my wakening flesh, coaxing the inches out as he rubbed his pad over it. The ring held tightly now, accelerating the pace at which my cock filled itself with blood as it worked to hold a large portion of it inside. Within a minute of the guard’s touch, I was at full mast, the veins in my dick popping out as the ring now squeezed viciously around me. My body had relaxed as he had brought me to a rigid erection, my breathing a bit shallow though as the tightness of the ring’s vice grip made my length throb. After a few more seconds, the guard’s paw left my dick to once again grasp my balls. Pulling them down, another gold ring, this one a tad smaller than the first, was brought up against them. Feeding each ball through the hole, he slid it up my package to rest just underneath my sheath.“This will help you to not cum too quickly, mephit, while ensuring your arousal does not wane in front of the crowds.”“What is the challenge?”“Lord Raspotine likes to spend a few hours getting to know his opponents at a personal level before his fights, says it keeps him from losing touch with the meaning of life. He’s both a scholar and a fighter, so I imagine it’s hard work. When he read through the dictation of your trial, he mentioned that there were a lot of discrepancies. It’s not up to me to judge, so I accept the court’s ruling of you being a murderer, but he wasn’t so sure. The panther believes you to be innocent, but also young and good looking. He wants you, and so, he proposed this challenge.You will fight him using only your body. No weapons or armor, but just with the strength of your frame. It’s a truly unprecedented proposal as we rarely allow the combatants to go without a weapon, but it’s one the Patriarch approved late last night. There is one goal to this fight: to show dominance. How you fight will determine what your life looks like a few hours from now and what path it will take from thereafter.”“How exactly do I show dominance?”“By claiming your opponent’s body through the mark of seed. To be more vulgar, the winner is the one who unloads his semen into the other’s anus. Chances are very high your ass will end up drooling his cum, but how well you resist and fight him before that moment might convince both him and the crowd that you should be spared a life of servitude.”My mind bahis siteleri reeled at the knowledge that I would live through to the end of this day no matter the results, but I also knew that the gods had to have been smiling down upon me, for as rare as it was, I would fight with nothing more than my strength and agility. Nodding in acknowledgement to the guard, he helped me to stand again and then I was led down the pathway underneath the Coliseum, the dull roar of the masses above me rumbling in my ears.By the time I arrived at the end of the tunnel, the volume was incredible and my view of the action unhindered. There, a large and imposing armored bull was fighting against a much smaller framed jackal, both donning two scimitars as they danced around the ring, slashing at each other, the canine doing a great job at darting in to nick the bovine before dodging or blocking any return blows.“The dog’s name is Silus the Impaler, sentenced to fight here until he dies after being convicted of assassinating two high level politicians by gutting them in their sleep. This is his ninth fight and the wagers show him as the favorite to win here this morning as well. The bull is a small level captain, Johannes Fulk, of the Fourth Fleet, one who was good friends with one of Silus’ victims.”Watching with rapt attention, I marveled at how the jackal danced so effortlessly around the bull, his blades finding every joint in the armor, cutting at each weakness. Crimson red blood flowed freely down the bovine’s legs, but he didn’t seem to be affected by it. As I watched and the minutes passed by, it became clear that canine was realizing he needed to be more aggressive. The crowd was beginning to boo, wanting to see an end rather than a dance off. I shuddered in anticipation as Silus feinted to the left, the blade in his right paw sailing towards the bull’s throat.Fulk leaned back just far enough to avoid the slice, but off balance, the jackal leaned back and unleashed a flying kick into the side of the bull’s muzzle. It couldn’t have been placed more effectively and the crowd’s collective grasp meant it had to have been awesome. The bull stumbled back a few steps, his legs wobbly as blood now flowed from what looked to be a broken jaw. In a second, the jackal was on him, taking full advantage of his moment to rain bladed fire and fury upon him. Unable to keep up with Silus’ adrenaline fueled rush, the bull missed a block and then screamed as the jackal’s blade separated his paw from his arm, the scimitar cutting through him easier than a knife went through bread.My stomach churned as I felt his pain and knew I was likely watching the end of the Captain’s life. Keeping with the rules, the jackal flung one of his swords out