My Ladyboy- LittleLi- Part 2


My Ladyboy- LittleLi- Part 2After LittleLi had finished swallowing my cum, she fell back and i noticed she still had on her frilly ankle socks and MJ,s. Now that I knew LittleLi was a ladyboy i could tell her about my collection of stockings, panties, shoes and dresses that i liked to get dresssed in. LittleLi loved the the fact and took off the rest of my man clothes. I got up off the bed in front of her naked and went to my cabinet with all my fave clothes in it. I lay out satin frilly panties, stockings of gaziantep escort all different colours and school uniforms with knee socks from Japan to England. LittleLi immediately ordered me to get a pair of white bridal silky stockings, white frilly satin panties, satin frilly socks and patent Mary Janes 3″ heels. I put on the frilly knickers then lay down on the bed to be dressed by LittleLi. I put my legs up in the air as she placed the satin stockings over my feet and placed them down my leg to the thigh, then the satin topped lace socks. To Finish she placed my feet into the Mary Janes.She looked at me and said ‘now its your turn to suck cock’I lay down as LittleLi placed her ball bag on my face, already sweaty from sex, i licked with pleasure at the muscky scent, then she moved forwards and her bum hole was over my mouth, ‘lick lick lick’ i did as i was told and i liked the taste, i put my toungue in even deeper, inserting it in and out, i could feel the spunk rising from her ball bag as she moved forward and stuck her little cock in my face just as it spunked its hot cum all over my open mouth. Mmm I loved it.Later that night, well It was actually morning, the sun was coming up! We lay in each others arms and told things to each other that only real lovers do. I kissed her little breasts and told her they were beutifull, I looked into her brown eyes and said I could look for eternity, because they were so pretty. LittleLi held my balls and nusseled my hairy chest, calling me her daddybear. I massaged her little cock, calling her my babygirl. Lips kissing, toes touching, thighs rubbing

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