My first gay experience.

My first gay experience.So, I’ve been toying with myself since I was a teen but had never tried anything until I was around 24. I was in a rough spot in my life, a lot of hard transitions and a bad breakup etc etc. I was trolling craigslist on a regular basis and had several encounters with women, many of which were great memories. One day I created a post and received a message from a guy in Dallas who asked me if I would be interested in a threesome with him and his female fuck buddy, he even offered me a massage if I wanted one. So I made the trip to his place, he was a very friendly middle aged guy, he said his girl couldn’t make it but that he would give me a rubdown (he was a licensed massage ther****t). Of course I agreed, stripped, and he oiled me up and started working on kaçak bahis my sore muscles. I was feeling great, relaxed, and horned up, he had worked his way down my back, started rubbing my ass then he slipped his hand between my cheeks and rubbed my hole. I lifted my hips into his hand and softly groaned while he rubbed me gently, then he asked if he could suck my cock.I rolled onto my back, he slipped my hard shaft into his mouth and worked my cock like Ive never been worked before. I came close to cumming, then he said lets go to the bedroom.After stroking each other he asked if I wanted to top him, he flipped over and presented me with his tight hole. I slipped a finger in, trying to loosen him up, then I worked my fat cock in ever so slowly, he was moaning and writhing bets10 güvenilir mi but I just couldnt get it in! After a few minutes he told me he wanted to fuck my ass, I had been waiting for this moment all night!I started with sucking his cock, it was about 7″ around and 7″ long, a very thick juicy cock indeed, he asked if I could take it, “Oh yeah” was my response. I laid down on my back, he put my ankles on his shoulders, grabbed my thighs, and worked his fat dick into my wanton hole. He pressed in, I gasped with pleasure, then I felt the little pop as I took his entire shaft inside me. I moaned with pleasure as he slowly started to thrust in and out of me, he started to thrust faster and faster, I screamed louder and louder. With every thrust he mobilbahis nailed my prostate, I was leaking cum like a fire hydrant, licking it off my fingers and savoring the taste. As he continued thrusting, I started to rub my cock quickly had the most intense orgasm in my life. After I came he pulled out and remarked “Your eyes were rolled back in your head, you must have really liked that huh?” I certainly did. Pulling off his condom, he started to rub his cock, I started sucking on the head as he stroked his thick cock. He said “Do you want my load?” I nodded yes, he started to moan and shook, then he spurted his hot cum into my virgin mouth. I swallowed his load, licking his cock clean. He held me in his arms for an hour while we made out, then I had to leave since I worked very early the next day.So that was my first time, feel free to comment, first time stories are welcome!I’ll try to write another one of these if this is received positively, possibly one of my MW experiences and maybe even my first, and only, BBC experience.

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