My bf dominates me


My bf dominates meI’m 18, female, and I’ve never had sex. I had told my boyfriend about my bondage fetish and that I thought about it almost everyday, he told me we would have to wait until I was legal and he’d give me what I wanted.Today’s my birthday and I’m so excited to see him, (long distance relationship) he told me everything would be perfect if I just listened to him. He pulled into my driveway and without hello kisses or hugs, he demanded me into front seat his car. After I had buckled up he opened the door and put a blindfold across my eyes, this excited me even more because I recognized the type of blindfold and made me think he had other toys for me. I heard the car engine start rumbling again and we were driving, I dont know how far we went, or where we went but it felt like eternity. I began asking him some questions and he told me to shut up or he would put a gag ball bursa escort in my mouth, and of course, I kept talking until he forced the ball between my teeth and latched it behind my neck. Every now and then he reached over and rubbed me through my panties and shorts which made me squirm all over the seat and gag harder trying to moan and beg him to keep doingI could feel that the car had stopped moving, and he turned the engine off. I felt him lean over me and lay my seat down completely, on his way back to his seat I felt his warm breath against my neck and his teeth biting gently. He said, ‘Do you have any idea how sexy you look in that gag and blindfold? So.. – innocent, and vulnerable to my demands. Roll over and get on your knees.’ I did as I was told quickly, I heard the rip and felt the cold air against my skin as he tore my thin shirt off. He slipped down my panties and bursa escort bayan shorts off my legs and onto the floor board . ‘ I’ll take your gag out, mainly because you’re fucking drooling all over my seats but you’re going to only speak when I tell you to.’ He unsnapped the latch on the back and it fell out and rolled down into the seat. He asked,’Now what do you say, bitch?'”Uhf, Thank you Austin!” I could’ve bet my pussy was already dripping without him even touching it, then, SMACK right on my ass and it stung so badly.’WRONG BICTH! Try again!'”I-I’m sorry! Thank you master”‘Much better, now shut up until I tell you to speak.’ I quietly said yes sir and nodded my head. I heard the car door open and slam shut and he was in the back seat in front of me. ‘I want you to deep throat my cock in one try.’ I bit my lip procrastinating, because he knows I have a sensitive gag escort bursa reflex, and also his cock is a good 7 inches. Not only was it long but it was really thick too. ‘If you gag or can’t get it in, you know I’ll have to punish you, or force it.’ I opened my mouth and felt his thick cock head slip in and against my throat, I pushed myself forward until I had about 5 inches in, and I gagged pulling myself off his cock. I was dissapointed in myself. He said, ‘Maybe your ass can take it. I know you’ve never had anal before and spit on it good because that’s all the lube you’re getting.’ I lapped my tongue around my mouth and spit onto his dick, before I could spit on it a second time he was already out and behind me. He pulled my arms behind me and handcuffed them there. I begged, “Oh, Austin, please fuck my ass, I’ve wanted this so long, please!” I curved my back down so my ass would stay up more. ‘Hmm. I think your ass might just need something else first.’ I recognized the flip of a lighter and knew instantly where he was going, not before too long I was squirming all over the seat from hot wax dripping onto me.

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