My first orgasm pt 1


My first orgasm pt 1I was a young 16 yr old just left high school and had the summer holidays down at my grandma’s farm in the country to look forward too; I spent every spare moment there as I had freedom and being one of 4 k**s I got peace and quiet as I was second eldest. Cathy was 19 and not into fresh air, Barry was 12 and always into footy and Frankie who was 7 and a typical brat always taking the piss out of my ample tits and was always poking them but was always getting caught by my right hand across the head before I would get into trouble for doing it by mum, I had my own room at Nan’s a huge double bed and en suite was luxury as no lining up for a shower, and having to lock the door with a towel over it to stop the boys sneaking a look at my pussy.I arrived about a week after school had finished and crashed out in my room, I had the freedom I loved and the going for fresh air was a bonus, granddad was a dairy farmer and had been all his life and mum grew up on this farm and this was her bedroom, I got changed and went for my usual walk with nanas dogs, I would walk for miles and lay in the grass looking up at the sky.As I left the farm I noticed a new farm hand that had been taken on to help with the milking and stuff around the farm, his name was Adam 17 and full of muscles, I looked at him lifting heavy stuff his muscles pumped as the sweat dripped from his body, my heart beat fast as I watched, I went a bright red as he noticed me and smiled with a cheeky wink, I run off not knowing what to do.I went for a short walk only thinking of Adam when I returned I went in search of him not finding him I walked into the storage barn to see him stripped to the waist washing the sweat of as he poured the cold water over him to cool down. He looked and said Hi I’m Adam, I stuttered saying I’m jenny please to meet you, I felt myself blush as my eyes looked at his fit body.I made the excuse I had to go and would see him tomorrow by then I would have the courage to chat without slobbering over him, I went to my room and got undressed and had a shower, I could feel my heart beating hard wondering why this was, that night I asked everything I could about him without sounding to interested all I didn’t find out was the length of his cock.The following day I was up early had a shower rushed around, then went in search of Adam, I found him and started small talk whilst he worked, I asked if he would like to have a picnic for lunch he said yer would be cool, I run of fethiye escort and got some stuff returning about 20 mins later, as he was just finishing, he said he was off to granddad and he said ok take your time there aint much for the afternoon.We walked for a while into some woods and sat down, as we ate and chatted, I could feel his eyes burning thru my flimsy summer dress, onto my naked body, he lent across and kissed my cheek saying thanks, I said what for he said lunch, I turned and kissed him back full on the lips, as I felt his chest we laid down and kissed I run my hand over his trouser front, as I felt a bulge it was huge, I sat up blushing and said sorry, Adam said what for I liked it, I confessed I wanted to see how big you was, Adam laughed and unzipped his trousers pulling his cock out, I gasped in shook it was huge I reached out and held it.I could feel it pulsing Adam said rub it then it won’t bite, Adam lay down as I slowly rubbed his cock watching the foreskin roll over the head, I could feel I was wet in-between my legs as I felt Adam touching my bum. He said I had a nice bum as he sat up he put his hand on my breast, my nipple went hard, he told me to lay back as I did he started to undo my dress revealing my boobs encased in a silky bra my nipples stuck up like to huge buttons.I felt his hand move down onto my panties and onto m pussy that was now soaking wet, he rubbed the front of my panties softly as without thinking I told him to take them off, he pulled them down revealing a bush of pubic hair that hid my virginal pussy, asked if he wanted to do it, he said only if I was sure, I nodded and blurted out I was a virgin, he smiled and said so was he, he reached into his back pocket pulled out his wallet and took out a rubber.He undone the pack and gently unrolled the protection on to his hard thick cock, and gently got in-between my legs putting it just at the lips. He pushed softly as I felt it pry my pussy lips open, as it entered me I moaned softly the feeling was totally unreal, as it felt tight he stopped, I readjusted my hips so it slipped in easy, he didn’t move for a moment I wanted to scream with pleasure as he moved slowly, I felt a throbbing in my pussy as a surge of pleasure ripped though me making me moan loudly, I had just had a orgasm as Adam moved faster and faster I felt his cock twitch he pulled out and watched his cum pour into his condom his eyes closed as he rubbed his cock squeezing the last drop from his log.My pussy escort fethiye was throbbing as we laid on the ground cuddling and kissing, I had the most fantastic