My first girl


My first girlTrue StoryIt was a hot summer day, I was being lazy like always. I heard the house phone ring, which doesn’t happen often. It was my friend Nicole. After some chatting I invited her over to hang out. When she arrived she came right in like she always does. “Welcome home” I said in a sarcastic tone. “Ha ha real funny” she replied with a huge smile on her face taking a bottle of water out of my fridge. We sat down on my couch. “Feel like going for a run” She asked. “Yeah fucking right it is WAY to hot outside” I replied. She stood up and went to the bathroom or at least that’s what she said she was doing. After about 10 minutes she hadn’t returned so I got curious I walked up stairs really silent. I peeked in the bathroom, she was nowhere in there. I walked to my room and noticed the door was open. “I always close my door” I thought “She must be in there” I took a peek in and I seen Nicole standing in my room sniffing a pair of my dirty panties. Shocked I couldn’t even speak or move I just watched as my best friend istanbul escort sniffed my panties. Suddenly she slipped her hand down the front of her super short pink shorts. I slowly went down stairs. I kept saying to myself “Why wouldn’t she tell me she is into girls “ After about 15 minutes she came down she gave me a smile and said “ Sorry I took forever I just haven’t been feeling well lately” I replied with a simple “That’s alright” Then just trying to get away for a minute I told her I would get us something to eat. I hurried into the kitchen. Making food I kept getting thoughts of how I could tease her. I went back in with our food sat it on the coffee table on purpose I knocked over my cup of pens I got in a doggy style type position with my legs spread out a bit to pick them up. Once I stood up and looked over to her I noticed a very small wet spot on her shorts. I pretended to not notice. After we had finished avcılar escort our meal I took the plates and cups out, I knew that didn’t work that much I had to step up my game. I spilled what was left of my orange juice on my shorts and then pulled them off. Without any shorts on I went to the living room. “I spilled the juice on myself” I said laughing. She just gave me a nervous laugh. So I knew this was helping. I sat on her lap like I do a lot. “What has been happening in life for you?” I asked. “Nothing great I guess” She replied. Before I could reply, She asked “You seen me in your room didn’t you?” I gave a evil smile and stood up. She said “ I will just go, I’m sorry” I said in a sexy voice “No I found that hot” She looked shocked. “Lets head to my room” We went up to my room. After we both got naked, I started making out with her I felt her reach and start rubbing my right breast. We got into my bed still making out. After 5 minutes of making out, she got down and starting şirinevler escort rubbing my clit, then she slipped her pointer finger in my pussy slowly. She fingered me for about a minute then pulled it out. She began to lick my clit and eating me out, I moaned in pleasure very loudly. Every time I moaned she would eat a little bit faster. After 15 minutes she came up on top of me. She sucked on my breast licking the nipple ever so gently. She told me to eat her after she was laying I went down. I have never eaten another girl before so I was terribly nervous. But I began doing things I would like done to me, I mean treat others how you want to be treated was what I was always told haha. She began to moan lightly, I was doing it! I was eating out my best friend and I was doing good. I began to finger her with 2 fingers she began getting loud. Which made me so much more horny. I grabbed a dildo and began using it and fucking her fast and then slow and then fast again she moan and moaned yelling “Don’t Stop OHHH Don’t Stop!!” Which I found hot. After almost an hour of fucking her with that 6 inch dildo she came. By that time she had to run. So I had to masturbate with the same dildo I just used on her. Still to this day not one person knew about that story but now all you readers know. And I still masturbate to the thought of that day.So if you enjoyed this make sure to comment(: Love, LittleMissStory <3

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