Midnight Anal


THE KNOCK CAUGHT me by surprise. The clock on the television showed the time at half-past midnight; it was late for someone to be at the door. I hadn’t ordered room-service but perhaps it was just someone who’d mistaken my room for theirs? It would be an easy mistake to make given the hotel had seven floors.

“Mizuki?” It was the one who didn’t speak English standing in the corridor.

She smiled at me and tilted her head to one side; her brown eyes widened as though questioning me. I got the message and stood back to let her in. The girl squeezed past me and into the room beyond. I saw her glance at the double bed — still pristine from the maid’s attentions before I’d checked in. My suit bag hung on the rail in the small, open-fronted wardrobe, my tie was draped across the back of the chair, but other than those two items, the room was typically, depressingly standard.

“Mizuki…?” I spread my arms in question. It was futile trying to talk to her; I didn’t know a word of Japanese. “What…?”

The pretty girl’s pink tongue ran across her lips as she mentally inventoried the furniture. I didn’t know if she meant it as a provocative act, but if it was, it worked. She was still dressed as I’d seen her in the bar, in what looked to be a man’s white shirt, a ruffled skirt — which only nodded towards decency — a broad leather belt, and a pair of black … stockings. I’d been caught eyeing the two inches of thigh visible between stocking top and hem already that evening but I took another look now. The combined effect of Mizuki’s pink tongue and her clothing unsettled me. I felt a slide of desire in the pit of my stomach and my cock jerked a little inside my jeans.

She just smiled at me. I had no idea what was going on in the girl’s head. Without Natsumi, Mizuki’s friend, we had no interpreter. Natsumi had been the one to ask, in faltering English, if the two women could sit in the same alcove I’d occupied in the bar earlier. The place was thronged, and the only seats left were the ones where I sat alone.

“We sit here please?” Natsumi had asked while her cute friend clasped her drink and stood by.

I glanced at the speaker, looked to her friend, looked back to Natsumi and said, “Sure. Here, sit down.” And then took another long look at Mizuki.

The girls were part of a tour group seeing England by coach. They were excited at the prospect of visiting the city of York the next day. For the next two hours we sat in the alcove and, between drinks, told our respective stories. It was an interesting evening, but difficult. The girl I fancied wasn’t the one who spoke English. I thought it would’ve been bad manners to show more interest in Mizuki than I showed Natsumi; especially since all the conversation had to pass through her.

“What do you want, Mizuki?” I asked. “How did you find my room?”

I knew the answer to the second question. I recalled that when Natsumi had excused herself and left us to visit the toilet Mizuki had picked up my key fob and examined it. She’d said something to me in Japanese and given me that perfect-toothed smile. I’d had no clue as to what she’d said, and we were rejoined by Natsumi very soon after, but that must have been when she’d noted my room number.

What was the answer to the first question? I was about to find out.

The girl put her hands on her hips and fixed me with a fierce stare. She sighed, exasperated, and then let loose a string of words I didn’t understand. She sounded angry at me and I wondered what the hell I’d done to offend her. I shrugged and shook my head. The girl flung the small shoulder bag she carried onto the bed and chattered again. She looked at me as though I was stupid — and I admit I did feel a little thick.

The door was still at my back; I hadn’t moved since Mizuki had slid past me. I calculated a retreat. Was she a crazy woman? Scenarios played out in my head. Things could get very awkward if this all went wrong. I actually took a pace backwards when Mizuki moved towards me.

“I think you should go. It’s late and—”

As the girl took a step nearer she began to unbuckle the belt around her narrow waist. I heard the buckle hit the carpeted floor with a clink. Then, with her almond-shaped eyes locked with mine, Mizuki pulled the shirt from the waistband of her skirt and began to unbutton it from the top button down.

I swallowed …hard. My penis realised her intentions long before my brain. I was dimly aware of the ache in my cock, but I was too entranced by the sight of this beautiful Japanese girl slowly stripping in front of me. A foot or so from me, she paused. The girl hooked her thumbs into the waistband of the skirt …

She stepped out of the skirt; her shirt gaped and I kurtköy escort could see Mizuki’s flat stomach and a thatch of straight, black hair, neatly trimmed, lower down. My cock grew insistent and I gulped again. She murmured something in her own language and made a hand gesture and pulled a face that seemed to ask for my opinion.

