Moonlight Affairs Ch. 01


He sat languidly in her backyard watching her through the exposed bedroom window. If he had to guess he would say she was on the phone with her “significant other,” who in his mind was a “significant asshole.” She was pacing the room like a caged animal, having been involved in this heated conversation for almost forty-five minutes. Finally the phone clattered loudly as she threw it onto the vanity. Tears glittered in her emerald eyes as she stood there for a moment, then it appeared to be too much for her and she turned out the light and fell onto her bed. She looked like a beautiful porcelain doll to him, the moonlight shimmering softly across her body as she fell into a troubled sleep.

He waited five minutes or so after she had fallen asleep and he quietly slid the patio door open. She had left it unlocked again. He made a mental note to chastise her about it later, and silently made his way to her bedroom. As he settled into the chair across from her bed she stirred as if in a dream.

I didn’t remember falling asleep, but I woke with a start from an incredibly intense dream. After arguing with my boyfriend for what felt like hours I’d never have imagined I’d wake to such a sensual dream, but my nipples were erect and sensitive, and I could feel the obvious wetness between my thighs. I slid off my nightgown, getting it out of my way, and simultaneously kicked off the warm sheets that covered my body. Cool air rushed over my heated skin and created little goosebumps. I wasn’t thinking as I began to caress my breasts, I was only feeling. My fingers brushing over my nipples created a swirling heat deep in my loins. Never very patient with myself my right hand eased down across my abdomen and between my thighs.

He watched as she woke up becoming mesmerized by her every move. As she exposed her body to his view he realized he was holding his breath. Trying to remain silent he watched as she began to touch herself, her taunt pink nipples soaking up the moonlight as she stroked them softly. One of her hands remained on her breasts and the other ran down, only momentarily caressing her thighs, sliding them further open, and then moving to her glistening wet womanhood. The air in the room began to feel electrically charged as she continued to please herself. Her breathing became more rapid, and he enjoyed the soft sounds she began to make. He couldn’t stop his reaction and his breathing began to mimic hers.

I slid my forefinger deep inside my wetness gasping quietly at the sensation. Losing myself in passion, my finger slid back up to my clitoris and began to cover it with my sticky marmaris escort juices. I could smell the sweet smell of my womanhood as I continued to rhythmically caress my responsive clitoris. Softly and gently caressing until my hips came up and a soft moan escaped me. Biting down on my lower lip I flicked my finger faster over my sensitive flesh bringing myself to the edge. Experienced in pleasing myself I slid my finger once more away from my throbbing clitoris and into the soft wetness of my pussy. I repeated the same pattern of slowly sliding my finger in and out, increasing the speed and tension until the sensations once more began to bring me to the edge of passion.

He watched the way in which she pleased herself, intrigued and learning about her at the same time. The exquisite smell of her desire now filled the room adding to his delirium. He feverishly wished she would open her eyes, her beautiful emerald eyes. Slowly, without thinking, he stood and moved towards the bed, yearning to kiss the lips she was so passionately biting down on. As his shadow fell across her he stopped and merely stood before her. His hands unwittingly clenched in fists as he exercised great self-control, and continued to simply watch her unknowing show.

My thoughts slid to a favorite fantasy as my fingers continued to heighten my desires. I could vividly picture a cock in my mouth, sliding across my tongue, and down my throat. Just as vividly I could taste the sweetness of pre-cum. In my mind my lover slid his fingers inside of me, teasing me, and pleasing me. I imagined him cumming in my mouth, his fingers thrusting deeply inside of me. That thought sent me crashing over the edge I had so carefully brought myself to, a primal cry of ecstasy escaped me and my entire body tensed for several seconds then trembled gently from the intense release of passion. Sensations exploded through my body like waves on a beach.

As he watched her climax, his body quivered uncontrollably from his checked passions. He wished she would open her eyes, yet she never did. As the last spasms of ecstasy rocked her body he reached down and softly brushed her idle hand away and slid his fingers slowly into the warmth of her womanhood. Her green eyes flew open finally and a mixture of emotions scattered through them, shock, fear, recognition, confusion, embarrassment, and finally a new desire. He heard his name come from her in a hushed gasp, and to him it sounded like a passionate plea.

His fingers continued the intricate rhythm that she had abandoned in her ecstasy, gently probing her wet, swollen pussy until she was writhing marmaris escort bayan under his ministrations. Still teasing her wetness he kneeled on the bed bringing his throbbing cock closer to her, his gaze deeply locked in her emerald eyes.

