My initiation with an older woman… pt 1.


My initiation with an older woman… pt 1.At the start of the summer of 1990, I had just turned 16. I was about to lose my virginity to an older woman, although of course I had no idea at the time.I was the original late developer, my body still going through puberty, my voice the last to break in my year at school. Amongst my small circle of 3-4 male friends, we would occasionally head into our small town and visit the 14-18 night at a local nightclub, hoping to find ourselves stuck in a dark corner with one of the girls from the nearby girls school. Never happened that way, of course. Well, once, but that’s another story. My sexual experience was strictly limited to self pleasure and a few kisses and touches with a girl that lived round the corner, who regularly worked herself round our little group of guys.One of my close friends, Aaron, lived in a house that backed onto a large field, where us boys would spend a lot of our time, playing football, occasionally drinking and just generally hanging out. Aaron’s parents had just divorced, and his Mum took a pretty relaxed attitude to having us boys hang around. Indeed, if ever we called and didn’t get an answer from the front door, we would always just walk straight through the gate and down the back of the house to gain access to the field.His Mum, Marilyn, had been the object of a number of my fantasies. About 5’6″, of medium build, she had piercing blue eyes and a platinum blonde bob haircut.Her best feature, apart from a pretty face, were undoubtedly her breats, two gorgeous orbs which were just about in proportion with the rest of her body. Her job, on reception in a local hotel, meant that she was always immaculately turned out, painted nails, make up, and I often fantasised about calling in on her at the hotel and being invited up to one of the rooms.The first 2 weeks of the summer holiday, I had been away with my family, andafter getting back on the Sunday, it was about 11am on a hot Monday morning that I went round to Aaron’s house. Receiving no answer at the front door, I went through the gate and down the side of the house, peering in at the kitchenwindow anadolu yakası escort to see if anyone was home. I could see the french windows into the back garden open, which was unusual, and as I walked into the secluded back garden, I saw Marilyn lying there on her back on a sun lounger, topless.I don’t know how long I stood there, but couldn’t take my eyes off her tanned body, and in particular those volumionus breasts. As I was debating whether to say something, just walk through the garden, or turn and walk back out, she slowly lifted herself up and turned to me.”Oh, Hi Jon… how are you?”There was no attempt to cover herself, and I stammered a response that I was fine, and inquired if Aaron was in.”No… didn’t you know ? He’s with his grandparents this week.””Oh… ok.” I was fixed to the spot, kind of feeling awkward. Before I couldsay anything, Marilyn spoke again.”I’m glad you’re here though, you can rub some cream into my back”She smiled, picking up the bottle of suncream that was on the floor by thelounger. I still stood there, not knowing quite what to do, but she simplythrew the bottle at me, which, of course, I dropped.”Come on… get over here, I need to do my back and I don’t want to burn!”Slowly I walked over, taking in the contour of her body, looking at her hangingbreasts and her arse covered by a tight bikini bottom, as she turned over on the lounger. In a moment, I was stood over her, to the side of the lounger, and With shaking hands, I squeezed some cream onto my fingertips, slowly lowering them to her back.Whilst I massaged the cream in, she started asking me about my holiday, but the small talk was no distraction for my cock, which was starting to harden beneath the thin fabric of my shorts. I could feel myself getting more and more nervous as I got towards her lower back, and when Marilyn asked me if I wouldn’t mind doing the backs of her legs as well, I again struggled to say a simple “Yes”.I started by her feet, and by the time I’d worked my way up to her thighs, my cock was fully hard, clearly visible in outline through my ataşehir escort shorts, the head almost poking out of the bottom of one of the legs. I was getting a little bolder, and a little less nervous, and casually, but probably very awkwardly, was letting my fingers stray a little onto her inner thigh and up the crease of her buttocks.I heard her sigh, and then she turned her head and said “Thankyou Jon… that’s fine”, and I watched as she opened her eyes and smiled at me. Her eyes went down my body, and to my obvious erection, which I immediately tried to cover with my hand.She smiled again.”It’s ok… don’t worry. I’m glad you liked touching me. You don’t have to hide it, you know.”I swallowed hard, a million thoughts racing through my mind, and smiled weakly back.Sunddenly, she lifted herself up and sat up, moving her hand to mine, andpulling it away from the hard lump in my shorts. I resisted briefly, but let my hand fall to my side and stood there, breathing deeply as she looked up at me with those blue eyes. She grinned at me, then oh so slowly placed a fingertip at the base of the bulge, slowly running it down the outline of my cock, then running round the head, which was pressing against the hem of my shorts.I coughed. “I’m not sure… I don’t…”, I stammered. “It’s fine, Jon”, she smiled back at me. “Now, are you going to let it out?”I looked at her, wanting to be sure that I had understood her correctly, thenslowly put my fingers inside the waist of my shorts, and pulled them down andout, my 6” of hardness springing forward.Very gently, she wrapped her fingers around me and began to stroke. I bit my lip and moaned, unable to believe what was happening. I so wanted to reach out and touch her, I could see her breasts softly hanging, with two now hard, pointed nipples surrounded by a dark aureole, but was unsure of what to do. “Ever had a girl do this to you before ?””No, not properly. I mean, not… no”All I had had was a couple of touches, including one embarrassing incident where a girl had rubbed me through my trousers at school, resulting in me cumming violently ümraniye escort in my pants.Marilyn simply smiled, and carried on, increasing the pace until her paintednails were a blur on my hardness. Needless to say, at that time I couldn’tstand much of that kind of treatment, and it wasn’t long before, between gasps, I had to tell her that she was going to make me cum if she carried on.”That’s the idea, silly”, she giggled, and I felt her pull my cock down slightlyso that it was pointing at those wonderful breasts. She continued to stroke me,and within seconds, I tensed up and let out a loud moan as she brought me to climax, my cum shooting out of me in 4, 5, 6 bursts, covering her chest in myhot, sticky seed.I looked down to see her massaging my thick cum into her breasts, gently teasingher erect nipples. I reached out and placed my hand on top of hers, and she slid her hand away, letting me rub my own juices into her soft tissue. Instinctively, I bent down to kiss her, and felt a shiver run down my body as our lips, and then tongues touched.Suddenly, Marilyn broke our kiss and stood up, pushing me backwards a little bitand almost causing me to fall over with my shorts down around my ankles. Looking straight at me, she smiled and held out her hand. “I think we should go inside, don’t you ?”I placed my hand in hers, then remembered my shorts, and quickly pulled them upover my softening cock, before following her into the house. As we entered through the patio doors, the phone rang. I watched as Marilyn answered, takingin more of her body, thinking about what was going to happen next, but as Ilistened to her side of the conversation, it became clear that she was going tohave to send me away.She put the phone down, and looked at me again.”So sorry, I’m going to have to go and get ready for work. They need me to goin early.”I smiled back, and mumbled something about that being ok as she walked towards me.She placed her fingers on the side of my face, and lowered her voice.”You can come back tomorrow morning though… if you’d like ?”My heart immediately started racing again, my cock twitching at the thought ofbeing intimate with this incredibly sexy older woman.”Yes… I’d love to….thankyou…”She giggled. “No, thank YOU…” and with that she planted a kiss on my cheek.We said our goodbyes, and I returned home, where I immediately relived my experience in the comfort of my bedroom, and thought about what might happen next..

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