my first black girl


my first black girlthis started last weekend when i was at a do and chatting to a pal of mine when his wife arrived a slim very attractive black girl with the biggest bubble butt you have ever seen, my pal aksed me do u fancy her or something, i said sorry but i couldnt take my eyes of her butt, she had leggings on which were so tightly stretched you could see her thong,my pal said i dont care if you do because we have a little fantasy/ bet going on, really what is is it i said, come with me and he led me to the toilets where he said she has a fantasy about being shagged by a white guy but he must have a big cock,i said i can do that, ok with that istanbul escort he whipped out a long black cock, it must be a big as this, yeah ok no we went back in and he said to his wife we need to leave and off we set to his place, once there she went to change, we had a drink, and she put on on a porno showing white guys fuclikng black chics,we she returned she said are you enjoying that, oh yeah as my cock got hard in anticipation with that she let her robe fall and she stood there in the tinyest g string possible, with her pussy hair sticking our either side, lets see avcılar escort boys what we have her hubby was 1st and i noticed although his cock was hard it was no bigger than before, then it was my turn, i turned my back to her slide down my jeans and pants gave a my cock a quick shake then there it was all 9inches standing hard i turned round and i could see by the look on her face she was impressed, with that she said my hubby dont do pussy licking, will you, with that i pushed her gently back on the sofa lifted her legs over my shoulders and started to lick her slit and clit, she was soon dripping wet and very close şirinevler escort to coming, then she tensed and started to squirt, while she was doing this she flipped over and begged me to do her ass, no hesitation i was nuts deep in a flash banging away at this big booty. her huby was wanking furiously then he walked over and spunked all over her back, this really turned me on and i pulled out and did the same floods of cum over her ass and back,she then turned over and licked us both clean, and asked me to show her hubby next time how to lick pussy, no problem i said and left.when i got home i my wife said did you get any action tonight and told her what had happened, as i told her she played with her pussy until she came then she beckenend me over she said i want to taste her on your cock, and sucked me back to hardness then she got me to tell the story again as i fucked her ass and i came all over as well.we hope to have some fun with this couple next weekend.

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