of his paw and then continued his assault. Faking another slice at the bull’s neck, the jackal brought the hilt of his blade down on his forearm, breaking it, rendering him completely unable to defend himself. Stepping back just one pace, the canine looked to the crowd and to the Emperor for the final verdict.The answer was clear from the crowd as they erupted in boos and from what I could see, most had their thumbs pointed downwards. After a few seconds, the crowd erupted in glee, meaning their decision had been agreed with by the ultimate judge inside the arena. Tossing his blade to the side, Silus walked behind the kneeling bull, the man still as he accepted his end with dignity. Wrapping his arms around his neck, the canine tightened his hold, choking off the blood supply to his brain. After several seconds, the bull’s arms went limp, and a few more seconds later, the jackal quickly twisted his arms and broke the loser’s neck, letting him drop to the ground.Shaking my head, I accepted the visceral scene, jumping a little as I felt a heavy paw rest on my shoulder. Turning around, I saw the same guard from before, his other hand pointing me to walk forward. He came in behind me and untied my wrists as well as removed the leash from around my neck. I heard the sound of a door closing behind me, meaning my only exit would be through the gates that led into the arena.“Lean forward and grab that ledge, skunk.”I did as he said and then chirped as I felt him grasp the base of my tail and lift it up. The next thing I felt was a warm object, smooth and slick being pressed against my pucker.“What are you doing?”“It’s butter and it will help you avoid having your passage torn to shreds by his barbs should he take you down. Just relax.”Again, I did as he said and let myself enjoy the sensation of the warm butter being spread around my anus. Soon enough, there was pressure being administered against the opening, my sphincter fighting the intrusion but having as much luck as one would have holding onto a greased pig. After a few seconds, I moaned as I felt the stick slide into me, stretching my muscles just a little bit as my canal was ladled with the slick substance.“Ohhh, that feels so good.”“Don’t enjoy it too much, young mephit, or you might find this to be a very quick defeat, and Raspotine is not going to appreciate that very much.”With that, he pressed it even further, the tip of the stick almost a foot’s length inside me before my sphincter closed around the end of it. Pulling his small prod back, he dropped my tail and told me to stand. Confused, I looked back at him, a questioning look on my face as I tried to figure out why he left the butter inside.“You can either let it melt, which won’t take too long, or you can just shit it back out. Means nothing to me, as you’ll be well slickened up either way.”“How much longer until I go out there?”“Fifteen minutes, probably. They’ll need a bit of time to clean up the mess Silus made of that bull.”I nodded, letting the minutes pass by while I enjoyed the flow of melting butter as it trickled down my ass and over my balls. Knowing that I had a lot riding on this didn’t change the fact that I was turned on by the notion that I’d either be filling a panther’s tail or his spire would plunge into me. A young man could at least hope that this wouldn’t be the only time he got to feel such an intimate sensation.“Okay, you’re on your own now. Wait until they call your name, then walk out the open gates. Take five to seven steps past the opening and then stand there to let the crowd look you over. They’ll introduce Lord Rasputin next and then call the two of you forward where the announcer will describe the terms of your engagement. Once that’s done, they’ll separate you and then you’ll begin the fight. He’ll be as naked as you are right now.To be fair, there’s no shame in losing this, so long as you don’t just give in. The crowd isn’t going to be looking for v******e once they know what’s going on. Likely, they’ll want to see a hot breeding session they themselves can get off to in the stands.”“Okay, so just don’t be easy.”“No. Go out there and win if you can. You’ll walk out of the arena a free man if you do. If he wins, he gets to decide what happens to you next. If I was you, I’d much rather have my freedom back.”He left and I heard the door lock behind me. Looking past the gates, I looked into the wide expanse of the arena, taking in how immense of a building it was. I had been here a couple times before, once with my parents, the other by myself, but it was a much different feeling knowing that I would be on display, especially without a single piece of clothing. My ears flickered as I heard the announcer pipe up as several well-muscled workers carried the deceased bull and his hand out of the main stage.