My mother inlaw introduces me to leather 1

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My mother inlaw introduces me to leather 1This is a true story about how my love of leather and crossdressing all started.. Its also my 1st time writing a story so I hope you enjoy it.My name is Matt I’m 31 years old and in a relationship with a beautiful girl called jess who is also 31. We have been together for 7 years now and been living together for 5 of those years. Now let me start by telling you that my partner jess is an only c***d and her father passed away when she was very young. So needless to say that jess and her mum (Sarah) are extremely close. So when jess told her mum we were getting our own place it hit Sarah quite hard as it had always been just the 2 of them and now that jess and me were moving in together Sarah would be living alone. Well we went ahead and got our place and we’re happy as could be but almost every day my mother inlaw (Sarah) would be round are house.. which is frustrating at times but I just have to deal with that due to how close mother and daughter are..Now my mother inlaw Sarah is 48 and a very attractive lady with a great figure for a woman of her age. She has always looked after herself and always makes the effort to look nice even if she’s just lounging around indoors. Since being introduced to Sarah back when I first got with jess I have never known her to have had a stable relationship. Although there has been plenty of guys she has been with in the years I’ve known her but none of them have stayed around long enough to be classed as a bf so to speak.Well Needless to say I was a tad curios to know why is it that all the men she had met over the years never turned out to be relationship material for my mother inlaw. 1 Friday night me and jess we’re sat eating dinner when I decided to ask her why her mum hadn’t been in a relationship but seemed to have met or been with quite a few men since I have known her. Jess looked a bit puzzled but answered me by simply saying that her mum didn’t want to go through the pain of losing someone she loved again so she chose to stay single and just have a bit of fun (in the bedroom) as and when she wanted. Now this took me a bit by surprise as although I knew Sarah very well and we got on fine she never came across to me as a 1 night stand kind of lady.The next day we were in town doing a bit of shopping when jess got a phone call from Her mum. Sarah wanted to no if jess fancied going out that evening for girly night just the 2 of them.. Jess then asked me if I would mind if she went out for the night with her mum and I said of coarse not babe you 2 go out and enjoy yaselfs it’s been a while since you and ya mum have had good night out together. Thanks babe jess replied I’ll have to buy a new outfit as everything I own I’ve already worn. At this point I decided to leave jess shopping and go on home as she will be all day picking the right outfit for her night out. I drove on home and was just led on the sofa watching t.v when the house phone rang… So I got up to answer the phone and it was the mother bursa escort inlaw (Sarah). She asked if jess there as Shes been ringing her mobile but it keeps going straight to answer phone. I said alright Sarah jess isn’t back yet she stayed in town to look for an outfit to wear tonight…. Ok not to worry she said I just wanted her opinion on something but never mind she said I’m sure I’ll get sorted in the end.. I told Sarah that jess shouldn’t be that long do u want me to get her to call you when she gets home.. No that’s ok babe Sarah replied its not that important just needed her to help me choose something nice to wear tonight but I’ll have to start getting ready soon that’s why I was hoping she was home so she could pop over quick and me decide.. My reply to that was… Well if u want my opinion Sarah you’ve always looked nice in the past so I don’t think you will have to much of a problem picking a suitable outfit.Sarah then went quiet for a second… I said hello are u still there Sarah ?? Yes still here she said was just a bit shocked that you think I always seem to like nice.. do you really think so she said or are you just saying that to make me feel better Matt. No it’s true Sarah in the 7 years I’ve known you I’ve never seen you look anything but beautiful !! If jess turns out to be like you when she’s older then I’ll be 1 happy man I said with a chuckle…Ahhh thanks Matt she replied that’s really a really nice thing to say.. You’ve made me blush as Ive not been complimented like that for god knows how long… After a slight pause Sarah said Matt maybe you could pop by quick and help me choose an outfit if you wouldn’t mind then once I’m ready I can come back to yours with you then me and jess can go to town from there ??.Umm yea that will be ok Sarah I’m not sure my input will make ya mind up on what to wear but i suppose 2 minds are better than 1 !! I’ll make my way over now then so I’ll see you in 5 mins…Thanks Matt your a star she said…see ya soon When I arrived at Sarah’s I knocked the door and to my surprise I was greeted by her wearing nothing but a towel. Sorry if I disturbed your bath I said as I was looking up and down her semi naked body thinking to myself how much of a milf she actually is as I’d never seen her without any clothes on..Are you just going to stand there and stare she Said ? or are you going to come in and help me pick something to wear…Sorry Sarah I said I was just amazed at how good you look… I’m really really sorry I shouldn’t be thinking like that as you’re my girlfriends mum.Oh don’t be daft she said come on up n go on in to my room while I finish my bath. Excuse the mess in there tho I’ve pulled my wardrobe to pieces trying to find the right outfit.I went upstairs n along the landing to Sarah’s room. I began looking through all the clothes and outfits she had pulled out and believe me there was alot of clothes lol anyway I was going through all the various items trying to make my own opinion on what I think she would look bursa escort bayan good in for her night out…when all of a