My trip to France


My trip to FranceAfter my last night spent with mrs Carla (my french teacher- Read my previous story) she told me that her husband is comming home, so we should stop seeing each other and that i was ready to go to France because she tough me anything she knew (especially sex terms). I agreed and after one final hug and kiss, I went home to get ready for my trip to France..i didnt even notice that the summer holiday begun..because with mrs Carla everything felt so right.On 21th june i finally arived in Marseille. I went straigh to the hotel, because i was sleepy so that would be all about my first night in France. The next morning i ate some cheese for breakfest (it was delicious) and after that i went to the beach. The beach was huge, with plenty of good-looking girls and Milfs, and the water was ok. After i played some volleyball with some girls, it was already 01:00 Pm so i told them:”Girls, sorry i cant stay anymore, im starving but maybe we will meet again tonight at the club and have some fun”They all agreed and after that i got back to my hotel, ate something then i took a shower. After few hours i decided to get dressed bahis siteleri because it was already 09:00 PM. I chosed a nice looking outfit, i bough some condoms on my way to the club and i was ready to have some fun.After few beers i was dancing with some girl, i dont even remember her name, when i felt a hand on my shoulder. When i turned arround i saw one of the girls from the volleyball game, Emilie, asking if i want to dance with her.”Of course” i said and after few songs i noticed how gorgeous she was. She was dressed in a mini red skirt, and a see-trough. I could notice her 36C breasts and soon after that my cock begun to rise.We went to the bar, had few tequilla shots, and after that i asked her if she would like to come in my hotel room for a few more vodka shots and for some smart chat. I couldnt even finish my sentence and she already agreed, so we took a cab and went into my room.After few more shots and some smart talk, i couldn stop starring at the breasts..they were so ferm, and my cock was rock solid, thinking about how much i want to see her naked. I think she noticed that because she told me:”What are canlı bahis you waiting for? I know you want me really bad, u cant even hear me talkin right?””Umm..wha? What? i couldnt hear you..” i said. After that she begun to kiss me with her lil` tongue, sucking my ear lobe and told me that tonight is gonna be special. I already begin to pre`cum but after hearing what she said i begin to undress her and start licking her ferm tits while she was rubbing my nipples and my cock. Soon after that I put two fingers in her pussy and started to finger fuck her. Her moans were louder and louder but nothing could stop me from making her squirt right into my face. After that i start licking her pussy fluids with my tongue but she stopped me telling me that now is my turn to get special gift. She started to lick the head of my cock, soon starting to suck it very fast. I could tell that I wasnt the first boy who received a BJ from her because her skills were exceptional, i could feel her tongue wrapping my cock and soon after that i shot a huge load in her mouth and face. Afer she swallowed every single drop, we took a shower together, güvenilir bahis making out all the time then we went to bed for another fuck session.”Its time to feel your cock in my pussy Merc” and after that i started to fuck her as good as i could. She kept moaning all the time, loder and louder and i could feel her pussy juices again while she was screaming “Harder, harder!!!”. I did my best and after 3-4 minutes of hard fucking i came again. After that she asked for the condom and started to suck my cum, cleaning the condom and my cock.Then we started to cuddle and soon after that we felt asleep.In the morning i woke her up and went to the bathroom for a shower. She soon joined me, starting to make out again..and after a quick bj she told me:”Sorry Merc, i really need to go, i guess my parents are already looking for me, but if you want we could meet again tonight.””Of course! Cant wait!” i said thinking about the last night.We met every single night for 2 weeks, and she was awesome. When the time to leave came, i told her “I would never forget you Emilie, you are a gorgeous girl, and if you come in Australia sometimes, dont hesitate to call me!” “I wont forget you either Merc, I hope we will see each other again!” then she gave me a last kiss.My summer holiday was awesome and i will visit France again for sure next year.Thanks for reading my story.

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