“Beautiful,” I whispered. “Very beautiful.” I nodded to emphasise the point and let my gaze linger over those exquisite bits of her I could see. The stockings she wore to mid-thigh heightened the eroticism of this unexpected encounter. When I looked into her eyes they twinkled with pleasure and the girl smiled.

She moved closer and pressed her long body against me. In her heels Mizuki was only an inch or two shorter, and when she tilted her face upwards to offer her mouth I reacted at last and kissed her shining lips.

Desire exploded between us. In a frenzy of hot kisses and swirling tongues, I lifted her off her feet and, with her legs clamped around my waist, carried her towards the bed. I stood at the foot of the bed and we kissed for long seconds. Her arms were around my neck, her legs around my middle, and I took her slight weight in the palms of my hands. Her arse felt firm and I felt her arousal with the tips of my fingers when I hefted her into a more comfortable position in my arms. I growled into her mouth and slid the tip of a forefinger into her opening.

Mizuki moaned and broke the kiss. She jumped down from my embrace and fumbled at my belt and jeans. During the time it took her to unbuckle me and for me to struggle out of the denim leggings, Mizuki muttered in Japanese. She let out a small cry when my erection popped into view, and then nodded and grinned as she sat on the edge of the bed and reached for me.

Now it was my turn to moan when her slim fingers clamped tight around my girth. A few quick strokes with her fist and I felt I’d burst. To heighten my panic, Mizuki leaned forward and, with my cock in her hand, took the tip of my penis between her lips. Again I groaned and pushed my fingers into her straight, black hair. I fucked into the girl’s mouth; she’d ignited my lust and I wanted her with an urgency I’d not felt in years.

Mizuki let my cock spring from her mouth with a wet, audible pop. She grinned up at me and then shuffled her backside along the bedcover. Lying back, she opened her legs and revealed herself.

“Fuck, Mizuki,” I moaned when I saw the goo trickling from her. I tugged at my cock, my eyes wide and staring — I was hungry for her.

Mizuki giggled and waggled her tongue at me. She pointed to her sex and I knew instantly what she wanted.

I dropped to my knees and hooked my arms under the girl’s knees. I hauled her closer to me and leaned in to take a first, long lick at her slit. She squealed as I teased her opening with the tip of my tongue. Then, when I dabbed at her clitoris, I heard her give a long sigh of pleasure and she gabbled at me in Japanese.

Licking her was divine. Arousal slid from her in a steady trickle while I lapped at her like a thirsty dog at a water bowl. I knew without words when I was doing things right. Mizuki’s sighs, moans, and sometimes shrieks of pleasure were my yardstick; I was determined to give this girl a good time.

I noticed she especially enjoyed the expeditionary probing with my tongue down towards the cleft of her arse. She blurted in surprise but didn’t resist when, in a quick move, I rolled her over onto her front. Mizuki lifted herself onto her elbows and surveyed me over her shoulder. I gazed at the superb twin mounds of her buttocks and then parted the globes to reveal the smudge of her anus. Her eyes widened when my intention became clear to her. “I’m going to lick your sphincter…”

Mizuki groaned and thrust back on my face when I kept my word. She lifted her hips from the bed and I slid my tongue over her body. I devoured her bubbling, scarlet cunt and then squirmed my tongue into her anus as far as I could reach. During the onslaught, I pushed first one, and then a second finger inside her soaking cleft. I curled the digits and fingered where I hoped her G-spot would be.

It worked. The attack sent Mizuki over the edge and she thrashed and groaned in climax. Despite her squirming and bucking I kept my mouth tight against her, but matched my attention to her tapering orgasm.

Eventually, temporarily sated, Mizuki lay panting and face-down on the bed. I stood at its foot and watched her. She rolled onto her back and then sat up. Mizuki gestured at me to take off my tee-shirt, as she then slid her shirt over her shoulders.

Her high, round breasts excited me. They suited her lithe, athletic frame perfectly. I growled and clambered malatya escort onto the bed next to her; she giggled when I suckled at her pebble-sized nipples.

