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mom maasi and sisI live at my home with my mom and sister but this week we were visited by my aunt(My mother’s sister) who came to live with us for a month. i call her masi and she’s really a fun loving and open-minded person and she has always been like a friend to me and my sister. She never got married so me, my mother and my sister is all the family that she has. We used to have a lot of fun together, visit places, go to movies, shopping etc. with her.Now let me give you a little detail about my family, my name is Mrinal and i am 19 years old studying B.Sc(2nd year) in a private college, my sister Mitali is 17, she’s still in school and she has a very fine body and a figure of 34-24-34, my mom, Aradhana, is 41 years old and she has an extremely gorgeous body and a figure of 38DD-28-40, My masi, Kanika, is younger to my mom she’s 36 years old and has a figure of 38DD-30-42, she’s chubby but she’s one hot looking lady with a godly body. i have often seen people stare at her and appreciate her body.It was Sunday and it was a college holiday so i was at home, my sister had vacations in school so she was at home too. We were sitting in our living room planning how to spend the day, but since it was really hot outside we decided to stay at home and have some fun here itself, watch movie and order some stuff to eat etc. My sister was disappointed at first but there’s nothing she could do about it so she had to agree with the decision of mom. i asked my mom since we’re not going anywhere so can i call over a friend of mine to have fun with us and bring a few movie DVD’s along with him to which my mom agreed so i called my friend, Akhil, and asked him to come over. He liked the idea and immediately said yes and agreed to bring DVD’s with him too. i ordered pizzas, cold drinks and some other stuff to eat for all of us. it seemed a normal day so far but little to my knowledge everything was about to change.Akhil came to my place and my sister opened the door for him, he knew my sister very well, 3 of us used to go to the same school and he always had an eye on my sister, they were very good friends and very frank with each other. Since he’s my best friend he had already confessed to me that he loved my sister and i too was OK with it. He has been my friend for years and we used to talk about girls and our fantasies, crushes etc. He is an average looking guy and a spoiled chap but very sharp and intelligent. He is the same age as me.So we all sat down on the couch and Akhil inserted one of the DVD’s that he brought along with him in the DVD player and we started watching the Hindi movie Dirty Picture starring Vidya Balan. The pizza guy had already made the delivery so i grabbed some stuff for us to eat. Akhil told me that he has brought a few blue film DVD’s with him too and i gave him a grin hearing that. Less than half way through the movie, i asked my mom if Akhil and i can go to my room to play computer games on my PC, she said OK and we left. Though that wasn’t what we had on our mind, we got into my room and started watching a blue film, it was a really hot movie featuring 3 guys and 5 girls in a group sex scene! Akhil said to me he wish he gets to fuck so many girls at the same time someday and i told him in your dreams.We then inserted another disc and it was another hot scene featuring 2 girls and 1 guy involved in a 3some, half way through the movie Akhil again said to me “i really want to fuck, i am so horny i could fuck your mom, sister and masi right now!” i asked him to shut up and control his hormones but he hept talking rubbish and testing my patience so i started talking about his mom and sister too. We often used to do that though i never liked when he used to talk about my family like that but he always had had a bad tongue.At the end of the movie he again said to me “don’t you feel like fucking right now?”, to this i didn’t say anything though he knew i wanted to say yes, he then said “come on yaar we’ve been friends for so long and i know what’s on your mind, stop behaving like a nice guy and don’t ask me to shut up!” i said “then what else do you want?” He said “i just want to fuck those 3 hot bitches sitting in the living room!” i got really angry now and asked him to mind his language, he then said “what’s the matter with you? Wouldn’t you be tempted to fuck 3 hot bitches if given a chance?” istanbul escort “She’s my mother” i said! To which he replied “And what about your masi?” i kept quiet he again said “fine if you don’t want to do it then at least let me have fun with them.” i said “you talking as if they are your slaves and just going to let you fuck them.” He said “they are not but i can make them my slave and fuck them like they have never been fucked before.” i laughed at him and said “you are just horny!” and asked him to get hold of himself. He said “ok let’s have a bet then if i seduce your mom, sister and masi to have sex with me you will have to give me 5000 rupees and if i failed then i will give you 5000 rupees!” i said to him that he will not only lose the bet but spoil his image in front of them. He said you don’t have to worry about it and so we made the bet! i really couldn’t believe i was even doing this!He said to me “i will try to seduce all three of them but you will have to video shoot it and play along with me.”I didn’t understand and asked him what? He said “just get the camera you will know” i took the camera and we went out He stood in front of my mom, sister and masi and asked them did they enjoy the movie. Masi said “yes very much it had a few adult scene but we all liked it! Did you select this movie deliberately?” and gave him a smile, to this he said “Yes indeed and i still have a lot more in store for you” My mom looked at him confusingly and said “And what is that?” He said “aunty