More Skinny Dipping


More Skinny DippingI’m 16 and I recently got a new pool. My parents were out of town so I decided to have a pool party with a bunch of friends. The crowd was a mix of girls and boys. I was excited because my crush was going to be there in a bikini. The party started and everybody was there and having a good time. I saw my crush and got a slight hard on. She was wearing a two piece bikini that was really small. The party was ending istanbul escort and everybody was leaving except my crush until it was just us. During the party I guess she had noticed our friendship because she suggested we skinny dip. I was surprised because she didn’t seem like she was in to me. I got nervous and ended saying yes. She says ok and then starts to undress. avcılar escort My eyes lit up as she took of her top and then bottom. She is tan, blonde, and apparently shaven! I could an erection coming but I ignored it. She jumped in and asked me to come in. I could myself shake as I got undressed. I pulled down my trunks and I instantly had a boner. She gasped and smiled as she stared directly şirinevler escort at my cock. I have a 5 1/2 inch cock she I wasn’t too insecure. She said it was the first erect penis she has ever seen. Then she told her friends to come in!! I have no idea what she meant until 5 of her hot friends come and start laughing at me. I do my best to cover up but they’ve already seen. Then they push me into the pool and steal my trunks. I should have stayed in the pool but instead I jumped out of the pool to get my trunks. They pin me down and hold me. I started getting another boner and they start laughing and taking pictures!! The next day at school a bunch people walk up to me saying stuff like nice cock. I have been made fun of ever since!! FML!!!

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