feeling in my pussy and didn’t want it to stop, we rested a bit more then walked back I didn’t bother with my panties as my pussy was a bit tender and it felt good going commando. We got back to the farm and Adam went off to work I went indoors with a stupid smile on my face, Nan asked what did we do I said just chatted and had dinner.I went to my room and laid on my bed and gently rubbed my pussy Cumming again and again, I had a shower and decided to shave my pussy, it felt good as I felt the smooth skin my finger probing into my slit, I felt my clit throb and had a huge orgasm, I slept that night with 2 things on my mind Adam and his cock.I woke up the following morning still feeling giddy from yesterday as I went in search of Adam, he was busy as usual as I stopped and chatted, he asked how I was saying feeling good I suggested we have lunch again, he said he was busy all day and could only go if my granddad said it was fine, I said ok so if he says yes it’s a date he nodded as I shot off.I searched for him not able to find him as I went to Nan asking where granddad was she told me he had gone out all day not being home till later, asking me why I explained I wanted to have lunch with Adam but would only be if granddad said he could have time off, Nan suggested why don’t you have it in a barn away from the house so you’re not disturbed, I run back and told Adam and he said he would be finished in about 15 mins, I shot off and made some lunch rushed up stairs changed into a see through summer dress and took my panties off.As we sat in a barn having lunch chatting I looked across at Adam transfixed by his looks, I slightly opened my legs so he could get a eyeful of my shaved pussy, he stopped chatting and looked up my dress, I asked what was the matter he said he liked the view, as I could see he was getting hard, I opened my legs a bit more showing now the full bareness of it, he asked when did I do that I told him yesterday do you like it, he nodded saying he could eat my pussy for hours, I lifted the bottom of it up to my waist laid back and said ok help yourself.He got up and slid in-between my legs starting to lick my pussy, I felt his tongue run up the crack and push in, I groaned and gasped as he nibbled my clit I shook and cum again, I begged him to fuck me hard and this time cum in me, fethiye escort bayan He stood up whilst I stripped he got naked, his huge cock stood out like a flag pole, as I lay on the hay opened legged, he rolled on a rubber and entered me slowly my legs wrapped around his waist not letting him out, he sucked my nipples like a hungry baby flicking the nipple with his tongue I cried out I was Cumming I didn’t give a fuck who heard me now, as he drove his cock in and out of my wet pussy, I shook and bucked Cumming wave after wave of orgasms that ripped through me, before he groaned and exploded in me I could feel the warmth of his cum in the rubber, he pulled out the rubber was full of cum.I gasped saying it was awesome feeling him cum, he agreed saying shame I wasn’t on the pill as he would cum in me without a condom if I wanted I told him it still wasn’t safe but would love to fuck like that even though I wasn’t on the pill. We got dressed and Adam went about his work I walked back indoors and Nan said had I enjoyed lunch I nodded my head, she said yes she had heard I had, I blushed crimson, Nan laughed saying don’t worry I was young once how do you think mum came along, I told her that Adam wore protection, she smiled and said well that good as long as it was nice, I smiled and nodded my head going to my room.About 10 mins later Nan came in and we chatted, she confessed that she got pregnant a month before she was married as she said she couldn’t hold out any longer saying she had seen granddads cock, a few times and it wasn’t small, she also said that Adams granddad was a hell of a lover road testing him on more than one occasion, I looked in horror not believing what I had heard, I asked had granddad ever had any clue, she said no but I knew he had, had a few young farm girls, when they where dating, laughing saying he was a regular little horn ball in his younger days.We laughed as we rolled on the bed tears running from our eyes, Granddad came home that night I looked at him in a different light, as Nan and I sniggered over tea, granddad said we were a couple of cheeky mares looking at Nan saying I’ll deal with you later, that night I heard Nan and granddad at it like to rampant a****ls Nan was moaning loud as granddad fucked her senseless I fell asleep not knowing what time they finished, the following morning I went down stairs asking Nan if she had a good night she nodded her head, as I walked out the door I looked back and said yes I know I heard it as I laughed like mad.That summer was fantastic and had sex with Adam at least 2-3 times a week during my stay I went back home and off to college, the following year I returned to the farm a year older….. To follow what happened next?

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