My gay experience.


My gay experience.I’m as straight as they come, but I’ve had one gay experience that I still sometimes think of when I masturbate. I was in my mid twenties and I’d moved down to London from the north of England for work. I was living in a dingy flat in a block. I was lonely, far from all my mates up north, finding it hard to get a girl friend and sexually frustrated with only masturbation to satisfy myself. I got friendly with another guy in the block called Roy. He was aged around fifty and unmarried. I used to get together with him for a drink and I used to help him with paperwork like his tax return. I should have guessed he was gay or bi from the number of times his hand seemingly accidentally brushed against my thigh and bum. One evening when I was at Roy’s he asked me if I’d had girls. I told him about a couple of girl friends, though I exaggerated the stories. He asked me if I was into porn. This was in the days before internet porn and there were only porn magazines. Back at school in my teens I’d borrowed porn magazines from boys at school and wanked my young cock raw over the pictures of naked girls. Until then I’d only ever wanked over the pictures of women in swimsuits, bikinis and lingerie in my mother’s clothes catalogues. I could hardly believe the penis straining pictures in those magazines. But since then I hadn’t had the nerve to go into a shop and buy a porn magazine. In my sex starved state I was hungry for porn!Roy got out a suitcase. It was packed with porn magazines, mostly old British magazines like Fiesta, Escort, Parade, Men Only, Mayfair. He had some hard core foreign magazines too showing pictures of naked men with huge erections together with girls. We spent the evening browsing porn and Roy lent me some magazines to take back to my flat. The next few days I wanked my cock raw in a pornfest!Shortly after, things got more interesting. I was at Roy’s browsing porn magazines with him when he put his hand on my thigh and asked me if I’d do something for him. I asked him what, and as I did I leaned back and spread my legs. I’d already anticipated something like that. His hand went to the hard ridge of my erection and he asked me if I’d strip naked for him. Like I said earlier, I was sexually frustrated with only masturbation to satisfy myself. I wanted more. I didn’t care much what. I just wanted sexual excitement and someone else to excite my hungry canlı bahis straining cock. I stood up and stripped to my briefs. They were light blue, quite skimpy, and my stiff erect penis was pushing them out in a big cone. Roy thought I was going to leave them on. His face lit up when I said I wanted him to take them off me! He had a good long feel of my cock through my briefs, then pulled them down just under my balls. My erect penis was released from my briefs and sprang out sticking up almost vertical. Roy’s hands were instantly frantically exploring my cock, my balls and my bum, running between my legs under me and ruffling my thick pubic hair. I let my briefs drop so I was completely naked and spread my legs wide for Roy’s exploring hands. It was exquisite having someone else’s hand on my erect, excited, so sensitive penis!Then as I stood there Roy wrapped his hand round my penis and I knew I was about to be wanked. I hadn’t had a hand job from another boy since my school days with a wank buddy in school toilet cubicles. I still think only a guy knows what another guy really likes. Roy wanked me smoothly and rhythmically, full length from my pubes up to his hand sliding over my knob, tugging and stroking my foreskin, catching the base ridge of my knob the way I like. I still remember the porn pictures in the magazine open in front of me as Roy hand jobbed me. They were of a girl with short dark hair and an almost black landing strip between her legs doing a striptease perched on a stool. After the months of solitary masturbation the feel of Roy’s hand pleasuring my cock was delicious! It was obvious he’d hand jobbed guys before. I squirted a hefty load of semen over Roy’s table with my eyes locked between the dark haired girl’s wide spread legs, wishing my cock was buried in her thick dark pubes.I stood there afterwards with my still half erect cock dripping semen. Roy dropped his trousers and briefs and lifted his shirt, exposing his naked erect penis. His erection wasn’t as upright as mine had been but he was an inch or so longer, a good eight inches, and he’d smooth shaved his sex kit. It looked very erotic. He pulled my hand to his penis, obviously frantic for a hand job. I wanked Roy the way I’d wanked boys back at school. I hadn’t forgotten my skills. He was cut so I stroked his shaft up and down the way I’d done for a cut boy back at school, brushing that bahis siteleri sensitive spot under his big penis head. As I wanked him he fondled my bum, my