My first Hmong girl


My first Hmong girlNow I’ll get straight to the story. I was about 21 turning 22 when I went to party in Minnesota with some of my Hmong friends who’ve been partying there often. We know each other from school (high school). This was year 2011 around July 4 weekend. They took me to a house party. At the house party was usually a cockfest, at this time it was around 830 or 9. Now I’m not Hmong, I just have a few Hmong friends. We all went to school in the hood. I’m a German/Mexican mixed guy who never took much interest in Hmong chicks since they always liked the Hmong guys more. Now let’s just say that night was “the night”. It was getting later around 10 when some girls show up, there was four of them. (For identity reasons I’m going to give them fake names) Lee, Mai, pa, and Susan showed up already tipsy from the park. We were drinking waiting for them to get back from volleyball. Since they have been drinking at volleyball it was pretty funny. I’ll have to say these Hmong chicks can drink! I know my buddies can but the chicks are hardcore: like they got something to prove. Now all the other ladies were girlfriends or friends of my buddies. Except Susan! She was new to the volleyball squad and it’s her second time hanging out with them. And I guess one of the guys tried getting at her before but she was taken. Not until recently she is single again. Cut to the chase, me and Susan had a great conversation and I can just tell she was hitting on me and giving me signs. Shit, I was hella macking at her too. She was super cute! See, I’m pretty tall compared to them, I’m about 5’10” and 186 lbs. I was a football player at the time so I was very fit and I knew she liked me. sincan escort As we were sitting on the couch she kept toasting me to drink or making me slam beer (Typical Asian thing). After we talked for about 20 minutes I knew she was horny. She was wearing a low cut v neck t-shirt and small black booty shorts since they came straight from the park. I can tell she was nipping and nipping hard too! Her sports bra couldn’t hide those hard nipples. This was in July so it wasn’t cold. I asked if she has a boyfriend, she replied “not yet!!” I can tell at this point she wanted to fuck. But I wasn’t in to her like that. I liked taller women but she was definitely a little sexy bombshell also. Susan was short, like really short, only 4’10” or 4’11” and weighing 98 lbs. Damn she had an ass and blessed with handful B cups. As we keep talking I keep staring at her tits and legs. I was thinking “wow, I’d destroy her…” We kept drinking and at this point I’m buzzed but not past that point yet. She admitted to me she has never been with another race. I can just look at her and Susan just bites her lips. I know it was time. I was nervous at first since she was a little bossy girl, but I know what she wants. While the rest of the guys and girls debate about J4 me and Susan got horny. I asked her for her number and we texted right away. Of course being in the same room as everyone else. We were texting some things that maybe can’t be said around the rest of the friends. Oh yeah, she took me to the bathroom and locked the door. I wasn’t doing anything, she took charge and rocked it!!! I can remember Susan having issues taking off my keçiören escort pants, and at this time I was about 80% hard. She whipped it out. The look on her face and the smile she gave me melted my heart. She took and deep breath, looked at me and slowly breathed out, her breath trembling. Her eyes locked on me, I felt her goosebumps in the air. “Wow you’re gonna hurt me baby” she said in a very very soft tone “Have you ever?”, I said. “No, not one this big””You must be like 8 inches??” She asked.”Omg you have so much girth too…you better go easy!””My ex Nathan isn’t this big”As she was praising my cock I felt invincible. Shortly after she opened up and sucked me, both of her little hands stroking me. I was just thinking “wow she’s amazing”. Blow job so wet and so smooth OMFG I miss it! She’s the type to moan as she sucks but we had to be quiet. LOLQuickly I turned her around and undressed her in a heartbeat. Her tits have the perfect droop and that ass was firm. Her skin was smooth as silk and her pussy freshly waxed. Before I even slide it in she was already talking dirty to me. I knew it was from the alcohol also, but I don’t think she was wasted drunk, maybe just feeling good drunk. That made it so much more sexier. “You gonna fuck me baby?””I wanna cum right here right now””I haven’t been fucked since March, you owe me””My pussy might be too tight” Her sexy little body and how she moves had me in love…So yes I ate that pussy doggy! Remember she is SHORT! I was practically sitting as I ate that pussy. Just finger fucking her I can feel the very top of her pussy, this girl had a tiny kitty. Like very very mamak escort tiny. I slid my cock in and made her feel like a different women. She shook and trembled the moment I slid it in. She couldn’t handle me balls deep so I had to stroke accordingly for a bit… She was so wet and she was creaming a river down my scrotum and thighs. Susan’s moans weren’t annoying like how Asians are in porn, she was genuinely enjoying my cock and her moans were SEXY!! I needed to remind her to shut the fuck up a few times, that bathroom echoed a lot and I didn’t want them hearing us. After about 5 minutes in I was like “fuck it, she asked for it” so I went deeper on every stroke. Picked her tiny ass up and pounded her from behind. Gosh I still remember the pleasure on her face…Before I got balls deep Susan was squirting puddles on the floor and shaking, her right hand covering her mouth from screaming as her left hand braces herself from me pounding her. She’s short so I was in a half squat as I fucked and wow that was fun! This girl is shaman but that night she said God’s name a lot, makes me know she’s a believer now. Lol. Oh gosh Susan was a nice view when bent over and pulling her hair. I’ve never felt better pussy! That pussy was seriously so tight I had to work slow to make my way in. Eventually that night she took me all the way. Susan came more than any Asian guys have made her cum. She even let me finish in her mouth. I still remember the cute face of this little 21 year old Hmong girl praising my cock. Unfortunately we had to hurry up and leave since everyone was still outside. She came back to the couch and knocked out as I went to keep drinking with my buddies and their girls. A few days later to about a week she finds me on Facebook, it’s weird, she didn’t add me, but messages me. Of course now we are friends on Facebook and we’ve met up plenty of times since. I can honestly say Hmong chicks are now my favorite and I crave for more. I’ll see you soon Minnesota. I have yellow fever 😉

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