My naughty slutty wife before we met


My naughty slutty wife before we metJust before DJ and I met around 15 years ago, we had both just come out of long term marriages that had gone sour. Both of us were heading fast towards our 40’s, and were a bit tired and flat after many years of emotional turmoil…and neither of us had any plans to go looking for a new partner. We were of the mindset that we would just chill out for a while and learn to live our lives to suit ourselves. As both of as are pretty highly sexed (more of that later), we were also quite excited in our separate ways at the prospect of some new and exciting sexy fun coming our respective ways……and then we met. Two complete strangers in a strange place…a random chat from adjacent tables in a lunchtime restaurant…and BOOM! For those who say that “love at first sight” is a myth…maybe so, but for DJ and I, all it took was a 20 minute conversation for us both to absolutely and categorically know that we would spend the rest of our lives together (and 15 years later we still know it x). This story isn’t about what happened then or how things progressed with us, but it’s a little introduction to what my lovely wife got up to before we met. As most “new” couples do, we asked each other about past relationships, sexual experiences, how many partners, did they have a bigger cock than me, did they have nicer tits then her etc etc. It was as part of those conversations that I discovered that my sweet new girlfriend was (and still is!) absolutely the horniest, sluttiest and downright dirty woman ever! When she started telling me of her past experiences, I actually became a little bit scared that I had maybe bitten of more than I could handle….however I have always been up for a challenge!So….rather than recounting all of the stories she’s told me (it would take too long!), here’s just konak escort one of my favourites…hope you enjoy!After moving to a new home with her previous (total dick!) husband, they hosted a house party and invited some friends and new neighbors over. She told me that there were maybe 30 people there in the end, all adults and all enjoying music, conversation and drinks. She was playing the part of the hostess and was making sure everyone was being looked after and drinks were topped up etc. As part of a group of new neighbors that had come along, there was a couple (both in their 30’s) who lived just a few houses down the road. She told me that the guy was quite good looking and when she found out he was a part time fireman she said her pussy was immediately soaking wet and throbbing (I already told you she was a dirty girl!). DJ assures me that she wasn’t flirting with the guy whatsoever, and she was very mindful of that fact as not to upset them or the neighbourhood. Sooooo….bear in mind that she hadn’t been flirting with the guy, hadn’t really made eye contact, hadn’t given him any kind of come on…nothing at all….but also bear in mind that she was by now as horny as fuck with a sopping wet pussy! The kitchen of their new house had a door leading directly into their garage, which was stuffed full of furniture and boxes awaiting unpacking or disposal. As she was just about to head out to the garage to dispose of some bottles and cans (only maybe 10pm in the evening), her fireman appeared beside her and said he was heading outside for a smoke. On the left as they entered into the garage was a door on the rear wall that exited into the rear garden of the house. This was where the bins were stored and also where the guy was heading for his smoke. It was autumn time, quite cold konak escort bayan and pretty dark outside and no one else was using the rear garden at that point in time. What happened next is in DJ’s own words as she’s told me (many times).“As we both went through the door to the garden, he bumped into me from behind and I dropped a couple of empty beer cans on the ground. He immediately apologized as I bent down to pick them up. As I did so he was standing right next to me….and in my horny alcohol fueled state I just thought “fuck it”! I gently laid the bottles and cans on the ground and reached behind his right leg, softly grabbed his thigh and pulled him towards me a little. I think he assumed I was maybe trying to get my balance or using him as a brace to help me stand up, so he didn’t really react….until I ran my other hand up the front of his other leg, over his crotch and onto his trouser zip. I felt him tense up, so I looked up at him and just said “yes or no?”. The poor guy looked terrified, but hardly missed a beat before whispering “yes”. I pulled down his zip, pushed my hand inside, pulled down the front of his boxers and found his now quickly stiffening cock. I popped it out of his trousers and although it was still quite soft immediately took it all into my mouth. His cock tasted really salty to start with but it was quite a nice taste, and as I peeled his foreskin back with two fingers while sucking him deeply I felt him properly harden! I knew it was wrong and I knew we could be caught, so I really went mad on his cock, sucking hard, pulling it right out of my mouth, wanking it and sucking out and back in again. I was determined to make him cum as quickly as possible, and I must have been doing a great job as within no more than 20 or 30 seconds I started escort konak to taste his salty pre cum in my mouth then felt him tense up. In another few strokes that was enough for him and he started to cum in my mouth. I don’t like swallowing so I just stored it up in my mouth as he kept cumming (a real mouthful too!). Immediately he was done, I gave him one last hard suck to drain the last drops and pushed his hard cock back into his trousers. I then stood up and spat his cum (trying to be lady like lol) onto the grass beside me. I then just smiled at him and bent down to gather up the bottles and cans. I deposited them into the bin, turned to him and gently leaned over and kissed him on the cheek….then left without a word. My heart was pounding out of my chest as went back into the house (with excitement, fear and pure naughtiness), however we had been gone probably no more than a couple of minutes, so we hadn’t been missed. I headed straight for the bathroom and as soon as a sat on the toilet I rubbed myself to one quiet little cum to relieve the tension, then washed up and gargled to get rid of the taste of his cum. As I went back downstairs a few minutes later, the guy was again standing beside his wife and trying to look like nothing had happened…and was doing a pretty good job too. I nonchalantly wandered over and asked them both if they were enjoying the party, to which they both said yes they were. Still feeling naughty, I then made eye contact with the guy and said “well if there’s anything more I can do for you, please just ask”! So there you go….just one of the (100% true) stories that my lovely wife has told me. I’ve had her tell me this story a number of times (as I slowly wank), and as she gets to the bit about tasting the guy’s pre cum I cum myself almost every time! If anyone wants me to write about more of her experiences, then please leave your comments. PS…although they didn’t ever start “an affair” as such, she did end up fucking the fireman a number of times (always in her garage) over the next few years until she moved away from the area.

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