we all are adults here and i have an amazing and kinky plan through which we can all have some fun”, “What are you talking about?” My mom said, to which Akhil replied “aunty you must have seen in the movies and read in the magazines how in parties they organize a playboy who strips for the ladies, dances and entertains them so today i am going to be your playboy and give you all some fun!”My mom said “have you lost your mind? Do you have any idea what you are talking about?” He said “come on aunty it will be fun, it happens in the society and people are very open-minded about it and i am your son’s best friend i promise nothing that happens here today will go out of the house” he started pleading to my mom and literally got on his knees and said “i know you want it aunty.” My masi was watching all this and finally she decided to speak she said she has been to a few high profile parties as well where people call strippers both male and female and they strip for them and entertain the crowd so i don’t have any problem with it and naughtily winked at Akhil. This gave him the confidence vote that he needed he said to my mom “come on aunty please you too say yes Kanika aunty seems to be ok with it and so does your son and your daughter (who was continuously smiling within herself)” after much pleading my mom finally said yes i couldn’t believe my eyes my mom gave a yes to my best friend to strip in front of them and i was shooting all this!My mom then asked me to shut the camera but Akhil told her that let him capture every moment because today is going to be the day that we will all remember and live it again in the future. And saying that Akhil turned on the music and started stripping and shaking his body! i must confess he’s a pathetic dancer but the fact that he was taking his clothes off with every move was turning the ladies on and they too were getting the hang of it. He took off his shirt and vest and pulled my masi with hand and started dancing with her then he slowly removed his trousers and threw them at my sister she was laughing and winked at him, he held her and took her to the dance floor as well. Three of them danced for a while he was getting really cozy with them and touching their arms and legs and face in a very sensuous way. He then slowly and in a very teasing manner started to remove his underwear and when he took it off everyone could see his cock! it was standing straight as a pole and was hard as diamond he went to bring my mom on the dance floor but she refused at first then he pulled her near him and hold her by stomach and started rubbing his dick to my mom’s ass and much to my amazement she was thoroughly enjoying it. He then gave my mom a gentle kiss on her neck. My mom didn’t like it she asked him to stop it right avcılar escort there and turn off the music! He said what’s wrong aunty what happened?She said “it was ok till stripping but you’re crossing the line now this is not right..” He stopped her in between “aunty i’ve been coming to your home for so long i am your son’s best friend i know you i have seen you and i know that you miss the love of a man then why wouldn’t you let me give you what you need! You have been a great mother to your c***dren till now you have never loved anyone since the death of your husband but you need it now and i would be really obliged to get the chance to have sex with the three ladies with such heavenly bodies at the same time.” She said “but.. but.. this is so wrong” my masi then said “he’s right Aradhana it will be fun” He made a puppy face and started pleading please aunty please and he went close to her gently held her hand and kissed it and started saying please again and again until she said yes! i was left amazed, it was really going to happen! i have no idea how he pulled it but he did! He was going to have sex with my mom, sister and masi while i video shoot it!He said “i know you have been sex deprived for a very long time now aunty but today i am gonna fuck you like you have never been fucked before” and saying that he put his hand at the back of her neck and started kissing her. My mom had completely given up to him and she played along he went into her mouth and kissed her even more passionately, they kissed for about 5 minutes, licked tongue and exchanged saliva, he then went to my sister and cuddled her tightly and spanked her ass and started biting her neck and kissing her lips, it was her first time but she seemed to like it then he grabbed my masi’s boobs and started rolling his face over them, then he kissed her too. All the three ladies were hot now and they wanted to get fucked and he knew it. He said i am gonna fuck you three bitches really hard now and gonna be your master for today my mom was amazed to see this side of Akhil!He then started to tear apart the clothes of my mom, sister and masi and kissing them and biting them and spanking their asses etc. He was being really rough on them, slapping their boobs and face, one by one he took off, actually teared apart all their clothes and when he was done he pushed the three ladies on the couch and made my masi sit to his right, my sister to his left and my mom on his lap facing him and started kissing them and biting them turn by turn. He then kissed all three of them at the same time, they were kissing really passionately, licking tongues and exchanging saliva. He was slapping their boobs and spanking their asses and talking trash to turn them on.He then asked my mom to suck his cock, my mom got down on her knees and started sucking his dick while he was sitting on the couch kissing my sister and my masi, he held my mom by her ponytail(my mom has long hair so she usually keeps them tied that day she was wearing a ponytail and was looking extremely hot in it) and choked her on his cock, then he started ramming her mouth with his cock, my mom was coughing