MY SECRET WIFE(or do you ever really know your Wif


MY SECRET WIFE(or do you ever really know your Wif”So this is what you do when you have the house to yourself, you dirty filthy bastard”.My Wife had returned early from a shopping trip and caught me red handed at my screen watching some great porn. Yes I had my trousers round my ankles and my hard cock in my hand wanking steadily, just as I had been for the last couple of hours. Lovely edging. I love that. My Cock was in a state of continuous throb and covered in slimy sex mucous. I do love my wanking sessions. I love my sexy Wife even more so, but I guess she didn’t see it quite that way.”Is my body not enough for you, that you have to watch all those Tits, Cunts and Arses on that fucking screen? You dirty wanker”.”Well from here on in you can forget any thoughts my body, until I am totally satisfied that you are truly sorry for all this.”I started to apologise profusely, but she was having none of it.”Penance is the only way I am going to to be able to come to a point that my trust in you can be restored. Even then a new regime will be established in this household”.”Are you ready now, or do you wish to wait a little while, to consider my terms of your penance”.” I am truly sorry that you had to find me in this embarrassing position, but I love you deeply and know you are the sexiest female on the planet. I will do anything you ask, if it will help to get me back onside with you. I am more than happy to start serving my penance this very minute”.” Don’t imagine that it is going to be easy for you in any way. Don’t imagine your penance will be completed in a day or two either, – it will take weeks and a lot of suffering for you to endure”.”To show me that you are ready to start now, you will stand up and remove completely any vestige of body covering you have on.”” Fuck me, I thought. What the hell does she have in mind”?” You are clearly comfortable to have your Cock and Balls exposed to whoever might pass by, so you will maintain complete nakedness whenever you are in the house and dress only for going to work. This will apply 100% of the duration of your penance and I will tell you when you have reached that point. Any infringement of my rules or instructions will result in you being kicked out of this house and being divorced. END OF”.” You are going to witness a completely different version of the Wife you thought you knew. You will see a supremely confident and self-assured female who will be thoroughly enjoying her new-found independence and taking great pleasure in being as cruel as possible towards her dirty, filthy, errant Husband”.My Wife proceeded to lay down her basic requirements. I was to be kept naked. – I was to go and clear an area in the Garden Shed for a Camp Bed and that was to be my sleeping area. No more was I going to be sharing our marriage bed. – All the household chores, including the garden area, were to be my responsibility. Any shoddiness in those areas would be painfully rewarded. – “Yes I would love to see a grown man cry, especially when I am inflicting intense pain on him in ways only a cruel woman could imagine”, were words that made me realise that my Wife was not k**ding in any way.” What had I let myself in for”? – I was beginning to get a little konak escort bit frightened. I was always in charge in our marriage. I was the guy that was totally dominant in our sex-life. My Wife would do anything I asked her to. – Go out without Bra or Knickers while wearing only a light blouse and short flared skirt.- She allowed me to enjoy spanking her bare bottom whenever I asked. – Fucking anytime anywhere was a given. The only thing I could never get her to partake in, was a sexual romp with another girl. I really wanted to watch her take and give sexual pleasure with another female. Heh! what guy hasn’t fantasised about that scenario? But no she wouldn’t have it at any price. Yes I did once offer her £250 if she would, and I would also pay for the f to f escort. I can’t think of anything she would not have done willingly, if I had asked her. Now she had changed out of all recognition. But! I still wanted her back on my side, whatever that cost and it looked like it was going to cost me a lot of pain and suffering. Hey! Ho! It’s got to be done.My bed was prepared and a few other home comforts adde to my Garden Shed home. ‘Coz that’s how I was seeing it now, for however long it took. Back inside the house my Wife was waiting for my return and ordered me to stand in front of her with my feet apart and my hands behind my back.”Stand there and if you show any signs of an erection, until I give you permission, I will kick you in the Balls”I only just started to realise that my Wife had changed outfits and was now wearing the very same light Top and flared skirt that I had asked her to wear that night a few weeks ago. She had, however, left off the 5 inch heels from that night. A blessing, as it turned out. She had this sick smile on her face as she slid forward in the easy chair to bring her foot between my open legs. In doing so her short skirt rode up slightly, not a lot but enough for me to see that she had left her knickers off, just as she had that night. Her smooth sexy Cunt was clearly visible. My Cock started to twitch as i always does at the site of my Wife’s bare Cunt. I realised what was likely to happen and why my Wife had slid her foot between my legs. This was going to hurt, – I knew.”I wore this outfit a few weeks ago on your instruction, for your pleasure. – I am wearing it today for MY pleasure and MY enjoyment. I know that Cock which I love so much is going to rise and stick out so proudly erect my juices will be flowing from my bare Cunt, which I know you have already observed. When I open my blouse and expose my equally bare Tits, your Cock will be so hard and throbbing, with shiny drops of pre-cum oozing out of it’s magic eye. You will so want to bury that Cock into my dripping Cunt, but that is not going to happen as you well know. Neither will you Wank your cock until I order you. – You will simply stare into my cruel eyes wondering when your Pain will hit”.My Wife laid there staring at my hardening Cock,- fingers busily buried in her wet Cunt, that sick grin appeared on her ecstatic face, then WHAM! her foot came up at the speed of light and my lights nearly went out. The searing pain was unbelievable. My Balls exploded in a burst of absolute konak escort bayan agony. – My head was illuminated with a million super bright stars, it was like nothing I have felt before, ever.When I had recovered enough to open my eyes, I could see My Wife laid there beaming from ear to ear and her thighs were soaking in Girl Spunk.”Woweee! That was the best cum I have had in years. