My dirty wife


My dirty wifeMe and my wife was out one night for a few drinks and as I remember its not often we get time to actually socialise as we have busy life’s so we decided to throw caution to the wind do and just get a good few drinks down us and let loose like you do. My wife is a larger lady in her 40s but that wasn’t stopping her from taking over the dance floor and she had guys dancing along but nothing out of the ordinary. As the night went on she was attracting all kinds of attention and had people buying us drinks but still in a nice way. I got talking to this guy as his wife was doing the exact same thing and at this point me and thisaid guy was just sat knocking back a few drinks. Fast forward to the ensure of the night and 5 his guys like fancy comming back to ours and keeping the parted going? He said it’s not just us as he had a few friends out with them so a just thought OK as his wife and mine were dancing with each other most of the night. We all piled into taxis and set off. The first thino I thought was he had a nice house so in we all go and him and his wife are getting the drinks flowing. His wife sits next to me n starts chatting and gets a photo album n started flicking through. I kept noticing the odd one she had her tits out and there were nice and round. After that I could do stop looking at them and thinking wow… then she leans back long ways on the sofa with her feet up on me and was just dieing to try catch a glimpse up between her thies. All I could here was my wife in the kitchen laughing her head of saying it’s time for drinking games. Now this guys wife wife was just laying back but jumped at the chance. konak escort I realy couldn’t be bothered so sat it out. So I hear laughing and a gup runs in with his cock out laughing answer said I lost the first round then didapires again then next this guys wife runs in holding her dress uo showing off her knickers. I laughed but was realy feeling drunk at this point. Then I hear laughing and my wife runs in comes strate up to me whips my cock out and suck en it for 30 seconds or so and everyone came in to watch. Then these said just just plain the game in the room where i was. They had some sort of truth of dare game where you had to do a shot them do the truth or dare. So we’re in the room and the next person to loose what one or the guys friends and the girl were saying get cock out and jump up and down laughing. This guy stud up laughing and whipped it out……… I shit you not the room went silento. .. that thing was fucking HUGE and as he jumped up n down it go erect and he couldn’t 3ven put it away after till it slackened off a bit.. the next person to loose was the guys wife ad the guys were all saying strip and off her clothes came. The thing is the she never put them back on again and she lost again strate after. The guys were saying suck someone dick and she bade a bline for me n got to sucking. My wife was too drunk to care oddy it 2 as sooooooo relaxing. She just kept going and the guys were like let’s play upstairs. . No I could see what was coming but iv still got this guys wife making love to my cock with her. Her husband laughed ando said my wife lost loads of times in the kitchen and konak escort bayan they all laughed even my wife. So now there heading upstairs all merry and laughing.. no this blowjob was so amazing I had my head layed back with one leg up on the back of the sofa with my legs spred and I felt like a king. She stopped and said to me do you want to go up and see what’s going on so off we popped. There still going with the game but I think my wife has a bra on and one guy had one sock on. I joined in one more game as in more or less fully clothed and I lost so I removed some clothes and awaited my dare. wife said the dare is to sit in a arm chair they had in the bed room. Get sucked off. While her husband and his 3 mates kissed and fondled my wife. His wife spared my legs over the side of the armed chair and started biking the most sensual blowjob iv ever had….so no I’m sat watching my wife and she’s fucking loving it. She’s got one guy waving his cock in her face so iv shouted suck it. Now this sent theses guys into over drive. Noel she’s getting both nipples sucked guys cock swaping with her mouth. The guy eating her out wanted to switch and other was that big dick motherfuker. Her husband got his cock strate up her and started pounced. No I’m torne between watching my amazing Head and watching my wife. I could see her husband slowing so I said cum in her mouth. At this point she got her mouth at full streach trying to suck this guys bell end. My wife couldn’t get it out of her mouth I time so be blew most of his load in her face. No I see this guy moving round getting ready to enter her. escort konak The thing was that huge i felt strange as I couldn’t stop staring at it. He started to push it up her and I shit you not she cum and he’s only had the head in. I must admit it tho he was nice with it and just fucked her slowly and was edging a tat more in after a few stroks but every time ever she claimed up he eased off. He moved up to sucking her tits as one gup was in her mouth and the other was just down there literally hammering her. She had to stop sucking the guys cock that’s how rough this guy was going. I don’t want to sound budesign but I shouted cum up her hole as I could see my wife wasnt as ecstatic an she was whither big dick. He’s mould the thing up to her mouth and I could see it was almost like she was more intrested in big dick. I told the other guys that smash her as hard as and fast as you can as knowing he’s going g to blow his load up hey. He banged he’d do fast the other guys cum was oozing out of her and the he stiffens up and does the whole cum Jerking thing and his come poured out as he went softin her. Now big dick geting to go up my wife but this 5ime he drive than huge thing up her and I see my wife’s face ready to orgasm and he stopped dead… then sets of again. Now he is pounding her but with a quater of it then stops again. He composes his self and goes up further his time. Sory buy this time his wife’s just wanking me off and we’re both watching. I shit you not on his 3rd pump a river October cum poured out of her but is face didn’t change a fit (always found that strange) I was right at the point myself and was thinking about coming in her mouth as that’s our thing but I ended going off in this guys wifes had. And I always remember feeling bad as he has a black carpet and I just cum alover ithe. ….. the end hope there’s not to many spelling mistakes as im not on my computer. Just a tablet

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