My ATM IS MY FATHER IN LAWeliminadoeliminadoI am white 5ft 6in height and 55 Kgs weight. I have big boos and nice tits. I am married six months ago. My husband is a software engineer. He is aged 28 years. He always at work. Even at home he works for the company. He earned good name in the company. We live in a two bed room apartment.When ever I get mood for sex either he will be working or sleeping. I get disappointed. Even when he is awake he does not respond to my request. His cock is small three inches and thin. It gets erected after a long foreplay and he gets early ejaculation. He jast cum his semen and sleep. I get lot of disappointment. My very sexy since my school days and I had first sex at the age of 16 with my cousin. I am most disappointed.One day my Father in Law (FIL) came to our house from native village. He is aged about 48 years. He is a farmer. He has a good physique. He came here to see us. My mother in law is at home looking after the other k**s. At the first sight itself I thought I should seduce him and use him for my sex appetite.One day my husband telephoned saying that he has to go to USA for three months on official work and that he should leave tomorrow nite. I felt very happy because I am avail the opportunity to trap my Father in Law. That night my husband requested his father to stay back at our house till he comes back. My FIL first objected, but later he agreed to stay. That I had sex with my husband. As usual he had difficulty in erection. I was holding his cock and moving his foreskin up and down so that he would erection. My husband was standing naked and I was sitting on my knees. I was also naked. He was pressing my shoulders. I took his cock in my mouth and sucking. Finally it was erect for some length. He pushed on floor and inserted his small dick in my pussy. My pussy is wet and I was screaming. I was crying aloud” come on, fuck me hard. I want it with great speed”. I cried so loud it might reach the other room where my FIL was sleeping. He pushed three or four times and filled his cum in my pussy. I was dissatisfied and crying. He was looking hopelessly. He said ” I am sorry Priya. I am helpless. I am going to USA for three months. Be careful.” I heard some noise outside our bed room. I noticed my FIL was hearing and observing what was going on.Next day my husband got ready to go to USA. We all went to airport. Me and myfather in law gave him send off and came home at 11 pm. While coming from Airport I was thinking as to how to trap him. I was really sex hungry. After coming home we went to our respective room. I changed my dress. I wore a nighty. It was white and transparent. I did not wear panty nor bra. My body is visible. My FIL changed his dress. He canlı bahis şirketleri wore a lungi and a banian. I came out of my room. He was watching TV. I also sat with him. He looked at me. He may be wondering about my dress. I sat with cross legs. he was seeing my legs. I was watching TV . I sat for a half an hour. I stood. He was looking at my boos. They are visible. I know he wants to fuck me. I want him too. But who should bell the cat. It is a very sensitive issue. If the other partner does not yield, the matter may go my husband. Then there may be some problem. So I decided to go slow. I told my FIL ” I am getting sleep. If u need anything please call me. Do not hesitate.” and went to my bed room.He also switched off TV and went to his bed room. I was not getting sleep. It was about half fast 2 in the night. I got up and went to the other room to see what my FIL doing. I just peeped in. He was sitting on the bed and holding his cock in his hand. I was amazed. His cock is 9 inches long with 3 inches circumference. I have not seen such a big cock earlier. My blood became hot. My breath has increased. I was silently watching what he was doing. He started masturbating. He pushed his hand up and down. As he pushed it, he growing big. My pussy became wet. I thought I should break the ice. So I just went inside the room. He immediately stopped Masturbation and put his lungi on.Priya: what Mamji? Did u call me?FIL; Yeah. I am not getting sleep and feeling hungry. I want some milk.I said I will get it and when into kitchen. I brought a glass of warm milk. He was sitting on his cot. As I give the cup to him, I wantonly slipped it on his thighs. Then I started saying: Sorry FIL. Did it hurt you. I started cleaning the milk from his Lungi.As I bent, he was looking my breast. He said “No problem. I will clean myselfl.” He gently pushed my hand from his thighs. I insisted I should clean it. I asked him to change the lungi. I brought a lungi for him, and removed the went lungi. The cock was fully erect. I could control myself. I caught his cock and pushed it into my mouth. He was looking innocently. I started sucking his cock and screaming. He then started pressing my shoulders. He asked me to get up and removed my nighty. He started licking my cheeks. He was playing on clit with one hand. