More old cunt

More old cuntA few weeks after fucking Nancy I was sitting on the laptop in the lounge and in desperate need of a wank when as I looked out of the window there was Ivy, it had been a couple of years since I fucked her also. I looked at her as I felt my loins move and thought this was the time. As I stood up and walked to the door, upon opening it she was walking past.“Ivy come here” I called, as she walked up the drive she looked a lot older than she did three years ago. She was wearing a blue plaited skirt and a cream blouse. As she ambled up towards me she said “Yes” I replied “Come in here”, as she made her way into the hall I grabbed her and turned her around to face the wall.Slipping my hands straight on to her massive tits I felt her up. She didn’t move just stood there as I were fondling her tits, I wasn’t in the mood for tipobet foreplay I needed something now. After a few minutes I brought my hands round to the back of her blouse and in lifting it up I unclipped her bra, her droopy tits tumbled out as I caught them.Another few minutes went by as I got her nipples rock hard as my cock was. She slightly moaned and then shuffled round to face me, as she did I bent down and licked her nipples as I only managed this once she had her hand on my cock and was backing towards the stairs, she sat down and pulled me close to her.I unbuttoned my jeans and as they fell down she reached and pulled my undies down as I sprang into life. Taking my solid wood in her hand she pulled back my foreskin and licked my helmet, God it was heaven! After a few minutes of this I couldn’t stand it any tipobet güvenilir mi longer I knew I wouldn’t last too long. I put my hands under her arms and lifted her up.She still had her hand on my cock. I turned her around and said “Kneel on the stairs” as she did I lifted up her skirt and ran my finger down her crack through her black knickers, she groaned. I did this for a few minutes all the time she was groaning, then I put my fingers in the top of her knickers and pulled them down to her knees.Slightly parting her thighs and with my cock in my hand I ran myself up and down her gash, as she moaned I soon slipped into her moist cunt. Shagging her slowly she moaned with every stroke, as I built up speed then slowed down and did the same again she was moaning harder as her breathing got deeper.Then tipobet giriş I knew I wouldn’t last much longer I pulled out and fingered her rubbing her clit with my thumb she was gasping and I knew she was coming, finger fucking her faster I crouched down and licked her clit, she exploded groaned out her climax and sprayed my face with old juices, she was clinging onto the step as her climax tore through her body.Before she had time to recover I slotted myself deep inside her again and was fucking her hard and solid, as I rock n rolled her she was breathing heavier and groaning louder as my orgasm approached I pulled out and pulled her back, she sat on the step and grabbed hold of me, slotting me straight in her mouth.She sucked, licked and wanked my cock and I knew I was close, then I could feel the tension rise as I groaned and emptied all my built up seed into her warm mouth, she swallowed every drop. As I was going limp she carried on getting every last drop of cum out of me. As I stood up and mumbled my gratitude she did the same. She kissed me on the cheek and then she was gone.

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