She let out a cry when I pushed her onto her back and pushed her legs apart. I don’t know what she thought I was about to do but she became very agitated. Mizuki shook her head vehemently and cupped a hand over her pubis.

Damn, I thought. She’s got me all dressed up with no place to go. I held my erection in my fist. “And what am I meant to do with this?”

Mizuki giggled; I didn’t see the funny side at that point, but the girl squirmed around and grabbed her handbag. She undid the catch and reached inside. Grinning she brought out two items. I was relieved to see one of them one was a square, foil packet. A condom! So that was why she’d objected? She thought I was just going to fuck into her bareback. I smiled at her and nodded with enthusiasm. “Give it to me. I’ll put it on.”

And then Mizuki really surprised me.

I ripped open the packet and rolled the johnny over my erection. Then, before turning onto her front, Mizuki passed me the second item from her bag. It was a small tube of lube. “I don’t think we need this, girl,” I said and held the thing up. “You’re plenty wet enough down there.” Mizuki gabbled at me and pulled a face. She could see by my gormless expression that I hadn’t a clue. She sighed and reached behind herself with both hands. It was then the penny dropped. “Fucking hell!” I blurted. “… You mean?”

Mizuki slid the tip of a middle finger into her sphincter and murmured to me.

With shaking hands I squirted a blob of the gooey stuff onto the stain of her arsehole. Mizuki spread the stuff around. She muttered to me again and held herself wide open. With a lingering look at her long legs in those black leggings she wore, I wriggled forwards on my knees and held myself over her body. With one hand on the bed to steady me I guided my cock-head towards that place. “You sure?” I muttered. “You want it in your arse?”

The girl snarled and I took that to mean: “Stop fucking about and fuck my dirty hole.”

So I did.

Mizuki moaned when I nudged against her body. I felt the resistance of her tight ring as it tried to repel my invasion, but with a little more force I felt it give suddenly. The head of my cock penetrated her dirty hole and caused Mizuki to groan. She let go of her arse cheeks now that I was part way inside her and, as she pushed her hips up to me, hefted herself onto her elbows and craned her neck to look back at me.

I saw wild-eyed excitement in her eyes. She muttered to me and jerked her hips quickly and I took this as a signal to slide in deeper. The girl let out another long, low groan as my pubis touched her round buttocks. Her head slumped forward; with her long, black hair spreading across the coverlet. I saw her fingers claw into the soft duvet; it was as though Mizuki was fighting to get away from me but in reality she wanted me deeper inside her anus. She thrust back at me urgently, using the bed as support as she pushed against it with her hands.

The shape of her body; the curve of her spine; her narrow waist and wide hips, and her groaning spurred me to action. The room was suddenly filed with the sounds of slapping flesh as I fucked into Mizuki and our bodies collided in a steady rhythm.

Mizuki began to pant and mewl more urgently. I sensed she was close to another climax. The reason became apparent when I noticed through my own clouded perception that one of her arms was beneath her writhing body. I only assumed she was rubbing her clit to elicit a second orgasm.

It wasn’t long in coming. I had to pull out of the girl’s body to stop myself from squirting into the condom. I didn’t want this to end just yet; I wanted to savour this delicious girl for as long as I could. She’d arrived out of the blue, and I wasn’t going to let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this slip by too fast. I had no idea what was to follow in the coming days, but at that time I was eager to make the most of it.

Mizuki spoke to me in rapid Japanese. She moved from the bed quickly and grabbed my arm to drag me along with her. I watched bemused, my sheathed cock waggling in front of me, as the girl arranged furniture. She hauled a chair to a position in front of the long mirror bolted to the wall. Mizuki pointed to the chair with a red-tipped finger. I understood her meaning, and sat.

Next, facing the mirror, she straddled my thighs and reached between her legs to hold my cock upright. After a moment’s fumbling she sank down onto my erection, taking it deep into her anus in one, long slide.

I felt twin stings like insect bites on my upper thighs. The girl kayseri escort had lifted her feet and, still with those shoes on, stabbed her heels into my flesh. I’d have two scars, one on each leg, for life, a reminder of that night, but at the time the pain was insignificant as the picture in the mirror displaced all thought of physical discomfort.