“What a superb performance by Silas! That was a fight one should be very proud of. A great beginning to a fantastic morning we have in store for you. Coming up next will be a slave fight, but the terms of engagement are quite different than what is to be expected. There will be no weapons used outside of whatever physical strength the combatants possess. Additionally, both contestants will be leaving on their own will afterwards, as this is not a fight to the death, but rather a more primal, and dare I say, raunchy debacle. However, before you all start pulling down your trousers, let us first introduce the slave fighting for his freedom. Do you want to see him?”The crowd erupted and I found myself on shaky legs, my stomach churning as I realized I was about to walk in front of tens of thousands of bloodthirsty and excited furs without so much as a loincloth on. Not to mention the fact that I’d be one half of the reason hundreds of them jacked their sticks off.“Then help me welcome Draskit Rimon, convicted of three counts of murder, sentenced to fight his opponent for dominance. His reward if victorious will be freedom, but permanent banishment from the city. If he fails, however, he will become permanent property of his opponent, to be used in whatever capacity his new owner chooses.”I hesitated for a few long seconds, trying to steel my breath. It was never wise to make the crowd wait and I didn’t want them against me. Rolling my shoulders back, I waited anxiously as the cranking sound of the gates rang out and they rose. Giving my tail one quick flick behind me, I strode out into the open with as much confidence canlı bahis as I could muster. Remembering the guard’s orders, I stopped after six strides and then looked around at the entirety of the audience, running my gaze far too quickly to make eye contact with anyone of them. A few seconds later, an arena guard walked up to me and motioned for me to follow“As this handsome skunk walks up to the stage, I will let all of you who haven’t yet guessed what is going to happen here know the truth. This fight has only one method of winning and that is to both penetrate your opponent’s rump and release your seed into their depths. To add to your delight, should the skunk lose today, not only will his anus be claimed, but the winner will clasp his neck with a collar as well as pierce his nipples in front of you all.”My eyes widened as I took in the new information, information I had indeed not been told before this fight. Something told me that this had been withheld on purpose and I wasn’t too happy about it. The thought of having my nipples stabbed and then jewelry run through the opening wasn’t high on my list of things I wanted to see come to pass. Doing my best to put it into the back of my head, I stepped onto the fighting space, followed the guard to the table normally strewn with weapons. It was barren stone this time with just four leather leashes at the corners, each with a matching leather cuff. It wouldn’t have taken me more than one guess to figure out what it was for.“And now, introducing his opponent doesn’t require much in the way of ceremony, as he’s a panther who likes to play and talk straight and to the point. So, fighting to claim Draskit as his own, here is Lord Donovan Raspotine.”Again, the volume of the crowd increased and my eyes focused on a tall and toned feline. He strode out of his holding cell wearing a sleek leather harness about his torso, with matching straps around his thighs. Outside of that, he was as naked as myself, his black fur just a shade lighter than my own. In his right paw he carried a locked metal box, most likely containing the collar and piercings he would adorn my body with should he win. His own length was as dusky black as the rest of him with just a hint of a purple hue due to the blood in his veins.It took him less than a minute to reach his side of the podium, stopping at his table to lean against it, his eyes quickly locking on mine as he rasped his tongue over his lips in a lewd gesture. I scowled back, liking the prospect of not having death on the line a little less with each new thing I learned. My tail flicked behind me, far bushier and larger than the slender cylinder that swayed behind the cat.“The rules are simple and impossible to misunderstand. In just a couple minutes, the horn will sound. When it does, these two will begin to fight. They have only the area of the cobblestone sphere to use. Should either combatant leave the designated area, there will be a warning blast from the horn and they will have ten seconds to return. If they don’t, their fight is forfeit and their opponent will be declared the winner with all rewards given. The fight ends only upon ejaculation inside the rear of their opponent. Anything short of that is not victory.The fight will last no more than thirty minutes and should the time run its course, the tie shall go to the challenger. In terms of combat, strikes are allowed to an extent, but only to help advance towards the ultimate finish. They are not meant to maim, severely injure, or kill, but rather to defend advancement upon their body or to help their own process. With those