Multiple Melia Part 2


Multiple Melia Part 2Multiple Melia Ch. 02by realityischoice©Melia broke her passionate kiss, letting me catch me breath for a moment. She tickled up the inside of one of my naked thighs, then down the other, sending post-orgasmic chills down my spine. She had just treated me expertly to my first multiple orgasm and I had yet to recover; I didn’t know if I ever would! But I wanted to give her pleasure.I traced my fingertips down her spine, cupping an as cheek, giving it a squeeze; she rolled completely on top of me, straddling my body, and delved directly to a deep kiss. Now my hands could both roam, first over her naked back, then to her ass. I gave it a playful smack and she moaned into my mouth without breaking our kiss and bucked her hips, grinding on me. Even after her wonderful treat earlier, I found myself getting hard again. She continued grinding, gaining momentum after my hard cock slid up to rub her pussy.She writhed on my hand as I slid a finger into her pussy, rubbing her rosebud with a different finger, then giving a few good thrusts as I sat up, before I pushed her backwards. I wasted no time, took initiative before her back hit the bed, kissing her more passionately, tweaking a nipple between my fingers, enjoying her response. I slid down, taking each nipple in my mouth as I slid a finger deep into her. Her breathing came in short gasps, becoming more ragged with anticipation as I teased my way down to her pussy, pushing her legs to her chest and teasingly kissing all around-turnabout is fair play, right?I heard her say “Please…” and could deny her no longer, flicking my tongue twice across her clit, hearing two short gasps and then a loud moan as I took her clit in my mouth, sucking and licking. Her moan grew in intensity and turned into a scream of pleasure as I penetrated her pussy with a finger, listening to her body tell me how to best please her, taking a wet finger of my other hand and slowly, gently entering her ass as she exploded, grabbing my head, grinding wildly on my face as she climaxed, soaking the sheets and my face as spasm after spasm wracked her body. I kept up my efforts until I began to sense her coming down, then took my time, laying a trail of kisses up her body, arriving at her neck as one final shudder tuzla escort passed through her.She took a quick deep breath, then looked at me with fire still in her eyes; she reached behind my neck, pulling me forcefully to her, kissing me and grinding on my hard cock-jeez, a little wildcat! With more strength than I thought, she shoved me onto my back, rolling on top of me, sitting on my legs.”I certainly enjoyed that wonderful treat, did you?” Melia asked seductively, becoming a sexy serpent, using our mutual hot sweat to slink her way upward, rubbing her pussy and ass against my stomach.”Oh, but I did-could you tell?” I replied, attempting to pull her to me.”No, no, no…not yet…” she slipped my grasp, leaning back completely, resting her head between my knees, looking up. My hard dick was pressed into her back, seeking release. “I guess you did enjoy that, hearing me moan, watching me squirm…and shake…feeling me squeeze your finger as I came…and came…” My neck was beginning to hurt-I had an excellent view of her, but had to hold my head up to look; no doubt this was part of her plan. She was growing wetter by the second, I could see he lips glistening in the soft light.”Are you enjoying the scenery?” she whispered.”I see some things I could be tempted to explore more-much more.” I teased.She sat up partway, bracing herself with her hands, still leaning back, but looking into my eyes. “And, I bet you’d like some pleasure now, maybe both of us, spend the night, the next few days, returning and increasing favors?” she smiled.”Now, that sounds like a fantastic plan!” I tried to sit up, turn the tables, but she slid forward, pinning me with her light weight but better leverage-also sliding her pussy tantalizingly closer to my mouth, where she rocked her hips, just out of reach. The nerve! She was teasing the hell out of me!As Melia looked at me, I could tell she was also building her own desire. She straightened out her legs placing a bit more weight on my chest along with her smooth ass. She then spread her legs, slowly, stretching them straight out until she was in a split with only three points of contact for her-her feet on the bed and her fiery snatch on my chest; it was a beautiful sight, sending slight sancaktepe escort shudders through her with each breath I took, putting more pressure on her sensitive areas. She