My Gay Landlord Ashwin


My Gay Landlord AshwinMy Gay Landlord AshwinBy: Londebaaz ChohanKaran Kumar was one of the most active member, I later learned. He owned a pizza shop and at every monthly partly, get together or rendezvous; he was committed to supply only a couple of plain pizza pies and cold drinks. Everybody was happy because no one wanted to have a stuffed stomach before the fuck fest started.Hello, my name is Krishna. As a freshman, when I did not get a rooming accommodation in the college dorm, I could never imagine that it would be such a divine blessing in disguise for me. I got the room in a house, that was just a few blocks away from the campus, owned by the man named Ashwin. It was not even a month, since I was living there that I found out about Ash being such a sex hound. Actually, he had come to fix some lights in my room and we spoke about my old clunker car giving me trouble, as he sat and we drank some beer. He asked me if we could go in the garage and check my car, claiming that he was a very good auto mechanic. Little that I knew then that he was not only going to check the car as much as he was going to give himself to me and then, it was almost a routine. On Fridays, I had only one class early in the morning from 8:00 AM till 9:30 AM. Ashwin started showing up around 10: 00 AM on every Friday morning. He would come over, sit on the chair, make me stand between his legs, slowly pull down my shorts or pants and suck me off till I filled his mouth with my salty essence. It felt great when I held his head and shoved my full 8 inches’ length in his throat while I throbbed and squirted in his gullets and in spite of him feeling hurt, choked and gagged, gasping for air, Ashwin never tried to get away but slowly let my seed slide down in his belly till I supplied no more. More often than not, in the next 10 minutes or so; I would make him bend over on the center table and fuck him in the ass before he left. I would spit on my cock and on his hole and then slowly push my cock into his tight ass. Mostly I was not gentle with him. I fucked him hard! I was a bit afraid of hurting him, but he just begged for more.Soon the best perk came when Ash told me that he would not charge me the monthly room rent but in return he offered me to hire the services of a boy; he knew as a bahis firmaları maid. For the little money he suggested, the boy would tidy up the room, do the laundry and also do some other chores. Narindara was the boy’s name and he worked part time for Ashwin as well, I later found out for some money to meet his School education expenses. Noticing my interest in gay sex, Ashwin; one day whispered to me for joining a group of men, he knew; who met every 15 days at Karan’s pizza shop for the sex party. Naturally, I did not know who were the men coming there and there was no surety of any security, I refused but when Ash told me that the men were actually the college guys mostly living in the dorms and he also explained to me that it could be a big door opener for me to join a gay group of college boys or the fraternity; if they had one in the School; my interest peeked and I agreed. This is when I knew that Karan was the most active member of the group. He would close his business at sharp 09:30 PM, drop the front shutters, shut off or dim all the lights inside and the guys would start to show up soon after. They all came quietly through the back door and walked up stairs to a very nicely arranged room upstairs, until the back door was locked, secured and party came alive till early morning hours when they left, mostly one by one not to alert anybody; if there was anyone watching at that odd hour of the morning. When I asked Ashwin, how did he know about all this set up, he told me that him and Karan were old school mates and into boy games since he could remember and it made me feel all fine. Soon I learned that this party was actually a most serious gang bang for a couple of hard core gay men. Some were so much into it, that they would just guzzle up the beer, wine or even the hard liquor as quickly as it was humanly possible and start kissing, getting naked, sucking in the restaurant while others would get upstairs and take their place on the sofa and start their sex plays in the groups of 2’s, 3’s and rarely even 4’s. All of them were studs and would not quit before they had cum for at least 3 or even more times. I was a bit jealous because for no reason, I had started believing that Ashwin was mine. I hope you understand, it is not all that easy to share a kaçak iddaa faggot, who has a great butt hole and a very skilled mouth also.Although, I was relatively a new member, when some guys knew that I rented a room at Ashwin’s property, they believed that Ashwin was my boy and even came up and asked for the permission to fuck him when the things were all heated up. By now I had attended couple of these parties and I had not been able to shed away my jealous thoughts about Ash because whenever we two were fucking, he was the most obedient boy toy of mine. I would use him, rough fuck him, raw humiliate him but whenever in a larger get together, Ashwin was always attracted to another young college guy. Once naked this guy would just take a seat in the corner cabin and while everybody would rush to make sure not to waste time and start fucking or getting fucked; he would hold out his cock emerging straight up from his lap, close his eyes and slowly just jerk it and play with his balls, using his spit; only watching others. For a short while all will enjoy his solo game too but then Ash would show up, kneel in his feet and start to suck him off. If I was not hard, it would give me an instant hard on. That guy would open his eyes, look at me and give me a very kinky smile as if he was saying, ‘Look, I have your boy’. He would place his hands behind Ashwin’s head and make him slide his mouth around the young cock all the way down to his balls, make him come up and let him work the whole length, licked by his drawn out tongue on the sides of the shaft like it was a pop sickle. As Ash would concentrate on sucking his cock, this another young guy would come from behind, make Ash to raise his ass in the air by grabbing his hips. Knowing well, I would worry a little to see that young guy spitting on the target hole of Ashwin’s pleasure chest and then suddenly Ash would be nailed on his very thick and swollen cobra. This guy was truly a zero mercy man and would literally jump hard on Ashwin’s ass globes and fuck his core brutally while Ash would concentrate on the cock in his mouth, sucking it in style. Then out of nowhere, Karan would show up to get behind the youngster and say something in his ear. The guy would quickly slow down the thrusting in Ash’s ass and Karan would kaçak bahis paint his cock with his spit and get into that guy’s ass. O’ Lord! The fuck train, that is what they call it. I had never done a train fucking scene and before I marched to get there and wedge my cock into Karan, they would start pile driving and rapid fucking. My heart would jump to my throat in pain to see, Karan also fucking Ashwin and not the guy in the middle. Fucking total ass destruction of my Ashwin with double dose penetration of my boy’s shit hole. As if receiving a telepathy message, Ash would turn his head, look back over his shoulder at me and then quickly get to sucking the man still loving Ash’s mouth around his cock. I swear the slapping of 4 balls at Ash’s ass were making a deafening noise every single time as they sank both cocks in him. Sometimes I thought, pounding my boy Ashwin so hard could push him down onto his face hurting his teeth and jaw. The guy fucking Ash’s mouth would mostly be the one to cum first. He made an unbearable noise of growling as he gasped for air and his body twisted with an urge to shoot in Ash’s mouth. He kept cumming and cursing Ashwin until his cum could not be contained in his mouth fast enough and it seeped out of the side of his lips. I would be still worried about Ash; seeing two hot cocks getting shoved into Ashwin’s ass but Ash enjoyed himself. As the time passed, I had found a boy for me and I would get looking for him for fucking his hole. After getting his ass filled by two cocks, Ashwin would not hesitate to get cum fucked by another couple of large cocks fully loving the ecstasy provided to him by men.After the tiring fucking and getting fucked session, it was almost a routine that Ash was found lying on the same spot where his mouth fucking partner would be all evening. All of his body was totally drenched with the cum juice of as many men as could donate and I being living as a house guest in his house, it was my job to carry him home, mostly half naked. By the time we reached home, he was once again transformed into my sex toy and I would fuck him but mostly after we both had taken a shower. It would be almost dawn by then and worried Ashwin would ask me, if it were a must for him to go out to his room but I never denied him to stay there because I knew, deep down; he was convinced that he was my bitch boy and his ass was mine to fuck, more than Karan or anyone else fucking him.The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 22, 2019.

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