MY DAUGHTER CAUGHT HER DAUGHTER BLOWING MEby Walter WMy daughter’s name is Kathleen. Her daughter’s name is Denise. The mother is forty and the daughter only twenty. I’m seventy and my name is Walter. This story is about Kathleen catching Denise giving Walter a blowjob. It happened during one of Denise’s many visits to check on the welfare of her tired old grandpa. He was taking a bath when the k** let herself in.“Grandpa!” she cried out. “Where are you?” she asked with a concerned voice. When I yelled out where I was, she didn’t think twice about storming right into the bathroom to see if I was okay. Well, that’s when the k** found out the old man was more than okay. He was leaning back in the tub with a big smile on his face and his boner in his hand. The fact is, my young granddaughter had caught me in the middle of my daily jerk off session. What was a guy to do? I looked right at her looking right at my stiff one. The k** looked stunned, but in a pleasant sort of way. That’s when I had a feeling that this day would be like no other. Without saying anything, and with a sly grin on her real cute face, Denise knelt down by the side of the tub, and without warning, reached for my cock. The next thing I knew, the real cute honey was doing the jerking for me, making my dick feel better than it’s felt in years. “Jesus, honey! You’d better stop doing that!”“Why, Grandpa? Doesn’t it feel good?” she asked with her cutesy smile. “It feels real good, baby! In fact, it feels TOO good!” I told her feeling myself about to let go. “You’re gonna make it pop if you don’t stop.”Denise didn’t listen. She kept right on jerking. “Let it pop, Grandpa! I really want to see you cum. I’ve never seen an old man cum! C’mon, Grandpa! Cum for me!” the k** said, then made sure I did.Just like that, she was almost in the Goddamn tub with me, her face in my lap and her mouth around my dick. Lord knows, I didn’t want to cum inside Denise’s mouth, but the little darling gave me no other choice. Her Goddamn licking tongue and sliding lips took me all the way to the end and I let go like it was nothing. Her being my granddaughter bahis siteleri meant nothing to me. All that mattered was cumming inside the k**’s mouth. That was the first time she blew me. On her next visit, my granddaughter and me did more than just a blowjob in the bathtub. She did it on my bed with her lying naked on top of me. That time, I got to eat the young tasty pussy of a twenty-year old girl while she got to suck on the revitalized cock of a seventy year old man. You might say I definitely got the better of that deal. On her next visit, the blowjob didn’t come first. It came right after she fucked me. Yeah! You heard me right! The k** fucked me, not the other way around. Hey! I’m fucking seventy years old! Standing up and humping my body back and forth just ain’t gonna happen anymore. At my age, you lie on your back and let the young honey sit on your cock. That way, she does all the work, and let me tell you, young Denise DID all the work, grinding her nice ass to my groin while her big tits heaved and her body bounced. Talk about a real great fuck? The k** got me good, then did me good . . . with her sucking mouth.Okay! This is where it gets interesting. We should have stopped with the fuck knowing we were cutting it real close. Denise’s mother was supposed to come over to make me dinner and the time for her arrival was getting very, very near. I told my granddaughter that, but Denise just wouldn’t listen. She said we had plenty of time and not to worry. Her mother was always late anyway, she said as my cock slid into her mouth and she started licking. Guess what? My daughter got punctual at the wrong time.I was on the couch on my back. Denise was lying on top of me, her pussy by my face, my cock to her throat. I heard the door lock click, but it was way too late to do anything. All I could do was watch as Kathleen walked into the room. Denise’s mouth froze in place around my cock. Kathleen froze in place where she was. I did nothing but hold on to my granddaughter’s ass and stare right at her mother’s eyes. Interestingly, they said the exact opposite of what her mouth said. She told canlı bahis us with her words she was very disappointed and very upset with both of us. The thing was, that wasn’t what we read in her lusty eyes. We both saw a far different picture than what my daughter was saying. There was no disappointment and anger showing in Kathleen’s eyes. All we could see was lust and envy.Acting on what she saw, Denise moved quickly, striking while the iron was hot, or in this case, while another pussy was heating up. “Don’t pretend you’re angry when you’re not,” she told her mother while moving behind Kathleen. “We both know what you’re thinking and we’re all thinking the same thing.”Kathleen could have said no. She should have said nom but she didn’t. She said absolutely nothing as Denise unbuttoned the back of her dress and helped her mother strip down to her bra and panties. After that, my daughter just had to speak. Her daughter had unhooked her bra and was holding both her bare breasts inside her hands while standing behind Kathleen. “Denise, honey! What . . . what are you doing?”Denise’s wet lips nuzzled her mother’s face cheek. “I’m playing with you beautiful titties!” she told her mother, then started playing with something else. “Mmm, nice wet pussy!” she said while her fingers rubbed Kathleen’s panties and her tongue licked inside her mother’s ear. Her mother didn’t like that, but I sure as shit did.“Denise! Stop it this instant!” she told her daughter while squirming to free herself from Denise’s grasp. As for me, I had a real good grasp on my cock, watching with an avid interest as Denise’s hand moved inside the panties and found something real nice to rub on. “Oh, no, no! Denise, nooooo!” Kathleen cooed as her daughter gave a real good rub to her love bud. “We . . . we can’t do . . . do . . . ohhhhhh, Coll!”That was all it took. Suddenly, the panties and bra were on the floor and the older brunette just as ready as the younger one. There was no turning back now and Denise made sure of it. “See Grandpa’s big hard cock? Betcha like to suck on it!”Kathleen looked at me through her glazed eyes. “Yes, güvenilir bahis yes! Suck on it!”“How ‘bout fucking him too? Grandpa would love that!”“Ohh, yes, yes! I’ll fuck him too, then suck him off again!”I was damn near ready to pop my Goddamn load when she said that. How could one guy be so Goddamn lucky? “Now, baby, now!” I cried out and got my wish. A very anxious Kathleen squirmed out of Denise’s grasp and pounced on her old man like she wanted it even more than I did. Turns out, she did.“Ohhh, uhmmmm, Daddy! I love your cock! Please let me suck on it!” Naturally, I didn’t say no. “Yeah, baby, yeah! You do whatever you want and suck on it,”Her delicious wet lips came around it and my daughter bobbed her head like crazy while using her tongue to lick wherever she could. “Ohhhh, uhmmm, ahhhhh, uhmmmm!” Kathleen moaned while sucking, groaned while licking, and sighed while jerking. The old man couldn’t have been happier. Denise was great at sucking cock, but her mother was even better. She sucked a load out of me, swallowed it all, then fell onto the floor for a waiting Denise.Somehow, I knew this was going to happen. I saw the joy my granddaughter was deriving from playing with her mother’s body. It stood to reason that she’d want even more joy with Kathleen and her turned-on body. I just didn’t know the joy I’d derive from seeing Denise’s face going between her mother’s legs with her tongue and lips making Kathleen happier than both of us. “Oh, God! God! Denise! Don’t . . . don’t stop! I . . . I love it!”Much to the joy of both Kathleen and me, Denise didn’t stop eating her mother’s very excited pussy. The k** licked and sucked while her mother moaned and moved. It was by far the most arousing thing I’d ever seen until my granddaughter assumed the same position she did with me.That, my friends, was the most arousing thing I had ever seen. Two women licking each other at the same time, especially these two women, was arousing enough to get any man hard again, even a man as old as me.Since that day, Kathleen doesn’t catch her daughter and me. She doesn’t catch us because the two of them come together. It only happens once or twice a month because an old man like me can’t take it much more than that. But when it does happen, it’s enough to make an old man feel very young again. More to Cum . . . if I live long enough.

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