My wife came home at 4:00 in the morning


My wife came home at 4:00 in the morningMy wife came home the other night at 4:00 in the morning. She brought her date in for a nightcap I guess. I think she did it to make me suffer a little more. I had fallen asleep, and thought I heard something downstairs. I crept down the stairs in the dark, and heard them whispering. They didn’t hear me, besides I could tell they were wasted, so I hid in the shadows. I don’t think that they had had sex yet, by the way they were acting and talking. I heard some kissing and soft moans, and peeked around the corner. There I saw Lisa sprawled out on our sofa with her date Mark’s face buried between her thighs. Her pale white legs were propped up over Mark’s muscular shoulders. There was just enough light to see him darting three fingers in and out of Lisa’s dripping wet snatch while he masterfully pulled and tugged on her engorged clit with his tongue, lips, and teeth. She was squirming and bucking and trying to grab the back of her new lover’s head to grasp maximum ecstasy, and then I witnessed one thing that I could never get her or any woman to do. She squirted a gusher all over Mark’s face while he greedily lapped at her sweet moistness. I was rock hard by now, and couldn’t help but to reach into my boxers and start stroking. Mark pulled away as Lisa’s legs released his face from her deathgrip. His goatee and her beautiful bush glistened with their juices. Lisa then reached down to unbuckle Mark’s pants. She never initiated things with me. She couldn’t get his pants down fast enough, but when she did, I could see what she was in a hurry for. Mark had a huge curved tunceli escort cock, at least 9 – 10 inches in length and as big as Lisa’s wrist in diameter. His massive sized cock had beautiful pulsating veins popping out on the entire length, and was topped off with a huge cut mushroom head. I saw her admiring it’s majesty and wondering where to start, but Mark gently grabbed her chin and guided his mighty pre cum glistening manhood to her pouty lips. He rubbed his pre cum all over my lovely wife’s lips like lipstick. When Lisa licked her lips, I shot my first load into my boxers. Mark masterfully guided himself into Lisa’s waiting warm mouth while her tongue darted all over his shaft as he pulled her head back and forth on his member. He then layed Lisa down on the couch, and started feeding his mighty tool to her hungry little throat. He fucked her face while fingering her glistening hairy bush. Her whole body was contorted, trying to get as much as she could from both ends. She humped his hand and he humped her face until they both exploded in unison in a wave of violent ejaculations at both ends. What a sight to see. After not having sex with my wife in three years, I couldn’t believe what she had penned up inside her. I never could satisfy her like that. I started to feel guilty that I had denied her this kind of sexual satisfaction all of these years. But then I was happy to see that I had finally set her free to explore her inner self like she never had before. What a revelation and admiration I started to have for this superior lover of my wife. He was uşak escort showing me how a woman really needed to be treated to the finer art of sexual awakening. When I started to feel joy for Lisa, I also started to get a raging hardon again as she and Mark continued again as they caught their second wind. Mark never did look like he lost his erection, and Lisa really noticed. I was always a one and done kind of guy. I never saw her that giddy before as she grabbed ahold of Mark’s cock and climbed aboard. Watching my wife slowly lower her dripping wet glistening pussy onto her new lover and his magnificent curved cock was as awesome as I had envisioned and longed for all these years. His curved penis was now finding her g spot and she picked up her rhythm. Lisa never rode me because my little dick was too small and always popped out, but now she could play the cowgirl that she always dreamed of. I then exploded again as I watched my wife cum again riding her new lover bouncing up and down like a teenager again. Then Mark flipped Lisa over on all fours and started teasing her clit an pussy with his big dick. He would start to insert it, and then pull back to her dismay. Lisa then started whimpering and begging for it. Mark had her right where he wanted her. He told her that if she wanted it, she was going to have to push back and take it for herself. Lisa then started gyrating her nice round ass back and forth pushing Mark’s manhood deeper and deeper into her wet waiting gash with each thrust. When she had him balls deep, he grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair yalova escort and bred her like the slut that she has always wanted to be. Lisa was uncaged and let Mark pound his hot sticky creamy load into the deepest part of her womanhood. When he pulled away, I couldn’t believe my eyes, all of the creamy juices that were flowing out of my wife’s sweet spot. I quickly and quietly snuck back up to bed, and pretended to be sleeping. I heard Mark leave about a half hour later, and then Lisa stumbled up the stairs to the bedroom. She tried to be quiet, but saw that she had supposedly woken me up. I asked her how her first date went, and since she was drunk, acted a little coy. She giggled a little and said that it was alright, that she might go out with him again. I asked her why she came home so late, and she said that they just talked a lot. Finally I asked her if his cock was as big as the pictures he sent, and she got a big smile on her face. I got out of bed and walked over to her and gave her a big wet deep tongue in her mouth French kiss, and then told her that she tasted like cum. She asked how I know what cum tastes like. I told her that it must just be the scent. She then said lay back on the bed. I layed down and she climbed up on my face. I could really smell the scent of wet steamy sex all over her now. She then gave me that drunk, I’ll show you look, and told me that if I think her mouth tastes like cum, see what I think about tasting a real man’s cum. At that moment she pulled her panties to the side and out plopped a huge gooey shot of hot steamy semen right into my mouth. She said how do you like it now? I didn’t answer, but just devoured her messy matted hairy pussy with all I had. She grinded her bush on my tongue and nose, while the mixed juices of her and Mark’s passion trickled down my throat. I worshiped her pussy like I was her slave, and now I think I probably am.

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