My wife and the repairmen


My wife and the repairmenIt was a lazy Sunday morning, the schedule is that our electricians will fix some wirings in our house. Me and my wife was still sleeping and our two c***dren were out with my in-laws for a Sunday church and malling afterwards, it usually ended late at nigh so my wife and I are alone on Sundays. I was in my boxer shorts and Sando, my wife is in her nighties, a thin almost see-through satin skintone nighties.At 9am, someone is knocking on the door. I am so tire the night before so I didn’t get up, instead, I asked my wife to open the door. She lazily walked downstairs without changing her nighties. You can peek through her dress and she is not wearing a bra, just a red bikini panty. You can freely see through that night gown her shape and even her pink nipples.I am waiting for my wife to return to our room because I know she too is tired of what we had the night before. But a few more minutes passed, my wife still not returning to our room. So I decided to look downstairs.There I saw two electricians sitting on our couch and my wife was not there, maybe she is in the kitchen where i can’t have a full view of. I decided to stay in the stairs so I can see the whole living room without them seeing me. I get excited thinking that my wife is just wearing the thin sexy nighties with that two guys who looks like sex maniacs.After a few seconds, my wife enters the room with two glasses of juice for the two guys, she is still wearing that sleepwear and that makes me crazy. But I hold myself and watch for what will going to happen.My wife gave the glasses of juice to the two guys, then she pointed to the wiring at the back of our computer and TV sets. She got close to the computer and she bends a bit exposing her thigh and almost his butt. Because the nighty was a little short and about 4-5 inches above her knees. The moment she bends, i saw one guys peeking through her behind. That pissed me off but gets me more excited. The other guy is completely staring at her tits whenever my wife is talking. The older one of the guy gave a comment that makes the room even hotter. He said “It looks like we better do the fixing with you than the wire” (Siguro mas ok kung ikaw na lang kalikutin namin kesa mga wires) That makes the other guy smile, my wife only gave them a naughty smile. Then they start working. My canlı bahis wife take a sit on the couch, and I can see the two guys looking at her waiting for an opportunity that they can catch her spreading her legs or what so ever. But this older guy still staring at my wife’s tits and smiling like a maniac. My wife took a magazine and reads it while the two guys do their work, but their eyes are still waiting for anything to happen. A few minutes have passed and I think my wife was getting relax, her legs now are apart and you can see her panty without any effort. I saw the two guys staring at my wife and the other one even touches his dick which is getting a little hard at that point. My wife’s nighties shoulder strap is also starting to drop, exposing part of her breast. The two guys are now uncomfortable and starting touch their cocks in excitement. The older guy even get down on his knees to have a better view of my wife and they both celebrate for what they are seeing. The younger guy then ask my wife what to do with the wires hanging on the ceiling, my wife stood up and climb the ladder the guys are using to take a good look of the ceiling. It was a perfect position for the repairmen to take a closer look under my wife’s nighties, and they are giving each other a high five while looking at my wife’s. When my wife gets down the ladder she caught the guys peeking at her. She naughtily tells them “That’s what you got? You will just look and not touch?” (Yan lang ba kaya nyo? titingin lang kayo at di hahawak?) The guys were shaking in excitement upon hearing that from my wife, me too was so excited watching my wife teasing two guys like that.The younger guy then holds my wife’s hand to guide her going down the ladder, while the older one grab her waist with two hands looks like he will uplift my wife. My wife gave them a naughty look and smile and went straight to the bathroom. At that point, the guys are discussing with themselves whether to follow my wife or just wait for her. But the older guy was so persistent that they should follow her. I can see a full view of what’s inside the bathroom if the door is open on my vantage point. I saw that the bathroom was half closed, exposing my wife taking a shower. The guys maniacs follow my wife, and there they were watching my wife while taking a shower. The older guy took out bahis siteleri his cock and started stroking it while watching my wife naked. My wife just took a very quick shower and I saw the guys struggling to get back to the living as there was nothing had happened. My wife came out of the bathroom just wrap with towel. The guys were really shaking in excitement as my wife sits on the couch again telling them “I am watching you guys, so do your job honestly”. The younger guy replied “What other job would you like us to do ma’am?”