My First teen experience (STORY BASED ON OUR PARTY


My First teen experience (STORY BASED ON OUR PARTYI opened the door to her, she stood there in front of me with her boyfriend, “is this the house with the party?” she enquired, “yes” I replied as she brushed by I couldn’t help but think how young she was, surely she wouldn’t be interested in a balding middle aged beer bellied man like myself, I was there with my wife and another couple. We had invited several other swingers with the intention of having an anything goes sexual orgy. I sat next to her she was huddled on the sofa with her boyfriend. We all got chatting and had a few drinks. We put on some entertainment, some of it was cheesy and we could not help but laugh at it as we watched. I thought to myself I wonder if I can just place my hand on her leg. I gently placed it on her thigh and started gently rubbing it, she did not stop me, but I felt a little awkward so I stopped myself and began paying some attention to my wife whom was sat on my other side.Within moments I was drawn back to the charms of the young teen beside me, I noticed she was sat with her legs up on the sofa and she was wearing tight leggings, so I moved to a stool that was going to give me a slightly better view of her, her boyfriend and give my imagination a good fuel for thought too. I could not help but keep glancing at her young nubile body although she was still fully dressed my mind was doing a pretty good job of undressing her and imagining her naked in front of me.After a while I made the brazen decision to be the first to undress, someone has to be first right? There I stood in all my glory, the others were still sat drinking and chatting. Something must have caught her eye as she inquired “is that a piercing you have on your cock?” I replied boldly and rather proudly “yes” for some strange reason and almost imagining she had asked kayseri escort to look I strolled over to her and showed her rather proudly my pierced cock, I then began to show her closely my tattoos too. No idea why I did, she then told me her friends had piercings and had done them on their own.Soon I was aware that my wife was taking her clothes off too, then the other couple, she and her boyfriend were still clothed, I heard them mumble something to each other secretively, the next moment he had undone his jeans to reveal his cock to her, she began eagerly sucking on it. I was sucking my wife’s pussy, but kept looking over my shoulder to get a glimpse of what she and her boyfriend were doing, “oh I wish” I thought as I imagined her teen mouth sucking on my cock. I was now eagerly paying attention to my wife’s tits and finger fucking her too. I looked over and saw now the teen was taking off her tight leggings, she was sat on the sofa in a flash, she laid back exposing her tight teen sweet looking pussy, her boyfriend began to finger her pussy then proceeded to go down on her with his tongue, I was getting so fucking horny, I wanted a piece of this young teen bared before me. Eventually I saw my chance, her boyfriend got up and stood in front of her, he pushed his erect penis into her mouth, “oh boy” I could see her tight exposed teen snatch. I slithered over like a tiger in long grass tracking down it’s pray. I started stroking her pussy, sensing no resistance, I inserted a finger and began gently finger fucking her, she began to writhe as she enjoyed the feeling of her boyfriend fucking her face and me finger fucking her.Her boyfriend whispered something into her ear and then got up and made his way over to my wife, he started to play with her, assuming she was busy and the teen had not got up or made an attempt to move I took this as a green light, I proceeded to carry on finger fucking her I caressed her tiny teen tits, she began to bite her top lip and writhed as I played with her, whimpering slightly in pleasure. A little time passed and before long she was laid on the bed alongside my wife, I began to fondle my wife as I played with the teen. Her pussy was soaking wet. I asked her ”ready for a fuck from an old man?” she opened her eyes, smiled slightly and whispered “please yes” I fumbled like a teen myself not a mature 40 something year old man for condoms, I tried desperately and impatiently to open the packet, my fingers were slippery with her teen snatch juices making this near impossible, my cock stood to attention proudly waiting to be dressed suitably for the occasion.I had never found putting on a condom so difficult before let alone opening the fucking packet I thought. Eventually with my manhood suitably dressed for fucking a nubile teen snatch I asked her one final time. “are you sure” she nodded and whispered “yes” I slid my cock into her pussy.God how tight she was I thought. I could feel her pussy wrap around my shaft as I rhythmically moved to fuck her, slowly at first as I was mindful she was tight. I began to move quicker, faster and deeper. Then I was aware, her breathing had changed, her tiny teen chest was pulsating and her nipples were proud, I began to suck on them, trying to make them more proud. Not that they needed any encouragement. She began to change from a shy tight teen to a teen slut screaming “fuck me, fuck me fuck me” I began to pound her hard, this made her scream again “yes, fuck me fuck me fuck me harder” I naturally obliged her request, I mean what 40 plus year old man would turn down such an opportunity, I had began to think blinkingly as I fucked this teen, she was only a year older than my daughter and she was the same age as my son. This thought soon past as I looked down to see my cock go in and out of her teen tight pussy, which b the way was also smooth and neat, she obviously took time to look her best for tonight and was obviously willing too. She muttered to me “fuck me harder”, she paused as if to have had a thought and looked at me and inquisitively asked “how long does it take you to cum?” I asked her why, thinking I was taking so long and I was hurting her or something. “no reason” she replied. Almost as soon as she replied I could feel the tension in my body, It started in my feet, my toes curled, then my body began to tense. Please no I thought not now! My nipples began to tingle and my face began to tense, my mouth began to change, I bit my bottom lip as I tried not to cum. “uuhh uhh fuckkkk nooooo” I suddenly shuddered, my man juice erupted deep inside her teen tight snatch, she relaxed and I felt her pussy tighten and her juices flow too, we seemed to have climaxed at the same time, I relaxed for a while, my cock still deep inside her, I slowly and rhythmically fucked her for a little while before eventually raising to me feet. I was hot sweaty and had just had the most amazing sex with an amazing sexy teen.The night carried on with much swapping and drinking, watching movies and such, the teen and her boyfriend disappeared to the bedroom for some time on their own, they then reappeared and started fucking in front of me, I wondered if I should join in again but did not, she was happy with him and obvious to me that she was very turned on by me paying her teen body some eye attention. We then all got dressed chatted more and myself and wife took the teen couple home, as they sat in the car we chatted more, it was apparent to me “wishful thinking maybe” that she was eager to repeat the evening as she asked more than once when was the next party.

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