rules stated, if any are broken, there will be one warning given to each individual. The second time, the fight shall be stopped and the violator will kneel in the center of the ring. Their opponent will assume a dominant position and then the fight will proceed. Should any rule be flagrantly disobeyed, the violator will forfeit.Now, let us begin.”I strode to my spot, stretching out my joints and tendons, cracking my fingers and doing just about anything I could to loosen up my muscles. Jumping up and down to help stimulate bloodflow into my legs, I looked directly at the panther and snarled. I was not going to go down easily. I might have entertained the idea earlier, but with my freedom potentially no more than a half hour and a good climax between hot panther cheeks away, my focus was on winning.A calm demeanor was all I was met with, the approach of someone with such arrogant confidence that it made me want to spit in disgust. He had chosen to spare me only so he could break me and I was getting more ticked off by that every second. My ears flicked around sporadically as I anticipated the sounding of the horn. The beginning would be my best chance; if I could fake inexperience well enough at first engagement, then I might have a fantastic start, maybe even enough of one to assert an advantage right away.He smiled back at my acted out antics and brought his paws up to his nipples, giving them a squeeze before wincing. I knew what he was implying, but it bounced off of me like a rock skipping on water. Next thing I heard was the sound of the horn and I yelled out in mock fury and ran at him like a bull released from a cage. He stood there and waited for me as I closed the gap in a manner of a couple seconds. Lowering my head, I bounded forward, leaning ever so slightly downwards to give the illusion that I was preparing to leap into him and bowl him over.Still, he remained calm and still, but my eyes caught the sudden flex of his right thigh which was all I needed. I left my feet and I saw his leg jerk forward, his knee perfectly positioned to drive into my chest. Except my chest wasn’t there. My leap had lifted me a foot higher than he had expected and he didn’t even have time to bring an arm up before mine had clubbed into his throat. Gyrating myself in the air, I maintained contact and twisted my body around his back as we fell, locking a throat choke up before we even made contact with the ground.My vision exploded into stars when I slammed into the stone, but my arms and legs didn’t relent a single ounce of their grasp. I flexed my biceps, feeling his neck muscles tighten as his claws grabbed at my arms. His scratches meant nothing to me and I knew I had as great of a shot now as any. However, I was not fooled into the belief that I would win this here. Already, he was doing a good job at wrenching his body around, able to create enough space every few seconds to gasp in a breath and allow fresh blood to flow into his brain.Lifting my leg up, I drove my heel into his ribs and chest, driving out what breath I could before I let one of my arms free from the choke to begin clubbing his sternum. He fought harder and soon broke out of the choke. I kept my arms tight around his front while I drove my heels and knees into his side. Once I felt him begin to spin over, I pushed off his shoulders and rolled away a couple feet. Bounding back up, I had a free opening to land a couple strong hooks against his jaw before he was on his feet again. Winding up, I threw a spinning kick directly into his chest, sending him stumbling back once more. He didn’t stop until he made it to one of the tables, using it as a barrier to steady his balance. Turning back towards me, he spat a small stream of blood onto the ground.“I expected a lot less, mephit. However, this changes nothing.”His advance on me was as cool as ice, his eyes boring into mine as he and I circled around each other. We closed distance and then it was back on. I feinted a right before delivering a sickening punch to his body with my left. He grunted but then I felt pain shock through my head as his fist lumbered into my skull. Once again, stars danced in my vision, but not enough to cloud my awareness. I ducked under his next blow before powering up into an uppercut that smashed viciously into his stomach. Already, I knew where I could take advantage. It would require a lot more accuracy and risk to impair his vision. Outside of that, doing damage to his face and head did little for me in terms of reaching the final goal. Punishing his midsection, however, would be huge later on when we struggled to overpower the other.Feinting another blow, I twisted under his flying fist and stepped to the side, creating distance again. The crowd was yelling like crazy, and I swore I could hear a chant of my name beginning from behind me. There was little time to focus on that, though, as I heard the frustrated growl from my opponent. He had not come here expecting to fight a fair duel and