. My wife reply “Let me think….”. The older guy butt in and said “I am good with massage ma’am, would you like to try me?”. My wife just replied with “ummm, let me think”. but the older guy sits besides my wife and started massaging her shoulder, then the younger guy hurriedly kneels down and massage my wife’s foot and legs. “Is it good ma’am?” the younger guy ask. But at that point my wife’s eyes were closed, enjoying the massage of the repairmen. The older guys hand started to go down my wife’s body slowly. He also took the towel off my wife very very slowly without my wife noticing it. My wife’s tits are now exposed and the guys eyes popped out seeing it. Then my wife’s hairy pussy were exposed too. The older guy started caressing my wife’s breast and started kissing her neck while the younger guys started slipping his finger into my wife’s pussy and kissing my wife’s legs and foot. My wife now is moaning, she submitted herself to those maniacs. I don’t know what to do but I enjoy watching my wife with two guys. The older man started king my wife’s lips like a hungry maniac while pinching her nipples hard and mashing her left boobs. The younger man started to lick her clit and kissing her pussy. My wife enjoys every seconds of it. As I look at it, it seems that my wfe is being **** by two demons with the way they touch her, it was a hard kiss, hard touch and even slapping her face and her breast hard. But my wife enjoys it, I too enjoys it and started stroking my hard cock. Then the older guy grab her by her hair push her mouth straight to his rock hard dick. He is holding her by her hair while he mouthfuck my wife so hard that I can see my wife is choking. Then the younger guy started to put two fingers, and then three fingers, then four fingers to my wife’s pussy as hard as he can. Then güvenilir bahis they position my wife with her butt a little lifted for the younger guy to fuck her from behind. Then the young guys straded to fuck her hard, slapping her butt so hard again and again thus making it red, while the older guys mouthfucks her so hard while slapping her hanging tits so hard making it red too, the other hand of the older guy is pulling my wife’s nipple so hard making it looks like extended a few inch. While doing that, the guys are trashtalking my wife. The older one said “This is what you got you pig! fuck you slut! you are a whore I will tear your mouth and deposit all my cum in your fucking bitch throat! you pig!” (Ito gusto baboy ka!fuck you puta ka!isa kang malibog na puta, pupunitin ko yang bunganga mo at pupunuin ko ng tamod ko ang lalamunan mo putang ina ka!) while slapping her face and breast and pulling her nipples. While the other guy is saying “putang ina ka! napakalibog mong puta ka, ito ang sayo hayop ka! kakantatutin kita putang ina mo ka! kakantutin kita hanggang lumuwa ang tinggil mong malibog ka!” they kept on fucking and trash talking my wife when I cum while stroking my cock. Then I saw my wife’s mouth oozing with cum from the older guy while her legs you can cum dripping from the younger one.After the hard fuck they all rested lying on the floor. The older guy called my wife and said “putang malibog, hayop ka, sarap mong kantutin putang ina ka! papakantot ka sa amin parati ha! sa susunod yang pwet mo kakantutin ko! lika nga dito sa tabi ko lalamasin ko pa ng konti yang malaki mong suso, panalo yan e, sarap lamasin! lika dito puta ka!” (horny slut, your an a****l, you are great to fuck you bitch! let us fuck you always, next time I will fuck your ass! come here near to me I will mash your huge breast, I love that breast so nice to mash! come near you slut!)My wife stood up and go straight to the bathroom, when my wife inside the bathroom, I get down of the stairs and go straight to the repairmen. They were surprised and said “Have you been there for quite sometime sir?” (kanina pa po ba kayo dyan sir?). I replied “It’s ok guys, how much do I owe you for fixing the wires?” then I gave them money and ask them to get dress and go.I hurriedly go to our room upstairs and pretends to be sleeping. My wife never knew that I knew what happen. Just a few days ago, I told her that I knew what happened and she just laugh it out. I also ask her that I will post the story, she just nod and gave me the ok sign! cool wife right!

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