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and twisting. I also started giving support in my mouth. He then pushed me on his bed. He came on to me and holding my two breasts together, he started pushing his dick betwen my breasts. The big cock started touching my mouth. I started licking his cock top with my tongue. He pushed his cock into my mouth. He started fucking in my mouth. I swallowed his dick (Modda) upto canlı kaçak iddaa my throat. He started fucking with great speed. He finally filled my mouth with cum. He was very hot and tasty. I swallowed his cum. I cleaned his dick head with my tongue. I saw his eyes satisfied.FIL; Thank you priya. You gave me full satisfaction. Your mother indo not allow me to fuck her mouth. I have fantasy for it.You satisfied me. You ask whatever you want. I will give you.Priya: FIL. You are welcome. You are my Guest. I should satisfy you.I am also happy to have a large dick like yours in my mouth.Your son has a small dick and he does not allow me to suck it.FIL: I am here for three months. You ask me whatever you want. Ishall give you .Priya: I do not want anything, except your large cock. You shouldfill my mouth and pussy with your cock and kill me with yourvigor.FIL: OK. GRANTED. WHENEVER YOU WANT YOU CAN USE MY COCK (MODDA). MYCOCK IS LIKE YOUR BANK ATM. BANK ATM IS ANY TIME MONEY. BUT MYATM IS ANY TIME MODDA. YOU CAN USE IT AS YOU LIKE. IT IS ONLYFOR YOU AND NOT FOR OTHERS.Priya:(smiled_ Thank you Mama. I get you some nice drink.I went inside and brought Whisky. He poured into two glasses and added water. We had two rounds of whisky. He then started licking my breasts and nipples. I was holding his cock. It is getting harder. He sucked my nipples. I felt very happy. My pussy has wet once again. I widened my legs. He slowly moved towards my belly and started licking around my naval. I was pushing his head on my belly with one hand. He then slowly went down and started licking on my clit. I felt very happy. I was holding his head and pushing on my pussy. He was holding my clit with his lips. pushing his nose into my pussy. I widened my legs . He started licking my pussy. It was really amazing. I was screaming.“FIL. Please do it fast. I want it again and again”He pushed his tongue into my pussy and pushing it like a cock. He is fucking my cunt with his tongue. He was holding my thighs tightly. I was holding his down to my cunt.“Isssssssssh. Do it fast. I am not able to control it.”He pushed his tongue down into my cunt and fucking like a parrot.He suddenly got up and sat between my legs and pushed his cock into my flusy pussy. I felt happy. He pushed his 9 inches cock into my cunt . My cunt it in full length. He then started pushing his GOLEDEN COCK (Bangaru Modda) into my pussy (Pooku) with great speed. Pushed in and out with speed. The cock was touching my belly. I was giving him support from my tits. He fucked me with full speed and filled his cum in my pussy. It was hot. He then spilled some cum on my face. I swalled his cum. I cleaned his dick head with my mouth.FIL: Priya. How did u feel the punch canlı kaçak bahis of this old man.Priya: It was fantastic. That is why old is gold. Yours is reallya Golden Gun. I want it permanently.FIL: Priya. This Golden Gun belongs to your mother in law. She willcry if she comes to know of it.Priya: FIL. Really mother in law lucky to have it.I started moving his cock up and down. He was pressing my breast.FIL: Priya. I want to ask you one thing. You should oblige me.Priya: FIL. I will oblige you with whatever you want.FIL; Priya. I have fantasy of fucking a woman like a dog.Priya: You mean doggey style.FIL: yes Priya.Priya: It is not a big thing FIL. You can use my cunt (pooku) as youlike. Kill my pussy with you Golden Gun.Then I bent down holding a side of the cot. He then pushed his cock into my pussy from rear and started fucking a dog. Really it is fantastic. I appreciated his fantasay and imagination. He was fucking like a big dog. He pushed his cock in and out with great speed. My breast was moiving like a big mangoes on treet. He was holding my groans and fucking like hell. He filled my pussy with his cum.Priya: Have you satisfied FIL.FIL; I have satisfied priya. You are really my sex god. I think Ishould give you full satisfaction.Priya: Thank you, sir. I really love your cock.We then slept on the same cot.Next day morning we got up little late. I brought him coffee. He was holing my hand requested that we should take shower together. I agreed.At about 11AM we went to the bath room. He opened the shower. He undressed me. I undressed him. He applied soap on my body. I applied soap on his body. I played with his balls and cock. Cock started growing big. He then pushed me into the tub and pushed his cock in my cunt. He started kissing me profusely all over my body. I was moaning and screaming with great joy. He then pushed his cock in my cunt. He fucked me in the water. Sometimes he used to stop fucking so that semen will not come out quickly. He fucked me in the water for about half hour and finally filled my cunt with his cum. I cleaned his cock and came out of the tub and took bath under shower. He wiped the water on my body and I did it on his body.We had lunch at 2 pm and Matinee show at 2.30 pm (fucking on the style of Woman on top) for half an hour and slept till 8 p.m. Then I prepared dinner and after dinner we had sex play as usual till early hours of the days. Like this we spent three months. I used simply call him ATM and he used to be ready with cock in hand. It is really a very good sex experience. Though he is a old man, not really old, he had good expertise in sex and sex play. So my dear girls, have sex with your father in law whenever you like. It does not go out and you can enjoy your life. Even if hubby is good at fucking, have a spare fucker i.e. father in law for day time fucking. Enjoying fucking with father in law. I shall tell you more about my fucking ATM (FATHER IN LAW) in other stories. OK enjoy housewives.

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