My first cursing meet

Female Ejaculation

My first cursing meetMy first cursing meet, a number of years ago now. I had parked in the lay by a number of times before and watched what was happening, quite happy to stroke my cock knowing what was happening around me. Guys would walk past and glance in but i always covered myself up. I would see some guys leaning into windows, knowing that they were wanking someone. On this day in question i had parked and was already hard i slipped my jeans down a little so i could free myself. A car then parked in front of me it ws just getting dark so you could still see quite well. After a few minutes i decided this was it i couldn’t keep sitting in the car i had to get out. Did my jeans back up and got out the car i walked to the back of my car and to the side knowing the guy could see me through his wing mirror if he looked, i was sure he was as i could see him moving and was sure he was wanking himself. I released my hard cock and stood side on pretending to piss thinking if this went wrong i could say i needed to go. I made sure i was more visible to him as i turned slightly and started to wank myself jeans a little further fethiye escort down cupping my balls etc. The guy didn’t move i did think he might join me but didn’t. I packed myself away and sat back in my car. As i did he lashed his brake lights a few times and started to pull away sopping and flashing again. As he pulled away i followed not really knowing if he was trying to say this. We turn onto the main road and took the first right down a single lane county road that no one really uses. A little way along he indicated and pulled into a passing spot enough room for 2 cars. I parked behind him stopped the engine and got out the car, a walking to the back. After stepping into mirror view again he opened his door and walk to the back of his car. Nerves were shot now i didn’t know what to do, so i walked down the side of my car nearer to him, as i got nearer i could se he was touching himself through his jogging bottoms. To continue to walk to him and we stood together touching ourselves, i then undid up jeans and let them fall realising my cock for him to see, as soon as he saw it he reach out and started wanking me. escort fethiye I leaned over and could feel his had cock through his joggin bottoms, he knelt and took me in his mouth sucking and licking me. As he stood up he slowly pulled his bottoms down a little to release his cock which i took in my hand, feeling the warmth and hardness of him. I lowered my head and took him in my mouth wanking him and sucking him, as i started to suck him harder i reached round and started to pull his bottoms down as they slipped down i realised he was wearing sily panties and hold ups which added to the excitement. I was sucking him and feeling his arse through the stain and running my other hand down his leg feeling the top of the hold ups …. i stood and as i did he unzipped his top to show me that he was wearing a matching bra, my hand went straight to his chest and started to cup his breasts / chest through the bra while he wanked me .. we were soon kissing deeply. Suddenly we saw a car approaching so very quickly we got back into our cars, as we were he said follow me. We dove for a bout 5 minutes to a laybay and was empty and fethiye escort bayan very dark as i got out my car he opened his door and from the interior light i could see he was feeling his arse, i guessed lubing it. As we stood together agin we kissed and i checked his arse with my fingers i was right, lube. He stripped this time apart from the lingerie and turned so i could press myself onto him i place a thumb into him which he seemed to like pressing back on it, he placed a condom into my hand which i quickly put on and this time entered his arse … fucking him slowly as he started to moan wanking himself as i did .. i reached round and felt his cock as i rocked back and forth in him, i told him i was nearly coming and he said in my mouth , he turned as i discarded the condom and after sucking me i came into his ready and willing mouth as he wanked himself harder and harder, as he licked the last drop of cum again around my cock he took me deeply into his mouth again moaning as he came … i thank him as we got ready to leave and said i hoped to meet up again we got in our cars and off we went. This was my first experience of cursing and wasn’t my last, over the years i do head back to the lay by and have meet some very nice and interesting guys. The one i meet that 1st night i did manage to find him again but this time we had company as well

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