My First Time


My First TimeI can’t remember my first time. I guess I have blocked it out. I know you wanna know why, so I will tell you. I was m*****ed by my uncle. When that started I cannot tell you either. I only remember a few parts of it.I don’t know if you can actually call it m*****ation, because my uncle is only a few years older then me. So, maybe the rules to m*****ation states that the m*****or MUST be an adult. I don’t know.All I know is that what happened with him and then with 3 of my cousins has shaped my life in a way that might not have been had he never touched me,Or, maybe I should say: Had I never allowed him to touch me.I recall spending the night at his house. I was about 7 years old and it was during the summer. I was there to go to Vacation Bible School with him and my 2 cousins. One night, my uncle told me, “You have to sleep in your underwear.”Why? I didn’t know, I don’t recall why or what happened back then. All I know is what I learned from him, I did with my 2 cousins. So, you can say we were all hitting it from the back.As i grew older, I can remember times when we would have sex. Once, in the woods beside my house, he and I went walking. He said something and I answered ok and he tried to fuck me, Only bakırköy escort at that time, he had grown up too and his dick was too thick to go in. So, I got to fuck him. Yep, my uncle was giving up the booty. I know that sounds sick, but I didn’t know any better then. I didn’t know I was suppose to like girls. I can also remember that once when I was at my cousins, he and I were on the floor and his brother, whom I had also had sex with was in the bed. We rubbed each other and that was about it, until he turned over and I stuck my dick in his ass. We fell asleep like that. I woke up with my soft dick at the entrance of his ass. The thought of it got my instantly back on hard and I resumed fucking him.He woke up and braced himself. Neither one of us came. We were too young for that.Another time, was at a campground. My family and my uncle had went camping. One night while we were there, my uncle woke me up in the middle of the night and asked if I wanted to walk to the bathroom with him.Having to pee myself, I said ok. Well, at the bathrooms, we were alone and he asked if he could fuck me. I just dropped my shorts and he tried again. We didn’t know anything about lubrication back then beşiktaş escort so he couldn’t get in my tight lil ass. So we both jacked off. This time, I busted a HUGE nut all over the floor of the bathroom.My uncle got busy cleaning it up. He said something about no one finding out what we did. I didn’t understand why cause I thought it was normal. How stupid I was then huh?There were other experiences, like my cousin who i had fucked him his bedroom floor spent the night with me, we were in my bed playing something. I don’t remember what, but he got on hard and I touched it. He took it out and I held it. I asked if I could suck it, but he said no.I don’t know why i wanted to suck it. I NEVER sucked a dick before, so the very idea doesn’t make sense now to me.But I do remember his dick. We were in our teens, and he had a long dick. It was so smooth, straight and hard. We never messed around again.In the 8th Grade, I realized that I was attracted to other guys. This time it was to someone I WASN’T kin to. His name was Marshall.It was the dead of winter and our class was so small because of the cold spell.So I called him over to my desk and I wrote him a note. “Can I suck your dick?” beylikdüzü escort I asked.And he wrote, “For 2 dollars you can.”We met in the 9th Grade Hall bathroom. He climbed up on the toilet and pulled out his dick. I walked up to him and looked at his dick. He was uncircumsized. Which was amazing to me cause i never saw one like that before.I finally, took it in my mouth and sucked on it. MY FIRST time and it was sooo weird. I tried to pull the skin back, but he stopped me. he didn’t like to pulled it back.The encounter lasted less then five minutes. And No he didn’t cum. I wasn’t experienced enough to make someone else cum.We would meet once more and then never see each other again in private. The experience left Marshall fearing for him manhood and left me wanting to learn more.The second guy (not kin to me) was named Clarence. He had heard that I sucked Marshall’s dick and he asked me. We became good friends. We walked to school together, but all the time I only sucked his dick twice too.Later, he moved to california, where he would die in an accident.I still miss him. One morning he walked allll the way to my house, just so he could ride to school with me. Plus it was raining. He liked break dancing, so that should tell you how old we were when all this was happening. He even hurt his neck while trying to do some “new” move and he was put in the hospital for a few days.ok, thats enough. if you want to know more, just let me know ok? By the way, I DID learn how to make other guys cum eventually. LOLThe END

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