had to be unhappy about how things were going. Closing the distance, I saw him wind up for a punch before going low and leaping at me. His form and aim were perfect and the power behind his shoulder blasted every molecule of air from my stomach.Trying to maintain my balance, I stumbled back as he pressed forwards. It was not to be, though, as he used my overcompensation to his advantage and lifted me off my feet. Knowing how brutal being driven into the stone would be, I did my best to respond, pummeling my knees into his chest. From my angle, they were not all that effective güvenilir bahis and it didn’t stop him from carrying me to the stone slab. The next thing I knew, I was thrown onto its surface back first from his shoulders, my cry of pain and agony only reaching his ears as the crowd quickly drowned it out.He was atop me instantly, his large weight pressing into mine as began to work on isolating an arm. Fighting him off, I alternated between gripping my arm and throwing elbows into his chin. As the seconds wore on, I felt his grip on my arm loosen and his hold falter, the punishment doing too much. With a sudden rush of inspiration, I yanked my arm towards the leather cuff, pulling his own to it as well. In less than a second, my other arm had fastened the strap around his wrist.The straps were lockable and only a key on the opposite table could unlock the restraint, meaning that the panther was now a prisoner. Torqueing my chest around, I worked myself free from him, finally rolling off the table a minute later, escaping his desperate grab at my tail. Standing up, I brushed my fur off and took a break as the panther tried in vain to pull his trapped paw out of the cuff. Ignoring his growls of desperation, I strode over to the other table and grabbed the key. Walking back up to the cat, I dangled it in front of his face, a few feet out of reach before turning and launching it out of the fighting area.Right then, I realized the mistake I had made. I felt his paw grab my tail and yank hard. I couldn’t turn around fast enough and my vision blurred as his forearm slammed into the back of my skull. He shoved me forward again before repeating it and this time my world went black, the sounds of the crowd echoing in my ears as I fought to maintain consciousness. I must have slipped in and out of it, because the next thing I was aware of was the panther’s body on mine. With his free arm, he had managed to cuff one of my wrists to the table and then restrained my other behind my back.I grunted as I tried to move away from him, but his wrist wrenched upwards, locking my arm in place as he slid a few inches backwards to let me feel his wet length scrub against my perineum, the tip gliding through my buttered crevice. My own shaft was bent backwards, throbbing in pain, his weight in addition to my inability to maneuver my torso all he needed to ensure I couldn’t go anywhere. Panicking in the knowledge that I had completely fucked myself, I whimpered in misery as his shaft slid forward, the tip pressing against my slick opening. I heard him purr as he penetrated my passage, his length’s inches slipping in unhindered as I groaned.“Such a silly boy. If I wasn’t so perceptive, I might say you did that on purpose.”His tongue lapped over my neck as he sunk further inside my canal, his thick snake spreading me further out than the stick of butter had previously. I then felt his teeth grasp the nape of my neck as he pulled out and then thrust back in, bouncing back instantly as he quickly found a rhythm. He didn’t speak to me again as he rightly claimed my stupid rump. His barbs tickled my passage and scrubbed against my prostate, making me groan out in a haze, the pleasure building in my loins as his dick drove further into me, each inch of his spire making intimate contact with me.Trickles of drool slid from his muzzle and drained down my neck, his breathing as erratic and shallow as his thrusts were becoming. Trying one last time to free my arm, I arched my back, but he wasn’t having any of it, plowing into me one final time to drive me back to the stone. He ground against me for a few seconds, trying to sink as deeply as he could before snarling into my neck. Liquid heat spewed into my passage again and again, each spurt flowing further into me as he shook on top of my frame. Closing my eyes in defeat, I waited for his orgasm to wane.Once the main splurge was over with, the panther pulled out and let the rest of his cream lace over my lower back and butt. Climbing over my defeated body, he stepped off the table and grabbed the key from the announcer’s paw. After he unshackled his wrist, he tightly gripped mine as he unlocked the other. I let him roll me over and didn’t struggle when he pulled it upwards and locked it again. Seconds later, my other arm was leashed above my head. My legs and ankles soon followed, leaving me to lie splayed out and exposed with my chest to the sky.