and gargling but he didn’t stop, there was saliva all over his cock, on the floor and my mom’s chin. He did the same to my sister and my masi and then made three of them sit on the floor and face fucked each one of them for good 15 minutes. His dick had become really hard by now, he then asked my masi to lick his ass while he continued to face fuck my mom and sister. He used to stop them in between grab them by their hair and slap them and spit in their face. But they seemed to love everything that he was doing to them.One by one he made all three of them lick his ass. He then held my masi by the neck and threw her on the sofa and asked her to open her legs wide she did that and he started licking her cunt after licking her cunt for about 5 minutes, he put his cock inside her pussy, held her hard by her neck from one hand and started giving her hard strokes. He was playing with my mom’s boobs with the other hand and licking them, it was all very enticing to watch. i have never in my wildest of dreams thought that i’d get to see all this. My mom, sister and masi getting fucked right in front of my eyes by my best friend and i was recording it all on the camera şirinevler escort and enjoying it at the same time! After banging my masi for about 5 minutes he held my mom roughly by her ponytail and pushed her on the sofa and said “come on bitch it’s time to end the 15 year deadlock”He made my mom sit in doggystyle position and inserted his cock inside hes cunt and started giving her slow but deep strokes. My mom was enjoying it and moaning loudly as it was after a very long time she was getting fucked, he was spanking her ass continuously and playing with my masi’s and sister’s boobs at the same time. He then grabbed my mom’s ponytail and pulled it towards him while still in doggystyle position and started giving her hard strokes and spanking her ass constantly with the other hand. He told my mom to call him daddy from today onwards and was talking dirty to her calling her a bitch, filthy cock hungry whore etc. He then looked at me and said “teri ma to 1 number ki randi hai(your mom is one hell of a whore)” and kept banging her roughly.After 10 minutes of hardcore banging he pushed my mom aside and sat on the couch stroking his cock. it was my sister’s turn now but before fucking her he asked my masi and mom to suck his cock and make it wet again. He rammed his cock in and out their mouths and meanwhile kept talking dirty to them and telling them to call him daddy and treat him like their master and they were enjoying every bit of it like they have been waiting to be dominated by a male like that! He then made my sister sit on his cock and started pounding her hard and fast, my sister was screaming in pain as it was her first time but he didn’t stop he was slapping her face and spanking her ass harshly while fucking her and telling her that she is a bitch and he is his master. He continued to fuck her for about 5 minutes, my sister was almost in tears because of the unbearable pain but she was enjoying every bit of it.He kissed her passionately to calm her down and bit her her neck hard. And started fucking her again. After fucking her for another 10 minutes he stopped and spat in her face and asked her to rub it on his face and she did that, then he pushed her aside and made all three of them sit in the doggystyle position on the couch next to each other and he’d take turns fucking all three of them, grab their hair, spit on them, spank their asses, slap them really hard and what not! He even fucked my masi in her ass!He was about to cum now but he wanted to have one last go at my mom so he made her sit on his cock and stood up. He was holding my mom on his cock and my mom’s legs were in the air and her arms around his neck and they were kissing really passionately and wildly, exchanging saliva and licking each other’s face off. After 2-3 minutes of kissing he started fucking my mom again, this time standing up while my mom’s entire weight was on him and i just loved the sight because this happens to be my favorite sex position too and it was really arousing to watch him fuck my mom like that! He was giving her deep and hard strokes meanwhile my masi and sister were on their knees licking his balls. After about 10 minutes he cummed right into my mom’s cunt and my mom shouted in ecstasy and he put her down on the floor and asked my masi and sister to lick his cock clean. They both jumped on to his cock to taste every drop of the cum that was falling off his cock and swallowed it happily.He then gave me a thumbs up and smiled and said your family is full of whores and listening to that they all started laughing wildly. i had a hard the entire time and i was enjoying it so much that i didn’t want it to end and i was still finding it hard to believe that i just witnessed my mom, sister and masi get fucked by my best friend and i was taping it all! But it was not over yet, he then asked me to give him 5000 rupees since he won the bet and i had to do it! So he fucked my mom, sister and masi in my home and in front of my eyes and i paid him to do that!That was really an amazing day, in the next few days my masi shifted to our place, she now lives with us. My friend Akhil too lives with us, he lied at his home that he is getting shifted to the college hostel but instead came to live with us. My mom, sister and masi treat him like their master! Husband! and do whatever he tells them to do! i too along with my friend Akhil fuck my mom, sister and masi. We sleep together at night and often film our fucking sessions to watch them later and make memories! We’re now more open about our sexuality and body and roam naked in our home when it’s just 5 of us and do lots of fun and kinky stuff together that i will tell you more about in my next story.

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