My Cousin Jackie


My Cousin JackieCousin JackieBy Short StrokerHere’s a tale about something that happened unexpectedly. My job required me to travel out of town with a co-worker for a job that would take a week. My mother suggested I look up one of her cousin’s k**s since she lived in the area where I would be working. I knew the girl and I figured I’d give her a call and fulfill my obligation. I made contact with her before leaving town and she was excited to hear I was coming to town. Once we arrived I talked to her by phone and she invited me and my co-worker to dinner. She picked us up at our motel and drove us to her place. I had to sit in the rear because I came closest to fitting between her two c***d seats. Steve, my co-worker sat up front. He, like I, was married but never met a woman he wouldn’t fuck if given the opportunity. He got flirty right away and kept touching her on the knee, forearm etc. I was a little put off, but what could I say? She didn’t push his hand away. She was as they say, unhappily married with two young k**s. Her husband was a truck driver who spent many nights away from home to support them. I suppose she liked the attention. We ate at her place and Steve decides it would be nice to have a few drinks. I was elected to stay with her k**s while they went shopping. Needless to say, I felt like this was going to be a drag. They returned all laughs and good times. Steve proceeded to get drunk. Jackie and I had to deal with him after the k**s fell asleep. Eventually Steve passed out for a short while and then we had to get his big ass up and to the car. She dropped us off at the motel and I apologized for Steve’s conduct. (For those wondering, the lady next door stepped over to stay with the k**s while Jackie took us back to the motel.)I called her again and she thought that before we left town we should go out to dinner somewhere. We decided on a place and she met us there. It was adjacent to the motel so we walked over. We had a good meal and some laughs about Steve’s drunken evening. Steve the octopus was at it again. He was constantly leaning in and touching the top of her hand, her knee and anywhere else he could. Finally we were through and Jackie said she should go. Steve insisted that she meet us at the motel bar for just one drink. To my surprise she accepted the offer and met us there. We hadn’t been there very long and the bartender said they had to close so we finished up. We said our good byes and I thought the evening was over but Steve insisted Jackie come up to our room. In the words of Forrest Gump, I’m not a smart man but I knew where Steve wanted this to go. Problem was that we had work in the morning and I had nowhere to hang out of sleep if they, “Got busy.” We went inside and I sat on the first bed and she followed Steve bebek escort and sat on the second bed with him. We turned the TV on and talked. I noticed something seemed different and looked over to my right. Steve had cousin Jackie on her back, kissing her and feeling her tits up. I think it’s human instinct to watch people about to fuck so I admit I stared and became aroused. I also felt out-of-place too. I guess Jackie came to her senses and realized she and Steve were not alone in the room and she looked at me in the eye and motioned for me to come over to their bed. Cousin or not, I wasn’t turning that invitation down. I got over there and without a word she began kissing me. I felt her tongue probe my mouth. I fondled her left tit as Steve kissed her neck and alternated between fondling her right tit and rubbing her pussy through her jeans. This went on for a while and eventually Jackie felt uncomfortable wearing her bra around her neck so she sat up and removed her shirt and bra. She hurriedly laid back down to enjoy our attention. Both of us boys quickly went to suck on her hard nipples. I went to rub her pussy but Steve’s hand had already found it. Her hips gyrated and her breathing was heavy. I felt her hand rubbing my cock through my jeans so I sat up and quickly pulled my shirt off and opened my jeans freeing my dick. Her hand went to it as we kissed. I looked over and realized that while Steve was sucking her right tit he had taken his cock out and she was two fisted pumping dicks while we kissed, sucked and fondled her. When I did catch her pussy available I could feel the heat through her jeans. I started to undo the button of her jeans so get a better feel and she stopped me. It seems with her being married she set limits. The kissing, fondling, groping and sucking kept going. I could tell my cock was leaking loads of precum due to the ease her hand slid up and down my shaft now as she pumped. Superman Steve either came and didn’t announce it or his cock has callouses. I told her I was about to cum and she just kept pumping. I didn’t want to cum on Steve’s bed so I stood up and Jackie pulled away from Steve to ask what I was doing. I told her I was about to cum and that I wanted her to finish me off in her mouth. Steve is watching me standing there holding my dick and she tells me she can’t go home and kiss her husband after I cum in her mouth, for that matter it wouldn’t be fair to Steve. Disappointed and disheartened I watched them go back to their make out session and I pumped my cock. My target was the trash can. Actually, the release was great and the feel of my hot swollen cock pulsating in my hand as I came was pretty cool. I would have preferred her feeling it whitewashing her cervix. levent escort I went to the bathroom and wiped off a little and I think Steve might have nutted in her hand or on his bed spread. Either way, the