“Well, after a surprising start, we had an even more unexpected ending. You sure can’t go home today not feeling as though you got your money’s worth. The show isn’t all over yet, though, as Lord Raspotine now gets to claim his property in front of all of you.”I watched as the panther walked to the box he had carried in before, and as I expected, he pulled out a black leather collar. It was smooth and sleek with a gold buckle and ring that would likely be used to leash me. Walking back to me, he lifted my head and wrapped the choker around my neck and then snapped it close. Humiliating was the only word I could think of, but I knew the worst was yet to come. The next items to be removed from the box were two gold rings, a steel clamp and a slender spire with a sharp tip.There was no announcement as the feline approached my prone form. He bent down at my right side, his head lowered and he brought his lips down around my first nipple. The warm touch made me twitch as a long moan escaped my throat. He was almost gentle with it, caressing it with his tongue while nibbling on it a bit. The slathering was more than enough to bring my erection back to full rigidity and I heaved for air as my chest tingled. Letting up, he gave my hard nub a sharp bite, causing me to hiss and tense up.Turning my head, I watched as he grabbed a cloth and poured some alcohol onto it. Bringing it down to my now stinging nipple, he rubbed the wet towel around the site, disinfecting it before placing the cloth on my stomach. The clamp, spear and one of the rings were placed on it and then the panther began. I howled as the clamp snapped around my nub, its grip tighter than anything I had ever felt in that region. Lifting it up with one paw, he stretched my nipple before bringing the steel rod level with my chest.I bit my tongue as the sharp metal punctured the nub, slicing past tissue and nerves before stabbing out the other end. Tears rolled down my eyes as I clenched them shut. The clamps were lowered to lie on my chest as my new owner connected the first ring and then slid the rod back out. After he screwed the small bead at the center in to connect both ends, he brought a smaller cloth down and dabbed at the fresh wound, cleaning up most of the initial blood. For a few seconds, he gently slid the ring through my nipple, working to center the captive bead.The next thing I felt made me claw and tug at my bindings, whimpers coming from my maw as he sanitized the area with fresh alcohol. Huffing and shuddering, I welcomed the touch of his cloth as it cleaned up the excess. He then shifted to the other side and the process began and ended in the same way. A few minutes later and the crowd was left to gaze at my prone and exposed body. I couldn’t help but look, moaning as I saw the gold rings resting upon my chest, my nipples erect and hard in response. Beyond them, my engorged crimson spire throbbed and dribbled precum in the open air.The cum he had deposited inside me several minutes ago still leaked from my depths and its essence had soaked into my tail fur. Shivering in my need, I hoped that my feline owner would have enough sympathy to let me climax before taking me away to be his pet, or worse.“So, our winner this morning, meaning the beautiful panther next to me, has left a big decision to you. He believes the skunk fought well and deserves a reward, but wants to know what you all think. What do you say?”I didn’t know what the reward was, but the reaction of the crowd sounded in favor of it, and so I waited with baited breath to find out what it was. It proved to not be a long wait as the panther walked to the edge of the table and leaned forward. What happened next made my jaw drop and I moaned heavily as his warm jaws took my throbbing length into his maw’s depths. Closing my eyes, my skunk frame relaxed and just gave in to the indulging joy as he began to bob his head up and down my shaft, spreading copious amounts of my precum and his saliva around the entire length.Latent delight and a long term erection helped fuel a quickly achieved, but still glorious climax, ecstasy souring through my groin as the volcanic heat lanced through my urethra and then pumped out of my slit. The panther drank the first spurt and then pulled off, replacing his muzzle with a paw as he stroked out the rest of my cum, aiming the streams to paint my chest as I rode through the longest orgasm of my life.When it finally waned, my mephit body refused to move a single muscle, so engulfed in the afterglow that I didn’t care how degrading it was to have streaks of my own pearly white cum roped over my black furred body on display for everyone in the stands. My breaths deepened and I let the soft sensual satisfaction roll over every tendon in my body. What I heard next, softly whispered into my ear before my restraints were removed and leash attached made my heart flutter and my spent cock throb one final time.“I’m going to thoroughly enjoy having you around to play with, skunk.”

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