My Subway ‘Quickie’


My Subway ‘Quickie’It was a late night, I had just moved to the big city a few months ago. I had adjusted, but transit still made me itch. I hate people always pushing me and shoving me aside. Never friendly, never warm. However this night it was the last train to my station and I was lucky to grab the last car. I was alone, except, for him. He was sitting at the end, the very end of the train car, you could see the tracks fly by as the train sped on. Then. He smiled at me as I entered bursa escort the car, his grey eyes, shined. I walked towards him, he nodded towards the empty seat next to him. I hesitated, then sat down where his hand patted the pat bottom. “Hello my dear” he said warmly.”Hello” I relied, almost muted.The train came to a stop in the middle of the tunnel the announcement saying we’d be moving shortly. Power issues. The storm, Of course. Then.His hands found my leg, then my face, kissing bursa escort bayan my cheeks, my eyes, then my lips, soft at first, then rough and hard with passion and lust.I moaned a bit as his hands found the crotch of my pants, he rubbed and I squirmed.The lights flickered and I found the bulge in his pants. I pulled it out and stroked it hard and fast. I found myself on my knees pulling his hard cock into my mouth, sucking it faster and faster. Just before he decided to blow he pulled escort bursa me up, pulled me shorts down and sat me down on him.I grabbed the pole in front of me, and moved myself up and down, up and down.He grabbed my waist, forcing me down, harder, faster, faster. He slid his hands up my shirt grabbing my nipples playing with him, making me moan. He grabbing my tits rolling them in his hands. A smile widening his across his lips.I jumped off I whipped around facing him, I rode him silly, until.. the train started moving. He sucked on my tits for some ime before releasing me and smiling one more time. He exited at the next stop, and I haven’t sen him since.I got off at the next stop… mindblown.

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