my fantasy shared…. 3


my fantasy shared…. 3instant panick SHIT… But before i had chance to make up some shit story he said plz dont stop cos of me id like to watch you 🙂 your bodys fit as fook. Ok i agreed id like that 🙂 the man was leaning in through the open window so i slowly climbed over to the passenger seat rolling my hips as i went, i was knelt over the seat bum poking out towards the man, feel me if youd like mr so he did straight on it his kadıköy escort hands cassered my pert bum cheeks opening them up and slapping them raw. Pull my pantys down plz sir… I felt his big hands slowly follow my curves till they were hanging off my ankles WOW i feel so naughty :). The heavy handed man takes it upon himself to finger fuck my arse, he must of done it before because soon enough üsküdar escort he had 4 fat fingers in me and trying for more by the feel of it. Slowly but very firmly i felt his thrusts untill he drew back and forced one last time, i let out a yelp as his clenched fist wripped past my tight ring and got buried deep in me, then he stopped wrist deep in me i was at his mercy and helpless. He tuzla escort let me wriggle and adjust my hole to fit his arm before i started rocking back on to it taking abit more each time before yo know it half his forearm is swollowed up by my quivering bum hole. Then he said grab hold tight of sumat before i had chance to he pulled back his arm till his knuckles were at the point of popping past that little ring and hammered me like a machine would, thrust after thrust after thrust i took every one after hed wrecked my precious bum hole and withdrew his limb i was left a trembling mess with a gaping wide arse hole he stepped back to admire the view before him while i tryd bringing myself together after a proper pounding.

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