my dad part two


my dad part twoMY DadPart TwoWe just lead on the bed looking at each and I said “dad don’t men have hair down there he must get really cold in the winter” he said “yes all men have hair there, like women but I shave it off don’t really like it because it hitches in the summer when you sweet, with women I like shaved pussys and I think most men do too, looks nice and clean and very sexy, have you started to shave yours yet” he asked “ I said “yes I have done it once but my hair don’t grow very fast” he said “babe have you had sex with other boys or men before because by the look of the sheet you were a virgin” I said “no would not think about, boys have asked many times for me to show them mine if they showed me there’s, I did once but, but was really surprised at how small a thing he had, it was really very little with these two lumps hanging down, I now know what they are and what comes out of them” still reaching down between my legs and getting his cum on my fingers and licking it off, he said “do you like the taste of that” I said Mmmmm very nice but thick, and tastes a little bit salty,” I did not say anything else just got up on my knees and took old of his now soft cock, his skin was covering most of his nob but I could anadolu yakası escort still see the eye which had a bubble of juice glistening in it, I bent down and with my tongue tip just licked it off, running my tongue round the top of his nob I started to push it just under his foreskin and nob, he was still really very wet under there and I realised this must have been some of his cum which had not dried off him, he his tasted really very nice and I could feel myself starting to feel like I wanted him inside me again, this over whelming feeling for something to make me happy and I knew what it was too,, with my tongue I pushed back his foreskin and stared to lick around the base of his nob where his juice was still thick and tasted of pee too, I did not mind though in fact it was very sexy and was making me feel like doing things you would only do with a boyfriend not your dad, I was gently licking and just teasing the top of his nob in and out of my lips, and I felt his hand on the cheeks of my ass with his fingers in between them and rubbing up and down my ass hole and still very wet cunt, as I licked his cock I noticed every time I licked the front of his nob close to the bottom where pendik escort his foreskin joins the trunk of his cock there was this little notch and every time my tongue went over he seemed to push his whole body up toward my tongue, my cousin told me men and women have a spot where it really turns them on and makes them cum if you keep playing with it, I was licking his nob and playing with the peace of skin at the back of his cock and I noticed that he was moving with what I was doing, so I started rolling this skin between my finger and thumb, just rubbing it gently in tiny circles movements, I could now see and feel his whole body trembling and there was fresh juice in the eye of his prick, it was hard as rock and his breathing had changed to a heavy intake, something told me this was what turned him on and it really excited me as my own juices where flowing from my pussy and I felt him push two fingers deep in my ass, after a few times of pushing them in and out he pulled them out and licked them, he then push them back in one at a time, It made my morn and he said “ how does that feel with three in there babe” all I could say was “mmmmmmmmmmmmm” just as I answered I could feel his other arm pushing tuzla escort between my thigh and his body and then it was by my clit which was now soaking wet, with is hand he reached up and inserted three fingers in to my pussy and pulled it down, as he did it felt like hid whole hand was inside me and I just could not stop myself from screaming for more, it felt like my whole body was about to explode, I had has cock in my mouth, nibbling from the top down to the base and sucking, I pulled his balls with my hands and I knew he was about to cum because he tried to pull away, but I would not let him, he pushed his hand in my pussy and started to pull it in and out and his three fingers by this time were deep in my ass, there was nothing I could do and my body throbbed and tingled, and I sprayed my juice all over his body, he was soaking wet, just has I cum I felt his whole body go tense and he tried again to pull his cock out of my, but I pulled his cock back in as far as I could, with other hand I was pulling and squeezing his balls and rolling them around in my hand, his body was really tense and I felt this thick warm cum, then I could feel his cock pumping, he had loads of sperm at least a glass full, must of it slide down my throat , coating it in a lovely thick coat I was swelling the rest around my mouth with my tongue and really taking time to taste it, it is something hard to explain what it tasted like all I can say is IT WAS VERY NICE AND I WANT LOTS MORE OF IT TO(will be continued)Comments please

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