cock and my balls. I still remember his loud grunt and the way his cock went really hard in my hand just before he shoved his cock forward and jerked his load.So that was my first gay session with Roy. I still masturbated over his magazines back in my flat, but I’d tasted sex with another person, something new and kinky too after months of enforced celibacy. I wanted more and I was soon back in Roy’s flat.We had a few porn and masturbation sessions before Roy introduced me to his fetishes. In another case he had a collection of women’s underwear: bras, panties, suspenders and stockings. Roy asked me if I would put women’s underwear on for him. Soon after after I’d started masturbating in my teens I’d also started borrowing my mother’s panties from the laundry basket to play with when I wanked. I guess I had a bit of a panty fetish too. We both got naked, and I put on some very brief pastel pink satin full back panties, tan stockings and a suspender belt. It was difficult getting the stockings on!Seeing me dressed like that obviously drove Roy wild. The panties would have looked brief on a woman but on me they looked microscopic. My hard up cock pushed them out a long way, showing my balls and pubes at the sides, and the thin taut satin showed the outline of my penis shaft and head perfectly. I’d noticed they were stained and I guessed the stains were Roy’s semen.Roy got me to pose for him wearing the women’s underwear, repeating poses like the women in his porn magazines. I stood shoving my cock forward as far as I could with my cock pushing the panties out and then sticking up above the top him. I stepped a stockinged foot up onto a chair with my penis sticking out of the sides. I sprawled wide legged over his armchairs and sofa. I got on all fours on his rug. I squatted wide legged on his table. As I posed for him Roy fingered his penis, working it up hard and to maximum erection. He also fondled my bum, cock and balls through the panties. I still remember the feel of his fingers slowly and lightly feeling my hard erect penis through thin taut satin. Finally he asked me to strip the underwear and stockings off real slow. I left the stockings till last, getting my legs wide the way I liked watching girls take stockings bahis şirketleri off. Roy’s cock was almost vertical by the time I was naked, with his penis head glistening wet with pre-cum. I could see he was frantic!Roy got me to kneel on the sofa with my naked bum toward him. I’d told him I wouldn’t do anything penetrative. He stood behind me and I felt him shove his penis head into my bum crack. Then he masturbated. He worked his cock with one hand and stroked my thigh and bum with the other. He also ran his spare hand between my legs to fondle my cock and balls. He was gasping and grunting, and I could feel his hand going pat pat pat against my bum cheeks as he pumped his cock. I felt his hand suddenly go faster, he gave that strangled cry guys make when they wank to a cum and he shoved his knob really hard into my crack. I felt his semen splash into my crack and over my bum cheeks, then with a sigh of satisfaction he staggered back. I remained kneeling on his sofa, feeling Roy’s semen trickling down my crack to my arse and down the insides of my thighs. Roy picked up the panties I’d been wearing and wiped his semen off my bum, arse and thighs with them.Roy had had his cum. He stood there with semen dripping from his still half erect penis. My own cock was rock hard and I wanted relief. I rolled over so I was sitting on the sofa, leaning back with my legs wide and my cock standing straight up. I wrapped my hand round my shaft to masturbate but Roy, always hungry to play with my sex kit, moved next to me, kneeling with one knee on the sofa. I still remember how as he hand jobbed me his own penis swung with the rhythm of his pumping hand, dripping his semen onto the sofa. My semen fountained up when I came, and Roy wiped it off my belly and out of my pubes with the same panties he’d wiped my bum with.We continued like that for a few weeks, hand jobbing each other, masturbating over each other, and having women’s underwear sessions. Roy liked me to panty wank his erect cock through thin women’s panties. He especially liked to get on all fours just wearing panties, for me to tickle him down his bum crack and reach under him between his legs to wank him through the thin cloth from behind till he came and soaked the panties with semen.But it came to an end. After a couple of months I met a girl. She was easy to get into bed, gave good sex, suck offs and hand jobs, and certainly knew what guys like! I felt a bit sad about ending my times with Roy while I was getting sex from her. But a few weeks later I saw another young guy go into Roy’s flat so I guess he was getting satisfaction too.

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