MiamiHer hard nipples, they get me every time. The way they poke through the thin cloth of her bikini sends me wild. Laying beside her on the beach I cant help but stare at the sweat dripping off her body. Staring her up and down my cock begins to throb, quickly growing hard and leaving me in no shape for the public beach. I roll over and whisper in her ear “come with me” as I kiss down her neck. She doesn’t say anything but grabs my hand as I help her to her feet. As she stands I watch her C cups bounce while she brushes the sand off them, I need her now. My aching cock is getting sore from the confines halkalı escort of my shorts as I quickly walk her over to the private showers. I open the door and follow her inside. Before she has a chance to turn around I grab her from behind letting my throbbing cock slide between her ass cheeks. With one hand I grab her breasts, rubbing my fingers over her hard nipples. I slide the other hand down into her pants, rubbing her pussy and finding her wet with anticipation. I nibble on her earlobe and slowly kiss my way down taksim escort her neck. She moans her approval and grinds into me.I reach behind me to lock us into the room before spinning her around and pinning her up against the wall. I untie her bikini top and let her breasts fall out, exposing her milky white flesh. I hungrily suck on her nipples, biting down softly to nibble on them while I caress her body; slowly moving down. I slide a finger in her wet pussy, rubbing her clit while her body shakes with pleasure. I can’t wait anymore, I must have her now. I drop şişli escort my shorts to the ground revealing my thick member, she moans with approval as she slides a hand up and down my shaft. I rip her pants off quickly, taking a moment to admire her shaved pussy. I then wrap her legs around me, sliding deep within her. Holding her waist I begin to fuck her passionately, my balls slapping against her, pushing her harder into the wall while I pound into her faster and faster. Her moans quickly turn into screams as she nears climax and begins to cum all over my cock. As her screaming reaches a fever pitch I can’t bear it anymore and thrust into her one last time, burying my cock inside her while I shoot off a thick load of cum deep within her. Her whole body shakes while she cums with me, climaxing with a final scream of pleasure before collapsing to the floor beside.Just in time for an inquisitive knock on the door of the change room….

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