enjoyed this until I grew impatient-I was rock hard and feeling in need of relief, but she felt the slight shift of weight as I reached for her again. She responded faster than I expected, sweeping her legs back to hook my thighs with her feet while grabbing both my hands, pinning my wrists to the bed.”Wow, you are a little firecracker! Mixed with wildcat!” I exclaimed in wonder.”You have to trust me baby. I want both of us ready to cum good and hard…Have I been wrong yet?” she chastised, adding “don’t worry, I can tell from your impulsiveness and my body that we are nearly ready…” when she saw the look of yearning in my face. I desperately wanted to make love to her. It was beginning to actually hurt!”Until we are ready, I need to keep your hands in check, seeing as you seem so determined…” she slid my hands to my sides “Now, stop being bad…for now, and keep your hands right here and your tongue in your mouth, until I tell you otherwise…and you will be rewarded handsomely, I promise.”I didn’t want to ask what would happen if I didn’t-she might have teased me longer! She had me wrapped around her finger and knew it-deciding to test me, bringing her feet forward, sliding up until I felt her hairless wet lips under my chin, pausing for a gentle rub, so close yet unreachable, before wetting my entire face, sliding up, then back down, stopping to kiss me, tasting herself, but not enough for her to lose control. She sat up on my stomach again, pinning my arms to my sides.”You’ve done well and deserve a reward, but I want to take precautions so you don’t throw away your progress!” she winked at me. I heard a crinkle of plastic and my heart leaped, my head jumping off the bed, hoping to see her opening a condom, bringing us closer to the time I was waiting for.I saw Melia pull out the condom, then reach behind her, grabbing my cock, bringing an involuntary thrust from me. “Now, now, that’s being naughty! I thought we were being good…Each time you move, trying to get more reward before I say you can, I will stop doing what I am doing üsküdar escort until you calm down…and we can wait allll night, if it comes to it.” I detected a waver in her voice, a quickening of breath, that assured me that her threat was empty, but I was still enjoying her game, so I played nice.”That’s a good boy-now you got it.” she said as she made a couple test strokes. It took a surprising amount of control for me to stay still, especially as she stroked me more and she rolled the condom down to the base of my cock. She then released her grip, replacing it quickly by sliding back to put me between her ass cheeks, keeping my arms pinned to my side while creating sweet friction to the point that I could have cum just from that. She slid up to face me, planting light kisses all over while still rubbing the head of my dick against her soaked pussy. “I have a secret” she whispered , nudging the tip of my dick in her opening. I fought the urge to thrust.”I have to have you!” she whispered in my ear, we both moaned as the head slid in deeper, the rest to follow tantalizingly slowly, her breathing becoming more sharp as the last couple inches slid home. She held me tightly as I grinded into her, getting as deep as possible as she continued kissing me. I finally freed my arms, taking advantage of her excitement, and slapped both hands hard on her ass, holding her forcefully down with me as deep as I could be, feeling her walls spasm as the first waves rocked her. I pulled up on her ass, giving me some room and leverage, and began to hammer her from underneath, slamming her like a jackrabbit, pushing her over the edge, feeling her pussy squeeze so tight I was afraid to thrust hard, thinking I might hurt her. Then Melia hit her full potential, slamming her ass down, holding me deep, and rocked her hips, extending her orgasm, but working faster, gaining momentum, then resting her upper body flat on me.Melia used her hips, holding her torso still, testing a couple slow strokes before setting a rhythm, pulling me almost completely out before taking me again, riding hard. The sound of our bodies slapping together nearly made me cum and I felt her pussy walls constricting and massaging up and down my length; she buried her face in my neck, biting my shoulder as I held her tight with both hands on her ass, shoving a finger in making her buck even harder as she came again even harder, and I could take no more. We both screamed in complete ecstasy, my cock filling the condom as we rocked together in mutual orgasm.

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