sudden my eyes were locked onto something that stopped me dead in my tracks.. What I was looking at was the most amazing and gorgeous full leather cat suit that I would never in a million years think that my mother inlaw would wear something like that. As I picked up the catsuit the smell of leather was intense and I started thinking to myself how hot and sexy my mother inlaw would actually look if she was wearing it. Whilst in my own little world and staring at the catsuit I noticed that not only was it leather and fucking sexy it was also crotchless at that point I was intrigued and wondered if I was dreaming or is this really happening. As I stood there in a daze picturing myself fucking my mother inlaw while she was dressed in that. At that point I heard her voice coming down the hall asking me if I had found n e thing suitable. I was frozen and still in shock when she walked in and saw what I had in my hands. Her face dropped and went bright red she was obviously embarrassed and said sorry Hun I didn’t realise I’d pulled that out. I was shocked but at the same time fucking horny and all I could say was that’s ok Sarah I didn’t realise u were into things like this does jess no about your naughty side.. Sarah then looked me straight in the eyes and said yes jess does know and said doesn’t she have any outfits strictly for bedroom use.. I said does she heck I would love her to dress up for me especially in something like this… She then asked me if leather turns me on I was shocked that my mother inlaw was even asking me such a question.. And if I’m honest I was stuck for words but I finally pulled myself together and said if I’m honest I’ve never really looked at leather as a turn on but when I picked it up while you were in the bath I couldn’t take my eyes off it and admittedly I was instantly turned on… By this time Sarah seemed to have changed. her eyes were fixed on mine and her breathing became heavier. She walked towards me and reached down and picked up the catsuit then turned to me and asked what turned me on so much about it. I tried to drop the subject by saying I don’t really no what made me feel like I did but my mother inlaw just kept on saying I must know what made me horny and said that I’ve no need to be shy and that I could be totally honest with her. she asked if I was thinking about her daughter my gf being dressed in it… I was speechless I couldn’t get my words out..About a minute later still speechless she asked again.. Well Matt was it… I said was it what… She said was it you imagining jess wearing this what turned you on…. Well she asked again… I then thought to myself fuck it I’ll be honest what have I got to lose. No it wasn’t jess Sarah if u want me to be honest then I will. It was actually you I was picturing not jess. I no I shouldn’t have them thoughts as your my mother inlaw but as soon as I saw it amongst escort bursa your clothes all I could think about was how sexy you must look when you’ve got that on…. There was an awkward silence for a minute or 2 before Sarah looked up at me and said thanks an she was flattered.. It was at this point that Sarah said she has chose an outfit and that she needs to get ready… Feeling embarrassed and guilty I just turned around said I was sorry and I told her I’d wait in the living room until she was ready then we can go over to my house as jess should be back soon… Ok she said I’ll see you soon I won’t be long… I was sat downstairs wondering weather my mother inlaw was going to say anything to jess about what I found and what I said to her mum.. Panic and worry was setting in when I heard Sarah call me from upstairs. Matt she said….could you come here for a min please I need a hand to zip up my dress.. Yea ok I shouted 1 second… I climbed the stairs and walked towards the bedroom the door was closed. Not wanting to be rude I tapped on the door incase she was still getting dressed Sarah called out come on in Hun….As I opened the door my mother inlaw was led in the bed I was puzzled and said are you ok Sarah ??… I certainly am she said whilst pulling back the covers to reveal what I can only describe as the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.. She was dressed in the leather catsuit her face all made up her pussy was exposed through the crotchless opening in the leather… I just stood there amazed.. my heart was racing and I was starting to feel my dick growing in my pants… I just said what are you doing I mean Sarah you look absolutely stunning and fucking horny but you are my gf’s mum.. No one has to no it can be our secret she said while tapping the bed and telling me to come on over well I didn’t need to be asked twice I walked over and climbed on the bed Sarah just pulled me towards her and starting kissing me I couldn’t stop myself as we led there kissing I started to run my hands up and down the catsuit her breathing turned into panting and it was then I knew she was putty in my hands.. as I worked my way down the catsuit towards her now soaking wet pussy I just went for it and put 2 fingers into her soaking wet snatch the feeling I got was electric as I continued to finger fuck her pussy she told me to stop and get undressed as she was going to fuck me silly.. I couldn’t believe my eyes there I am led on the bed with my mother inlaw clad head to toe in leather begging to fuck me silly…I was in heaven.. I quickly removed all of my clothes and jumped straight back onto the bed..Sarah grabbed hold of my rock hard dick and began wanking me furiously stop stop I shouted I’m going to cum she didn’t stop but slowed right down to stop me from getting the urge to spunk.. She then told me to lay flat as I did she climbed on top of me and straddled my throbbing cock and started to slowly grind up and down. I couldn’t take my eyes off her gorgeous leather clad body whilst watching her 48 year old pussy bouncing up and down on my cock she was screaming.. Fuck me.. Fuck me.. Fuck your mother inlaw that was to much for me to handle and I spunked my load deep inside her pussy…… Part 2 to follow…….

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