My wife came back part two


My wife came back part twoWe made our way through the darken corridors…ive been there before… i had one particular booth in mind…one in the back that had a hole in the wall…one where i would go alone and curiosity once forced me to get on my knees and peep through the hole, only to find an eye peeping back at me… i took my wife there. she was still drunk, as was i…but, i was used to being drunk on a saturday nite. as for her? i couldnt answer. why are we here? she asked…i told her to watch the movie, pendik escort she did..she protested for a little while then went silent…i told her that i still loved her and that sex was just natural…i told her to stare at the big fucking cock porn guy in the movie and she did…do you like it? she nodded yes…i began gropping her…do you miss that giant cock? i whispered into her ear, she just nodded yes…take off your clothes, i whispered, and she did…my wife was kartal escort standing there completely naked inside a cubical dark room watching porn and i began kissing her neck from behind while caressing her body…i had to take a pizz cause of all them beers i drank…i told her to wait for me here, and as she stood there watching porn, i took a knee and saw a mans eye starring back…i knew it, i thought..i gathered all my wifes clothes, she didnt even noticed, and maltepe escort walked out…as i did, i could make out a few men standing around our cubicals door…and as i walked pass them? i just said…this bitch is horny…i took her clothes all the way to the trunk of the car and left her standing butt naked at the very back room of a darken maze like hallway with many cubicals filled with horny men of all ages and genders… i waited for bout ten minutes, then i went back in…as i walked through the darkness, i could hear the porn movies going on everywhere, but, i could also make out a gathering of men around the cubical where i left my naked wife standing…youve gotta see this,man…someone commented to me…give it to her! i heard from the front…i got horny and wanted to see for myself…

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