My First Ever Bi-Weekly Party 12/3/2016


My First Ever Bi-Weekly Party 12/3/2016This was my first Bi-Weekly party ever. I’ve heard about their parties for a long times, but have never went. This party was held at a newly renovated venue of theirs called the “DC Speakeasy.” Upon entry, there was a sign outside the door of the building that said “Fleamarket” which I found quite humorous. I immediately knew that was code for that is where the party was taking place.When I went inside, I walked down a narrow hallway. At the end of the hallway was an elder gentleman who happened to be the founder of Bi-Weekly parties. He greeted my friend and I and had us sign in. He also charged us a “couple” that way we would save money, which was very nice of him.Once we paid our entry, I was directed to a wall that was a bookshelf. With the press of a button I heard a hydraulic mechanism begin to work and one half of the entire bookshelf wall started to slide. It was just like form the movies. It was honestly impressive. It was indeed a real speakeasy.Once behind the secret wall, we were given a tour of the venue and given a set of rules. bebek escort The rules must be obeyed otherwise we would be ejected from the party and possibly expelled from future parties. Security wasvery tight. There was a security guard at each door/corner, and they all had radios.At the end of our tour there was one room we were not shown, which was the dungeon, the main play room. I was excited to go inside. Once I went inside, immediately I see a man crossdressing as a woman being confined up to his neck in a small cage. He was sitting in this cage and the top had an opening for just his head to go through and it closed around his neck. He had his Domme saying degrading things to him while he was in this cage. Also, straight ahead I saw one man fucking another burly man in the ass on a spanking bench. To the far left wall I saw a bunch of seating and lights, there were some people performing oral sex, I could not identify their genders from a distance. In the far left corner I saw a small crowd circled around one man who was giving levent escort a demonstration of his violet wand kit, it was quite fascinating since I’ve had a positive past experience with the violet wand before. In the far right corner there were air mattresses that were unoccupied. The room was pretty large and had lots of space. A great venue overall to say the least.Once I got settled in and comfortable, I removed all of my clothing, I was just walking around comfortably in my underwear. Well, sort of, the venue was very cold. Especially the floor.Prior to the party I was chatting with two different couples (both are white couples), on Fetlife about meeting at the party. Both couples showed up to the party. I said hello to both and properly introduced myself. One couple was older than the other, so that is how I will differentiate the two. The older couple really wanted me to creampie the wife and have the husband clean up the mess. The younger couple wanted to play with me as well, and the wife is *very* sexy. There was a halkalı escort lot of chit chat between the younger couple and I, and many other single guys were chatting them up as well. But, the elder couple wanted to get right to it, so I went with them. I didn’t want to waste any time getting down and dirty. The wife of the elder couple takes PrEP medication, so she insisted on bareback because she really wanted a creampie. I get behind her as she positioned herself over a spank bench, and I put my cock right in her ass. She took my cock up her ass for a bit, but then tapped out. I went to the rest room to wash up because she wanted me in her pussy, so I did. I get back to her and she was fooling with two guys, both guys attempted fucking her but they couldn’t get their cocks hard at that moment so they both stepped aside and that is when I took charge and shoved my cock in her pussy. I grabbed her by the hips and started to fuck her. After a bit, I noticed my good friend had arrived to the party. He and I have done many gangbangs together. With one look towards him he already knew what time it was. He has a big black cock. He dropped his pants and I moved aside and then he shoved his cock in her. We then started taking turns on her. “Switch hitting” as it’s called. About 5-6 thrusts, then switch. We did this for a while, up until her hubby looked at me and said, “Really give it to her…” So I did.

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