As the torrent of sensations began to settle down my heart raced on, and then it stopped. I felt his touch before I saw him, and I couldn’t comprehend the fact that he was standing in my room. Was I dreaming still? Had he been watching me all along? Questions; too many questions filled my head, but they left just as quickly as he expertly teased me, taking my already sensitive body back up to the edge of passion. All coherent thought left me as I uttered his name. Once more I could only feel, yet this time it wasn’t my own touch that was rendering me thoughtless it was my overwhelming desire for him, and his touch. His eyes held me, as if mesmerized. I wanted him, more then that I needed him, and then as if he knew his cock was suddenly within reach. My hands fumbled momentarily with the buttons of his jeans, but then he was free, and his glorious cock was inches from my lips.

He groaned as her hand wrapped around his cock, but their eyes stayed locked together as her tongue flicked out to taste the pre-cum that had begun to dribble out. His fingers on her began to falter as she gently stroked him with her tongue. When she finally took the tip of his cock into her wondrous mouth he could only twist his fingers in her silky hair and enjoy the warm wetness of her mouth enveloping his cock, suckling gently at first and then more feverishly. Her lips created sensations deep inside of him as they slid up and down his hard cock, yet she had only begun. He realized this when she teasingly took him all the way down, but only for a second, then she went back to gently tonguing the tip.

Lost in some erotic dream world I took his glorious cock in my hands, he felt incredibly warm. The purely male scent of him filled my nostrils, inciting my need to taste him even more. Without thought my tongue slid over the tip of his cock capturing the pre-cum that glistened there, to my intense pleasure the taste was delightfully bittersweet. Carried away on the whirlwind of sensations, I was lost on some lustful roller coaster, but I couldn’t stop. I felt heady with passion, hungry for him and he was willing to fill me up. As I took him all the way down he moaned again, and his fingers pulled almost painfully in my silky hair. It didn’t stop me, I continued needing to taste his release; suckling softly on him, then more feverishly. My lips never ceasing, but merely changing escort marmaris rhythm.

He could feel his passions boiling over as his fingers tangled in her soft hair. She felt so warm around his cock, and when she sucked harshly on him he could only respond by thrusting into her mouth. No conscious thought was available to him, or he would have been more thoughtful of her, but he couldn’t. His muscled arms cradled her face as he thrust forcefully into her sweet mouth. The tantalizing promise of ecstasy that she had so willingly offered him consumed his every action. When release finally came, he cried out, his fingers holding her mouth around him as his hot seed spilled down her throat. The musky scent of their combined passions now filled the room like heady incense. The smell and the sensation of her licking him clean made him weak, and he had to lean gently back while she continued until all evidence of his orgasm was gone.

I welcomed his heated thrusts as I suckled even more feverishly on him. Some deep primal part of me took over and continued on until he thrust one last time into my willing mouth. I could feel his hands holding my lips firmly against him as his sugary sperm filled my mouth. The low groan of his passion rang in my ears, and the metallic taste of his cum settled on my tongue. Eagerly I licked up the drops that had escaped and run down his now semi-soft cock while he leaned weakly back, seeming overwhelmed from the intensity of his orgasm. Gently I pulled him over to me; our eyes still locked in each other’s gaze. As the intense passions began to settle, my body still hungered for complete satisfaction, but I curled up to him, satisfied to hold him until he recovered. The heat of his body next to mine was a dizzying sensation, and when I felt his fingers softly playing in my hair it was impossible not to close my eyes.

He slid down lying next to her as she pulled him towards her. His thoughts were beginning to return to him and he wondered how he had let his desires overwhelm him. He had simply come to watch her. She was his porcelain doll, a cherished show piece not a toy he was actually supposed to play with. Yet the reality of her lying next to him was undeniable. Her silky blonde hair fell across his chest and he couldn’t resist gently running his fingers through it. As he lay there wrapped in her arms, his thoughts bounced through his head, and he listened to her breathing. Soon it became deep and consistent; she had fallen back into a peaceful sleep.

Slowly he slid out of her arms, taking great care not to wake her, and quietly buttoned his jeans. Then he tenderly covered her up with the sheets she had so carelessly kicked off earlier and reluctantly turned to leave. Upon reaching her bedroom door he looked back, she was once more covered in moonlight and sleeping peacefully.

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