My Adorable Stepdaughter

My Adorable StepdaughterKristin was so adorable that I had to control my fantasies.My stepdaughter, Kristin, is really adorable! She has naturally blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that just melts my heart. I’m an amateur photographer and love taking pictures of her. She’s always eager to pose for me and I’ve never seen her strike a pose that wasn’t darling.Kristin is also very affectionate. From the moment I married her mother, she would give me hugs and would kiss me on the cheek at bedtime. We love to horse-play and often wrestle on the floor to see who can pin the other one down. We tickle each other and she laughs hard when I pin her down and tickle her.Kristin is now eighteen and is a knockout. One day she said, “All the boys at school want to get into my pants, daddy. What should I say to them?” “You tell them ‘NO WAY’ and walk away. They just want one thing and that’s another notch on their belt.”“Yeah, I know. And that’s more or less what I tell them.””Good,” I said and hugged her.She put her arms around my waist and hugged me back. It was an intimate moment that we’d never had before. So, I kissed the top of her head and she moaned and hugged me tighter. I was getting a hard-on, so I broke the hug.- – – – -That afternoon it was sunny and warm, so we went out to find a good place to take some pictures. I was getting quite a large portfolio of Kristin and planned to take it to a modeling agency in town.We found a nice park that seemed to never be used and walked out into a large field of green grass. Kristin posed for a dozen photos, all of them adorable, then I put my camera away.Then suddenly Kristin jumped on me, giggling and tickling me. We rolled around in the cool green grass, each trying to pin the other one down. Of course, I won and managed to lay down on her and was tickling her as my cock began to grow. My left leg was positioned between hers, so it was pressing on her crotch.I stopped tickling her and pinned her hands to the ground beside her head and said, “Now that I’ve yalova escort bayan got you pinned down, what are you going to do?”Kristin lost her smile and said, “Daddy! You have an erection!”“I do, sweetie. I’m sorry, but you’re just so darned adorable! That just happens to guys sometimes. I’m sorry,” I said and started to get up.“Daddy! Don’t get up,” she pleaded and pulled me back down.“What?” I said as we looked into each other’s eyes.“Do I turn you on, daddy? Is that why you have an erection?”“Yes, sweetie, but I shouldn’t have.”“Don’t say that. I know we love each other and, to be honest, I like the feel of your erection pressing against me.” Then she slowly thrust up against my hard-on.My vision blurred momentarily with the realization that my adorable little Kristin was humping my cock. I slowly humped her back as she put her arms around my neck and gave me a French kiss that startled me.I gladly returned her kiss as she moaned and humped me harder. I ran my fingers into her soft blonde hair as my cock got so hard that it hurt.Then she whispered, “Daddy, we can make love if you want to. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.”“Are you sure, Kristin?” I said as I pushed my cock hard against her crotch.“Mmm. Yes, daddy. I really want to.”“What if someone sees us?”“They won’t. Please make love to me.”I could not resist or deny my little Kristin what she wanted, so I rolled off of her and pulled her shorts and panties off. Then I pulled my cock out and was about to roll back between her legs…“Let me see it, daddy. And touch it,” Kristin whispered as she reached down and took my cock in her tiny fingers. Then she looked down at it and said, “It’s really big and hard!”I kissed her and said, “That’s what you do to me.” Then I ran my fingers over her pussy to discover that it was wet. I rubbed her clit and she moaned and thrust her hips against them.“Please make love to me, daddy,” she pleaded.So, I rolled over between her legs as she raised them up. I quickly found her entrance escort yalova and pushed my cock in about four inches and popped her hymen.”Ooh! Wait! That hurts!” Kristin moaned but kept her lips to mine.“It won’t hurt long, sweetie.”“Okay. Just hold still for a minute. The pain is going away.”Having just penetrated my adorable little stepdaughter, it was hard for me to hold still, but I managed by thinking about how thrilling it was going to be when I started to fuck her.After a minute or so, Kristin started to thrust on my cock and said, “I’m ready now. You can fuck me, daddy.”Hearing Kristin use the ‘F’ word was a first and a turn-on. So, I started to slowly push my cock into her, but she groaned when I went too deep, so I kept it at around seven inches.I said, “Wrap your legs around my waist.”When she did, she whispered, “Oh, daddy! It feels really good this way!”After about five minutes, Kristin was taking my whole nine inches without a problem.“This is so good, daddy! Now we can make love every day!” she whispered.I was about to shoot off, so I pulled out of her and rolled over.“Why did you stop? It was feeling so good!”“Because I was about to cum and I don’t want you to get pregnant.”“Okay. Can I suck you until you cum? Would you like that?”Without answering, I pulled her lips to mine, then pushed her head down towards my wet jerking cock. She took it in her little hand, licked it, then put it in her mouth. That’s all she had to do and I started to shoot off.”Mmm!” She moaned in surprise but didn’t pull away. She let me fill her young virgin mouth with cum, then swallowed it with an audible gulp.Afterward, we just held each other for a long time. We’d made love and that would forever change our relationship.- – – – -Needless to say, Kristin and I made love every time we had the opportunity. When her mother went out to do grocery shopping, we’d run to Kristin’s bedroom and make love for thirty minutes, always making sure that we were back watching TV when her mom returned. But I had yalova escort to always straddle her chest and cum in her mouth.One time while her mom was gardening in the backyard, I stood where I could watch her while Kristin gave me a nice blowjob. I held her little blonde head in my hands and fucked her face until I blew my load in her mouth.Then one day she whispered, “Guess what, daddy? I’m on the pill now.”“You are?”“Yes. They give them out at school to any girl who asks for them. And they don’t tell the parents!”“Wow!”“Now I can feel you cum inside me. I’ve wanted to feel that from the very beginning.”“Me too, sweetie.”- – – – -I’ll never forget the day I introduced Kristin to doggie. I had her lay face down on the bed with her feet on the floor. I got behind her, spread her feet apart, and eased my cock into her.“Oh, daddy! This position is SO GOOD! Why haven’t you shown it to me before?”“Because I wanted to be able to cum inside you in this position.”“Mmm. Now you can.”- – – – -By the time Kristin was nineteen, we’d fallen in love. When we both realized it, we cried with happiness.“I wish we could get married, daddy. That would be heaven.”“I know.”It was around three months later that her mother told me that she’d met someone and she wanted a divorce.“Okay,” I said. “I suspected that you were seeing someone. You’d go grocery shopping for two hours and return with only one bag of groceries.”“Why didn’t you say something?”“Well…I’ve been seeing someone too.”“Really!””Yes. So, divorce is no problem. We should see a lawyer as soon as possible.”“Okay,” she responded, puzzled by the sudden knowledge that I’d been seeing someone. Of course, she didn’t know that the person I was seeing was her daughter.During the divorce proceedings, the subject of Kristin was raised.“I’m nineteen now, mom, and I want to stay with daddy. I don’t want to change schools and live with another guy.”“Okay, dear. You can stay with Bill if that’s what you want.”- – – – -After the divorce was final, I booked a week-long cruise, and Kristin and I got married in a private ceremony in our suite. I’m sure that the Captain and our witnesses noticed and raised an eyebrow at the difference in our ages, but we didn’t care. We were in love and nothing else mattered.

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