Mizuki had angled the chair perfectly. From my position beneath her I could clearly see the girth of my cock stretching her arsehole. Immediately above our conjunction was Mizuki’s scarlet slit, gaping and wet, with the tuft of pubic hair at the top. I reached around with my free arm and rubbed her clitoris. The girl grunted and wriggled a little when I fingered her sex. Again she burbled something incoherent to my ears and I glanced up at her reflection. I’d never seen an expression like the one on her face. She had that glazed-eyed, slack-jawed look that told me she was lost in a world of sensations. Mizuki moaned and fell back against me. She was a tall girl, but slightly built and her weight was nothing to me as she slumped across my torso.

Then, since the only stimulation for me was the visual in the mirror, I left Mizuki’s cunt alone and took her narrow waist in both hands. Like this I could manipulate the girl at will and was soon using her arse for my own, selfish pleasure as I forced her up and down on my shaft.

Mizuki went berserk. I was fascinated by her facial expressions as we fucked. She moaned and groaned and sighed and jabbered while my cock reamed her anus and she rubbed at her hot sex roughly. She came again, slicing her heels down my legs as she thrashed wildly.

I jumped up at the pain and almost tipped Mizuki, still groaning, onto the carpet. The girl clambered onto the bed with the urgency of someone climbing into a lifeboat on a sinking ship. She lay on her side, rump offered to me, and looked back over her shoulder. One hand held her buttocks apart in invitation and I moved quickly to spoon behind her. I pushed my cock into her and stabbed urgently again and again.

My climax surged through me. I felt the rush begin and knew I was seconds away. Still pounding Mizuki’s abused sphincter, I grabbed her roughly and forced her face around to mine. I kissed her, hard, and let the sensations wash over me. Mizuki grunted into my mouth and struggled against my grip, but I remained relentless, selfish in the great swirling pleasure as my seed spurted into the sheath around my cock.

I woke up and saw the time was nearly four in the morning. Mizuki had gone. I remembered holding the condom against my cock as I slid out of the girl’s arse. I’d wrapped the thing in toilet paper and managed to flush it away. Then, all I can recall was the sting in my thighs and the lovely Japanese girl snuggling against me as we drifted to sleep in darkness. My cock twitched with renewed interest when I recalled the image of Mizuki’s anus stretched around my cock in the mirror. Deciding to leave it alone, I rolled onto my side and searched for sleep. The alarm eventually went off at six-thirty. I showered, dressed, packed my few belongings and went down to breakfast. I didn’t see either Mizuki or her friend, Natsumi in the dining room, and so went out to the car park behind the hotel to prepare for the day.

The Japanese tour groups are a well-disciplined lot and my passengers arrived promptly at eight-thirty. Mizuki winked at me as she climbed the steps at the front of the coach; her friend however treated me to a scathing look. That was all I needed, Natsumi reporting me to my bosses for fucking her friend’s arse.

It wasn’t until she snuck back to the bus after I’d dropped the party in York that Natsumi put my mind at rest. There I was, all nice and comfy stretched out on the back seat catching up on lost sleep when I heard a knocking at the door.

“Mizuki tell me what she do last night, Mr Ralph,” she said when I let her on board. “She tell me what you do to her. She say it very good fucking.”

The girl stared at me for a long moment. Uh-oh, I thought. Here it comes…

“Tonight it my turn. I very angry at Mizuki for not bringing me too. Tonight you fuck me. Not in ass, in pussy. She have boyfriend. She think that pussy is for he, but ass is OK for you to fuck. I no have boyfriend. You fuck my pussy. Fuck it good.”

Flabbergasted I gaped at Natsumi like a landed fish. She grinned at me and I began to notice, more about her. I’d decided that Mizuki was the cuter of the two, and she was, but I’d been blinded by Mizuki’s obvious charms, whereas Natsumi was more subtle. I saw the swell of her considerable chest under her sweater; her eyes were pretty beneath the glasses she wore…

I nodded and grinned. After clearing my throat I replied: “OK. See you n the hotel bar…”

Natsumi clambered off the bus. The door hissed shut behind her and I was left alone with my thoughts. Five more nights with this group. It was going to be interesting!

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