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sight of your face so wracked in pure pain and knowing that I infickted that pain so effectively and so sexily. I so want to Cum like that more often and know I very likely will Ha! Ha!”.”You can now get down on your knees and clean all this Lady Spunk off my thighs and yes you can lick it all off my sloppy Cunt as well. No need to cut off my nose ……. Is there”.”Now when you have cleaned me up it will be time to relieve your pressure. See, I am not all cruel”.How nice it really was to lick my Wife’s smooth inner thighs then her soft, fleshy, well rubbed Cunt Lips. I was in a kind of euphoric revery, my Balls glowing as the main pain was subsiding, my mind looking forward to some possible sexual relief. I had barely noticed my Wife had lifted one thigh up towards her face, forcing her arsehole to come into my view. “That tight little hole and the surrounding area also needs your tongue. When you have licked all the girl slime from my Arse you can use your tongue to ream inside the tight little hole until I am satisfied. Make sure you bury that tongue as far up my Arsehole as you can get it. DO IT – NOW”!After about 20 minutes my Wife was ready to relax as she told me to stand up in front of her.”Now I want to see you Wank your majestic Cock for me. I want to see just how much Spunk you produce after all the stimulation you have had today, not forgetting your wanking that Cock to all those naked, sexy girls and women on the internet. Did you actually spit your Sunk during that time”?”No I was just letting the sensations build and then you came in””Good there should be a pretty heavy load. Go and get a dinner plate from the kitchen. I want to see every drop when you have finished.”I got the plate and stood back in front of her. My eyes couldn’t stay away from her sexy Cunt, which she was clearly pushing out to entice my attention and entice it did. My Cock was hard to attention and looking forward to her instruction to wank. “I want to see every drop of your hot Spunk on that plate. You will Wank with enthusiasm and speed, no matter if it hurts your Prick. You will start when I drop my arm and you may stare at my bare Tits and Cunt to help you get off, because you will only have 60 seconds to start spurting Spunk onto that plate. Any later and I will kick you so hard again in the bollocks that you won’t be able to Spunk at all.”I went real fast at it. My prick was little sore, but the sight of My sexy Wife’s Bare Cunt and Tits in front of me did the trick. My prick started to explode in no time and squirted rope after rope of thick white Spunk on to the plate, without spilling a single drop.”Very good. 28 seconds to the first spurt and like I thought there’s loads. Bring it here and let me see.” Wow! Have you ever shot that much before when you escort konak have been wanking”?I told her that I hadn’t seen that much Spunk in my life, let alone from one Wank.”Now in about 10 minutesI am going out. I will have one more thing for you to do before I go out. I will not be home until tomorrow evening and I want you to only sleep in the Shed and remain naked at all times. You have performed very well so far and so you may Wank your Cock as often as you wish while I am away. Now I want to watch you lick every bit of that Spunk up and like you used to make me do, I want to see you swallow and enjoy every last drop. Must admit You never made me swallow that much Cock-Cream. Now get it eaten and quickly. I have someone waiting for me”” I do like eating spunk so this was no big deal, but the shear volume was amazing even to me”All swallowed down and the plate licked to her satisfaction left me feeling pretty good but wondering where she was going and who with.I looked out of the window making every effort to hide my nakedness and could see a nice Range Rover parked right outside with clearly a very attractive, lady at the wheel. Couldn’t help noticing that she was pretty well endowed with her cleavage bountifully exposed. She was by no means fat, but oozed sex.I asked my Wife if she knew who was parked outside.”That my errant husband, is my Mistress.”A huge WHAT! was all that came out of my mouth.”Now you know. Debby has been my Mistress for nearly two years and fills many of the gaps in my life that you cannot. You have often wanted to see me with another woman and as exciting as that would have been, I already had my woman and she knew exactly what my horny body and filthy mind needed. So I will be spending an awful lot more time with her while you and I resolve our special issues.”” I will warn you now that you will see some things you maybe never thought you would see when I return from spending time with my Mistress. Things that we have kept very much low key up until now. – Now your sensibilities are of no consequence you may even see me being returned home naked and severely marked all over my body, my hair soaking wet, blood clearly visible fro obvious cuts. My Mistress loves to whip me and put blade cuts into my tenderest flesh and watch my blood flow and I love those sensations with a passion. She adores having me beg for her hot Piss flow and looks forward now to having me kneel by her car door while she pees all over my head and face”. “I have told her about our issues and that she can now be as intense as she wishes on any part of my body and return me home in any state she sees fit, just so long as I can worship her Cunt and Arsehole for the rest of my life.” Now you should be seeing a clearer picture of how life for me and for you is going to change in the future”.” Think about what I have told you while I am away and if you would like me to tell you everything from my first meeting with my Mistress to the present time, I will do.- I think you will be very surprised at how filthy and sexually deviant I have become under the wonderful tutoring of my Mistress”.”If you want to know more then you must ask me when I return, and don’t take too much notice of the severe whip marks and blade cuts on my Tits. I just crave those intense sexual feelings that they produce in me, and the pleasure my Mistress gets from inflicting the intense pain on my tender body”.(If you want the next part “My Wife gets back Home”, don’t hesitate to let me know

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