party seemed to be winding down. Jackie laid there with her chest flushed red and patchy. Out of breath she said she really must go home. Good ol Steve told her to just stay a little long to compose herself. They sat there him leaning against the headboard and she against his chest. They were whispering and getting playful again. Next thing they were kissing and it seemed to start over again. This time I was a little confused. No one called me over so I didn’t know if I was included this time. I had the good sense to realize the Jackie included me last time, out of pity I suppose. Steve certainly had no intention of sharing. She was on her back now and Steve to her right. He was keeping his mouth to hers and firmly groping her pussy. She was bucking and moaning. His dick was still out and rigid against her upper thigh. I suppose she didn’t notice her pants being unfastened until he slid his hand inside her panties and parted her lips. I knew he’d entered her by her sudden tenseness and her gasp. He kept kissing her hard so she couldn’t speak. My cock was hard as it was before. I’d seen lots of porns but being in the same room watching to people make out and fuck is far hotter. I thought then that if I were to get any more action tonight I better find a way to put myself into the game. At that moment I stepped to the foot of the bed and took Jackie’s pant legs at the cuff and pulled them off her. Now I could see Steve deeply finger fucking her under her panty. When he realized her pants were gone he quickly started pushing her panties down to her upper thighs. I was standing there watching. Her eyes were closed and she never noticed the audience nor would she have cared at that moment. Steve quickly pulled her panties off and dove face first into her soaking pussy. I’m sure it was a wet mess but he didn’t seem to mind. She was squeezing her on tits and withering as he ate her out. Here was the perfect chance. I laid down to her left again and kissed her. I replaced her left hand with mine on her tit. I then moved down to suck her tits and she placed her hands on the back of Steve’s head. She was not going to let him leave her pussy platter until he’d eaten all of it. I got the nerve to stand up and lean towards her face. I pointed my cock at her face and when she opened her eyes to see where I’d gone she was staring at my cock. Without hesitation she took me in her mouth. I felt as good as any pussy I’d ever had and at that moment, it helped decrease the building jealousy of sharing her with Steve. halkalı escort I would have never tried to seduce her. If she’d tried to seduce me I would not have resisted. He’s the one that got us this far and I’d already nutted once and was now having my cock sucked by an attractive young woman. So I told myself that I should not be jealous and just enjoy the moment. Hell, for that matter, I should feel guilty messing with a married woman while married myself. Her being a cousin didn’t bother me too much. Most people would get over that in the heat of the moment.Steve must have noticed her movement twisting towards me and saw her sucking my cock. He then sprung into action. He mounted her and raw dogged her (no condom worn). It was becoming a little difficult for her to properly suck my cock so after a while she came off my dick long enough to request a change of positions. Steve got up on his knees. His cock pointed outward and upward at a 45 degree angle shining with her pussy juice. Jackie motioned for me to sit against the headboard and she got on all fours. She went down to swollen my cock and Steve needed no encouragement to rub his shiny cock up and down her slick slit and push back in. He held her hips and really gave her a good fucking. I was becoming envious because her ass offered up like that looked so sexy being used for carnal pleasures. This wasn’t love making, this was fucking!There something powerful watching a woman submissively sucking your cock and looking up at you appearing to plead for your approval. It’s sexy fucking a girl doggy style. I like it with the hips rotated up and the head on the mattress. My hands on their hips puts me in complete control. Who am I k**ding, I like a submissive woman sometimes and other times I like a confident, take charge kind of woman that pushes my face into her thighs and rides me like a rodeo bronco. I couldn’t take it much longer and I came from all the excitement watching her being used as a fuck toy and from her cock sucking skills. She continued sucking after I came until she felt Steve cumming inside her. He pumped a few extra strokes for good measure and then rolled off. Jackie noticed the time and shot up like a startled a****l. She scrambled to the bathroom to clean the cummy mess running out of her up and was telling us she had to get back, she was already way too late. Steve lay back on his bed and as she left she kissed me as I closed the door behind her telling me to call her soon. Post Script… I stayed in touch with her but became depressed about the whole affair once it become obvious she wanted me to stay in contact with her so she could ask about Steve. I assume she had tried to maintain contact with him and he ignored her since she was just some slut he tag teamed in another town. We’ve seen each other several times since but she never speaks of that night and has never suggested we get together. Not long after that she and her husband split. She didn’t get pregnant but I think she got restless. My regret to this day is that I never got to sample her pussy and now its not likely I ever will.

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